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  1. They also brought in Irwin for the PK and they had our least responsible defensive defender on the ice in Brandon Montour. It was a ***** show.
  2. On numerous times, you would see the Washington forward enter the center scoring lane and walk in on goal. The team defense is terrible. This is completely on Steve Smith. Krueger relies on his specialty coaches to coach up that side of the game. If you recall that was pretty much brought up in his introductory press conference. That being said, Krueger needs to wake up, and fix this now, or else his head will be on the chopping block come game 28.
  3. The team was sloppy all over the ice. I get that Ullmark didn't get much time with the team, but he would have been better than Hutton. I liked the play of Reider and Hall, they definitely shined in a game full of meh. The hit on Staal was bush league.
  4. I like the vibe in his press conference's / presser's and I'm liking his fit on the roster. While I'm not sure what all the issues are with his personality, I like him in Buffalo as of yet.
  5. He's a John Madden type guy to me. Plays a two way game, can kill a penalty and draw down the middle. He's a fine fourth line option. I liked him in College.
  6. Hm, no bueno for Crawford. I hope it's nothing too serious.
  7. Nope, Originally born in Rochester, lived in Webster, NY until 2016, and relocated. Tired of snow. I've bled Sabres B&G since 1984. Thompson, has the tools and a decent shot. He's just shown nothing to me, that he'll be consistent or has the mental edge on that side. In addition, he's starting to seem very injury prone. I'm hoping for a Stafford like inconsistent forward, but I've completely blanked out the entire O'Reilly trade outside of possibly Ryan Johnson.
  8. 2021 1st round selection, Casey Mittelstadt, Mattias Samuelsson, conditional 2023 2nd if he re-signs.
  9. Or a major bust, which is more likely.
  10. So much more excited for Cozens than I am Quinn. Though if Cozens can usurp Staal after one season and Quinn can come in and play in the top nine that will be productive. Cozens has the size, the moxy and the ability to be a Jeff Carter type player. The more I watch him the more I see him do creative things, and also having the ability to score in multiple ways. Szie, speed and character. Yes, yes, yes. I still want to see what Casey has to show in camp. I want that kid so badly to make this roster and push some players out of the team 😄. Aka Eakin. If you can make Eakin a 4th line c
  11. That was a great show of skill and precision around the net. I love this kids game.
  12. To me Lundell and Rossi more are pests on both sides of the puck. In addition, analytically speaking they are elite in comparison to Quinn. I like Quinn, but not over at least 3-4 players. IMO.
  13. A much more polished and promising prospect than one we drafted.
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