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  1. Nothing in the presser was that shocking, and for a player who has been here since 2013-14, how wouldn't you want to see something change or want a different view of the ice. If the package was out there, I'm sure Botterill would look at it. A young NHL ready center of some type has to be the ask, one way or the other. Someone who might not be "ready" immediately, but could push. Who that centermen is, is beyond me.
  2. I'd trade for someone like Hintz and let him grow with the team, offering a decent package, but I'm not blowing up the future for a short term "risk". Look, there's no guarantee someone like even Couturier would push this team past the first round. So giving up: UPL, Lahksonen, Olofsson, Cozens, Joker, etc up for him....eh.
  3. 1: Dylan Cozens, C 2: Ukko Pekka Lukkonen, G 3: Victor Olofsson, RW 4: Henri Jokiharju, RD 5: Lawrence Pilut, LD 6: Oskari Laaksonen, RD 7: Rasmus Asplund, C/LW 8: Ryan Johnson, LD 9: Mattias Samuelsson, LD 10: CJ Smith, LW 11: Matej Pekar, C 12: Will Borgen, RD 13: Marcus Davidsson, C/LW 14: Arttu Ruotsalainen, C 15: Jacob Bryson, LD 16: Miska Kukkonen, RD 17: Linus Cronholm, LD 18: Linus Weissbach, RW 19: Aaron Huglen, RW 20: Lukas Rousek, RW That's what my own personal list is,. there are some possible slot changes. Tage Thompson, should not qualify as a prospect any longer should he? Between the games played this year and in St Louis. If he does I'd still have him just outside the top 8.
  4. That's an interesting thought. I'm not sure that Anaheim would be doing that though, or else they could have just kept Montour.
  5. There are any number of teams that could decide to make a push in this direction, a strong team would ideally be his best bet. A veteran team like Dallas, Winnipeg or Anaheim does make a ton of sense, but anyone who makes a "great" offer can have him for that unbeatable price.
  6. I just laughed, when I saw 4.3M. He should settle for the 2.5M dollar defensemen that he is.
  7. No thanks. Honestly, it starts out with a defensemen. Pass. Claesson, Read and Kunitz wouldn't do anything for this roster. If it's someone it will be a non-tendered player who a team walks away from in Arbitration or for roster crack down for roster stock. We have to many players like Read and Kunitz. I'm done with the "vet leadership needed" crap for the room. If we bring someone in on a PTO, just bring back Jason Pominville, or someone like Riley Sheahan, Marko Dano, Rourke Chartier, Dmitrij Jaskin, Oscar Lindberg, Pontus Aberg. The last three likely get base market deals to come to new teams. Someone like Boyle is still a perfect fit for the bottom six.
  8. Eventually with hope a 5th or 6th defensemen on this team at the best. I like Jake, but at the end of the day the ability to stay healthy is going to push him outside of Buffalo.
  9. Jokiharju, is far from a disappointment. His WJR tournament last year, his 17 points in 30 games after his demotion barring a coaching change. For all we know Joker wasn't called up for his development. This is a GREAT win for the Sabres. Alex Nylander is a bust, 30 goals in 165 games at the AHL level. A player who never put in enough work, who never put in enough on the back end and felt he "deserved" to be in the NHL. His twitter posts just hours after the trade were about "how Chicago develops", not a thank you to being drafted or to his team mates. Yes, I agree with him that he was drafted, and not handled properly. But, at no point did his play away from the puck proved that Alex deserved to be an NHL talent. He's a primadonna bust.
  10. Please you jest not, Kyle Connor over Patrick Laine all day! Laine is a one trick pony, now a very good one trick pony. Even on a "down year", you still got 18 goals in a month. I just feel that Connor gives you more. I'd think Winnipeg would be more willing to pass on a serious huge offer on Laine and take the compensation, but who knows. You can read the "Tea leaves" a million different ways.
  11. This. Everything about this Tom, and your previous post merits considerable interest. I think you can be unorthodox in your approach as long as it's there. I don't want to jump down Jason's throat, for all I know he has something in the wings, and is adding the fluff before that serious "August 1st" type of move.
  12. Not so sure about that. They can easily find homes for Gourde, Killorn or Johnson if they so desire. I don't think it's that hard to be honest. If anything it's the balance between upgrading the top four on defense while still grooming Cernak, Foote, etc.
  13. So do most "needs a second line center" pundits or fans across the league. The be blunt, until they have Point signed, I cannot fathom a situation where they'd entertain trading Cirelli after a hell of a season that he's coming off of.
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