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  1. I'd rather play a Pee wee midget 15 year from bantam over Eakin. We all cannot get what we want. At least Eakin is not our 3rd line center. God, that was absymal.
  2. I like Granato's line structure, that should be fun and different, I will be watching tonight.
  3. We need Iafallo's and Laughton's of the world. In the worst way. I think Sam Bennett would be an interesting target too, but not for 2 second round picks.
  4. I hope Hall is playing, and he gets hit hard, by several Sabres. Come on Risto! Go hunting! Oops, is that "hockey board post targeting"? 😆
  5. I agree, but it doesn't seem Hall has a lot of smarts. He chose Buffalo, in the current state we are in. LMAO.
  6. All I can say, is it was a worthwhile gamble, that never was going to work. If you looked at this team heading into this year, the team core defensive structure was a mess. Yes, adding a scoring wing was a need, but the problem is so much more morose away from the puck. We need more Lazar's and Asplunds. In addition, for the time being Granato has players gelling and he's using a much more fundamental scheme which fits. Good luck Taylor, you weren't a great Sabre, and with Eichel hurt, you weren't ever going to be. Good riddance. As for Lazar, this is the type of player we need on this
  7. Ryan O'Reilly, quit on his team, because he lost his smile. He can eternally shove it. He's the biggest bold face lying scrub I've seen wear a Sabres uniform. Yes, we were bad, yes he never "said he wanted to be traded", but he did decry like a whimpering little soft shelled egg of a player. Congrats, on your success, but this bridge is burned, both because of his exit, and the return we got stuck with. Tage Thompson, is trash. Sobotka is out of the league as is Berglund. Ryan Johnson is the only piece with any upside.
  8. He's been one of the worst defensemen over the last three years, outside of some slight peeks of offensive point production. Thank god he started scoring about 2 weeks ago, I'm happy with the 3rd. Trade Colin Miller, next.
  9. Thank god (Mind you I only say this because Adams finally gets we need roster construction even if it means adding via wavers)! I love Drake Caggiula's game, I know he hasn't shown much, but he's a decent addition. He should have claimed Nick Merkley over Drake, but we need to be creative.
  10. To me Brandon Montour has to be more valuable than an at best 4th defensemen who is a defensive style only player.
  11. Honestly, we just have to get something back for him, whether it's a 2nd and a good quality prospect, or two seconds. Just jettison him. Get what you can. The same with Montour.
  12. This is my question. Jesus, this makes no sense. How was Ralph that clueless.
  13. My bad. I don't typically pay attention to the Leafs, so fair play. Sorry for the mistake on my part.
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