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  1. Vancouver and Tampa Bay for me. As Vancouver is my second team of course. I don't mind Colorado. I will never root for Carolina. Ugh. Sorry! I put Carolina right up there with Toronto, and Montreal as my least favorite teams. 😄 I can respect Carolina, but I won't root for them to win anything. First round exit please!
  2. I wouldn't take Loui Eriksson, regardless of anything. Not interested in that. 12 million of Okposo and Eriksson, would eliminate our ability to re-sign Dahlin and Jokiharju within a year's time. I like Boeser, but we have two young defensemen that have a future on this team. If they want to swap Eriksson for Okposo sure, but not otherwise. We don't need 21 million tied up into wasted signings and an uncertainty in Skinner (for the moment). Ultimately, this is the spine of the roster with or without long term contracts. I've eliminated pending unrestricted free agents and trade candidates. I truly believe Ristolainen is gone this off season. Skinner/Olofsson-Eichel-Reinhart Olofsson-Cozens-_________/Kahun Kahun-________-_________ Girgensons-________-Thompson Dahlin-_______ _______-Jokiharju ________-_______ Ullmark Lekkonen
  3. When and how did you become a fan? Age 10. Who is your all-time favourite Sabre and why? Alexandre Mogilny. Then slowly followed up by Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville. Miro Satan, Briere, Campbell are there. Most exciting moments as a fan? Most frustrating? Making the Stanley Cup finals in 1999. Winning the Presidents trophy in 06-07. Missing out on McDavid. Losing to Carolina in the ECF. How would you improve the current team? Second line center, the owners selling the team. A president of hockey operations that isn't an owner.
  4. I weigh Greenway as a better value and he's done useful things for Minnesota. Whereas, I'd love to keep Mittelstadt and see him develop, he could easily entice a team looking for different options.
  5. I'm okay with Greenway and Staal for Mittelstadt, Johansson and Miller. I prefer to keep Montour for now.
  6. I like Drysdale as well, and normally if he's the best player available, I say take him. Except, our system has more depth in upcoming defensemen than we do in forwards. Aside, from Cozens, we're lacking completely. If there was ever a time to take Lundell, Quinn, Holtz, Raymond, etcetera, it's here.
  7. Give me Lundell or Raymond. Both are useful pieces for our continual perpetual uphill battle for the playoffs. Both have upside and have a two way nature to their game.
  8. I just don't see Cirelli being moved by Tampa Bay, unless they get supremely desperate and cannot move someone else.
  9. What would you offer for Eric Staal, that's the only question I have. At this point, I would take Staal in a heartbeat. Normally, I wouldn't want that ex Hurricane skunk on this roster, but I want the playoffs more now than ever before.
  10. Yes please on Boeser. If Vancouver is really that stupid, then please.
  11. 1. Markus Naslund, LW (Vancouver Canucks): When you talk about a power forward who can compete in night and night out, you talk about one of my favorite Swede's of all time. A natural prime time scorer on the West Coast Express. Humble off the ice, but a beast on it. 2. Jaromir Jagr, RW (Pittsburgh Peguins): One of the strongest competitors I've ever seen play, with an ego on the ice to propel himself to be better. Dangles for days, and the ability to skate by you, through you or around you. 3. Chris Pronger, D (St Louis Blues): A leader in the room, and an agitator on the ice. He could skate, hit, and maul you into pieces. 4. "Super" Mario Lemieux, C (Pittsburgh Penguins): The ability to use size, and skill at the same time. Tenacity, toughness and the ability to score when you needed him most. 5. "Foppa" Petr Forsberg, C/RW (Colorado Avalanche: The best thing I can say about Petr, he was a wolf on and off the puck. Someone strong in the center, but able to lead a team on the wing too. Honorable mentions: Henrik/Daniel Sedin, Steve Yzerman, Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden, Raymond Bourque,
  12. My argument for him, is that it is time to look at other aspects of this team, and not worry about other talent. It's to fix what this team hasn't had since the later part of the early 2000's. It's the ability to play a defensive position and push forward. To fill the cracks that are flawed in the seams of this roster. There is a talented center in Cozens waiting to be unleashed. Getting someone who can be a spark plug and play an intense role like Cirelli would be a boon for this team. I think there's room for growth in his game, and we need to start building a team, instead of acquiring talent. Yes we need both. But to put this team back on the right path, it needs players of all ilks. We've drafted plenty of best talent on the board before, it hasn't worked. Just my opinion. I love Lundell, he's my favorite player in this draft class, in the realistic sense and long term he's the type of building block we need. I like Asplund, and still think he has value going forward, but Lundell is that and more. In addition, after Lafrienere, Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, there is a wide differential on where the true value of the offensive upside is. I like Raymond a lot and he'd fit the same mold of talent this team needs. Scoring ability, and a defensive game that merits addition. If we keep the pick it's between Lundell and Raymond if he really is slipping down some boards. If we are able to swipe someone like Monahan without giving up the farm, then do that. But, if we're keeping the pick, build the team up.
  13. Anton Lundell, draft him, develop him. He's the right way to go in this turbulent time that the Sabres are going to be in. The playoffs are important, and we need to end this drought, but the idea of trading more major draft capital and subsequently draining it on someone who might not even fit further's the chances of missing for a 10th into an 11th season. To me I look at Lundell and a I see a superior Asplund. He plays the game hard, and he's efficient in both zones. He's my favorite pick in the draft, and he can be as safe a pick as you want, but he's a good quality pick. I've seen mock drafts with Sanderson, and I just gag. You can draft that in the second round.
  14. Danault for me. I think he's one of the underestimated players in the league and is a valuable two way centermen. I'd take him in a heartbeat over Domi. Domi has major holes in his game on the defensive side. Yes he puts up points, but we have to many players like this. Team defense is the biggest problem with this team. Both with and away from the puck. They have made strides, starting with Eichel, but we need more fundamental players. I'd draft Lundell in a heart beat over anyone available at 8. He's my favorite player in the draft.
  15. I ranted on her being a "knitter" instead of a head of hockey ops, and got a warning on HF Boards for being sexist. My post was baseless and ignorant, I just cannot listen to her talk, and think. You have some clue what you're doing. You are supposedly in charge of a hockey team "in theory" because Terry cares more about the Bills. Her opening statements at Adam's introduction conference were "we wanted someone who would listen to me". No search, no external candidates. Now Adams being interested and internally structuring more analytics into the team, is fine, sound and important. He doesn't sound clueless, but it just baffles me. The Pegula's are the problem.
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