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  1. Georgia Blizzard

    Practice Report: Thursday, 1-10-2019

    Sabres won't make the playoffs without a 2nd scoring line. Worth the risk to try and move Reinhart around to create one
  2. Georgia Blizzard

    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    He has a 15-team no trade clause, so, for him to go anywhere anyway, he'll need to be cooperative
  3. Georgia Blizzard

    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    Cap issues are manageable assuming Sabres get more primary scoring from Mittelstadt, Thompson and some other forward not named Skinner, Eichel or Reinhart. Couple that with continued development of the defense, I could see a "stand pat" and retain our core working longer term. The issue happens if JBot has to go after scoring to supplement our Big 3. I don't see a realistic scenario to get out from KO's contract. The lowest payroll team this year is $4M above floor, no team is going to take on KO contract for that purpose. I'm against trading assets to pay for a GMTM mistake.
  4. Georgia Blizzard

    Playing themselves out of a playoff spot.

    I think the issue is rather simple, Mittelstadt isn't a 2nd line center, yet. If he was, the picture looks MUCH different
  5. Georgia Blizzard

    GDT Florida Panthers at Buffalo Sabres 7:00pm ET 12/18/2018

    Mitts or a productive 2nd line, to me, it is one in the same is only thing preventing this team from being a lock for playoffs. 1st line, D, Goaltending, PK, PP and checking line are all where they need to be. Mitts has to step it up
  6. Georgia Blizzard

    State of the Sabres

    Great summary Mittelstadt's (lack) of development and McCabe's injury are the two biggest issues because we don't have a fix for either of those on roster or in Rochester Has anyone seen any progression from Mittelstadt during the course of the year -- I've seen it with Tage, Dahlin ? Would it make sense to send him to Roch for 5-10 games ? How long is McCabe out ?
  7. Georgia Blizzard

    Scoring is at its highest level since 1995-1996

    They need to continue to enforce as safety allows smaller goalie equipment. Longer term, I'd love to see them expand the ice size to the international dimensions, too.
  8. Georgia Blizzard

    RJ has lost his touch.

    I wasn't sure if I was the only one who noticed but all his goal calls were understated and late. I mentioned to my son a couple times that I wasn't even sure that Sabres scored because of how late and low key the calls were
  9. Georgia Blizzard

    New Sabres beat writer for the Buffalo News

    Harrington has an inferiority complex
  10. Georgia Blizzard

    New Sabres beat writer for the Buffalo News

    Agree He took a decided turn to a more aggressive self-promotion as well as creating more articles on his Twitter about the same time The Athletic was poaching talent It's survival for TBN at this point the way local papers are going My fault with virtually all Buffalo sports journalists, they too often "mail it in" and don't put forward the effort to do pieces like Harrington did on Mitts and his family -- or investigative pieces that Tim Graham has done in past --- in today's world of social media, we don't need a regurgitation of stats, scores or quotes as much as we need insight and informed opinions
  11. Georgia Blizzard

    Swedish Scout Marcus Fingel hired by Sabres

    Amazing people are complaining about Sabres INVESTING in SCOUTING Who cares what country, just find talent
  12. Georgia Blizzard

    the 3 First Rounders in 2019

    I'd keep the picks, as one of you pointed out, the time to NHL for first rounders is shorter and we'd see fruit from that investment in 2-3 years max. I also think later 1st round picks are still under valued by GM's and you can always trade them a year later as part of package once this team hopefully becomes a contender for a more proven player, assuming we need upgrade a specific position.
  13. Georgia Blizzard

    Eichel switching to #9 (OFFICIAL)

    Thanks for the info !!
  14. Georgia Blizzard

    Eichel switching to #9 (OFFICIAL)

    Speaking of out of date jersies My son has a Moulson 26 that he bought the day Moulson signed back with Sabres a few July 1's ago -- (got it while it was still 50% off) -- any ideas on where to get it restitched to a Dahlin 26 ? We'll be in Buffalo visiting family in August Thanks
  15. Georgia Blizzard

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    Don't underestimate Housley's influence on Eichel and Reinhart over the course of the year