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  1. He's interested. What interest the Sabres have, when I checked in last week, is uncertain. jw
  2. The answer regarding Botterill being retained is something I was aware was coming weeks in advance. jw
  3. believe i clarified that in a follow up post. employee contracts. jw
  4. it's been difficult to pin this one down, and a reason why i've had difficulty laying all the blame on Botterill for the trade. though i don't know for certain whether pressure came from above, i do know JB was under a lot of pressure to complete the trade before O'Reilly's bonus kicked in first thing next morning. at this point, it's going to be difficult to prove one way or another, because people will now have agendas to say one thing or another. that said, i'd say it's a 50-50 one way or the other. jw
  5. neat theory. it's wrong. but it's a neat one, nonetheless. jw note: you could've asked me politely, as i'm right here. but since you didn't, i see no need to reveal why you're wrong, just that you are.
  6. I’m being serious. Questions abound in regards to what I was told. jw
  7. The presidents story came from the same Botterill is staying interview from May 26. Couldnt squeeze both things in same story and wanted to do some more research on the president story. Given real life got in the way with me covering the Buffalo protests, things got delayed. Had I been real smart, I would’ve worked in her comments on Kevyn Adams, which I tweeted on Black Tuesday. jw
  8. Why not just ask me, rather than speculating. You say not nefarious but not coincidence, suggesting there was some sort of agenda here. Again, you could’ve asked nicely and I’d gladly answer this question. But the continued skepticism in this thread alone leaves me wondering what it is this board actually wants: Answers or the comfort of posting mere speculation in order to justify one’s smarts knowing they wouldn’t be called out on it. Ive for one poster going on and on and on trying to convince either me or himself that they’re not asking me for sources (he is). And then this. If you cant figure out why I’m skeptical in regards to this board being welcoming, based on this thread alone, well I guess we’ll never know. sheesh jw
  9. (but you'd be happier if you knew who my sources were, given how team hirings/firings and player signings/releases -- all factually based happenings -- have biases). how do you spend all this time posting here, given all the time you have to spend each day re-confirming the world isn't flat and that it revolves around the sun? jw
  10. Did I say that? Did I demand that you trust everything I say. Please point out exactly where I wrote that, bubba. Or did you -- in the cool game of accusing me of you doing the exact same thing -- simply skim over my last post and cherry pick what you thought you read? jw
  11. The AP has strict policies on sourcing, limiting it to people having direct knowledge of the situation, and not provide opinion. You obviously believe there's something more nefarious going on. And yes, you are asking for my sources by questioning their legitimacy. You can't have it both ways. Trust me, don't trust me, but at the very least check my track record. jw
  12. I'm guessing this was the post i was supposed to read in being invited back for a third time. call it thin-skinned if you like, but i think you hit the nail on the head with your other observation in what's really the point of putting up with the aggravation of having to defend myself every time i post in the face of people questioning my sources, calling out my work as being filled with "whoppers" or reporting posts that essentially quoted my entire story, thus violating this board's rules when it comes to copyrights. at the very least, on TBD, i've established a rapport with some of the posters, and feel i have some protection when the unfair attacks come. here, it's just piling on. jw
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