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  1. In the sense that he wouldn't cost assets to attain. That's what I meant 😄
  2. This is very true, I would love to get AA on this roster for the right deal for free. Whatever is left in cap space after Ullmark and Olofsson sign, give it to him.
  3. I also find it odd that Athanasiou is still out there as well as Haula.
  4. It's someone like Miro Satan, Daniel Briere or Brian Campbell from 2000 until now.
  5. I've always been a fan of extremely skilled scoring forwards. Alexander Mogilny, for all his flaws is my favorite Sabre. I have been watching since 1992-93 time frame, but I always preferred Jagr, Lemieux, Pure and so on. At the same time, Mogilny just oozed that talent. In time that could be changed by someone like Eichel, Dahlin if they show the long term achievable success.
  6. I mean the quality of the players, not the AAV. See Nordstrom - 700K (CGY).
  7. With the cap questions, and health questions, you should be able to poach Raanta. I've looked at countless other near 1B options and he is simply the best fit. Make it happen!
  8. I really want to understand Adams work on the players he's signed for 700K, there are twenty better players than Fogarty. That being said, he's quality AHL depth.
  9. Fix the goal tending. Get Raanta from Arizona and move on. Trade Hutton and his expiring as part of the deal.
  10. At the end of the day, I think Jeff Skinner is the type of player that wants to win. He got his term and AAV so he's set in terms of that regard, at this point I'm sure he wants to win. He has a chance to play with a former teammate who can produce.
  11. Eichel - Olofsson - Dahlin - Hall - Skinner Staal - Reinhart - Montour - Cozens - Ristolainen Just a stab in the dark that is probably wrong.
  12. I would assume it will be similar to the baseball season where it is a compressed situation. I'm good as long as it is continued.
  13. Boedkker left the NHL, he signed a 2 year deal in Europe, I'm pretty sure. Nieto is off the market. I would say Hutton, Anderson, Haula, Leivo, AA, make some sense. I think at this stage most of it is trades left.
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