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  1. I’m now convinced the Bruins are winning the cup and Rask gets the Conn Smythe.
  2. And yet another Boston team gets the benefit of a silly, obscure rule that shouldn’t exist. I’ve seen lesser hits get called for majors, even during this postseason.
  3. I have no words. Every professional league claims they care about player safety, then something like that gets all of 2 minutes. Way to send a message. I already hate the Bruins. They don’t need this help.
  4. It’s that nervous, “Uh oh, we’re about to blow this” silence. If Carolina wins, the Bruins would be the highest remaining seed left. Yikes.
  5. At least NBC will be happy to have the Boston market for another round
  6. Could be, yes. Torts is probably the reason they’re playing like this. I realize that sweeping the Lightning is no small feat, but I just can’t see them getting past the Bruins or Leafs.
  7. Dammit...after all that time that the Leafs controlled play, too. Full disclosure - I hate the Bruins more than the Leafs. The winner of this goes to the ECF. Columbus won’t beat either of these teams and I can’t take that.
  8. Someone call Scott Sandelin from UMD. His teams play the right way. Solid defense, great goaltending, great PK. Timely and opportunistic scoring. I’ve seen this guy run a great program for the past 10 years (he’s been there longer than that) and he makes his teams play hard every game. He’s on the cusp of winning a second straight national championship. He might be willing to jump to this level.
  9. No, that’s Anne Hathaway. She’s not my wife
  10. I didn’t get it confirmed until Monday morning, but I came down with the flu last Saturday. It ruined my whole weekend and week. I’ve missed the last 4 days of work (not necessarily a bad thing), but I’ve been left to fend for myself since the wife is out of town. I’m sure I infected the local cvs and grocery store to get the stuff I needed, too. I’m sure I caught it from a co-worker, even though I got the shot early this year. I don’t understand why you show up to work if you’re in such bad shape. It’s all a matter of perspective, but it caused me to miss out on a couple events I like to do this time of year. The wife and I have even cancelled hosting Christmas dinner and probably won’t be doing anything, since our local siblings don’t want me anywhere near them. And I’m sure she’ll get it when she comes home.
  11. Big time back & forth game...3-2 Pittsburgh. Someone stop them...PLEASE. And for the record, Doc Emrick is still the best play-by-play man in the game. As much as I love RJ, Doc will always hold a special place in my heart.
  12. Best part of this game so far...The Rat-fink Marchand getting toasted by Kapanen
  13. Was it me or was that latest penalty borderline? I do hate the Bruins, so perhaps it's sour grapes...
  14. The Pittsburgh Penguins Again :wallbash:
  15. I know it's not Thursday anymore, but I can't resist... Back pain has been bugging me for a year. The chiropractor insisted it was due to my hips - one being shorter than the other. After 8 months of a special insert in my shoes not helping, I insisted to him that it wasn't getting better. He approved an MRI, which showed inflamed discs in my lumbar vertebrae. It's taken me out of commission for a month and I miss doing my workouts. The chiropractor decided that spinal decompression is the answer, but it hasn't helped. So, I caved a bit and went to my primary doctor, who recommended physical therapy. I've been to three treatments with PT and I'm already slowly getting better. He's a real nice guy, but I just wish the chiropractor would've done a better job of helping fix the issue instead of treating the symptoms. I've complained about my co-worker for about a year now. He's lazy and sloppy, but makes so many excuses about how things aren't his fault, our mgmt can't do anything about it. He even got "exempted" from overnight trips because he hates doing them (I admit they're a bit of a pain in the arse, but we all have to do them every now & then) and claimed he was told he didn't have to do them upon his hiring 5 years ago. HR had no argument against it, so they relented. :censored: :censored:
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