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  1. That's hilarious. I thought he was "a nice little player"
  2. I had no beef with the premise of the tank, it was the execution.
  3. Sorry for your loss....assuming u were a nordiques fan. I hate the thought of settling for being big league but never winning the big one. Sounds so Darcy or Ralph Wilsonish. But yeah sure it's slightly better than not having a team.
  4. I spoke too soon about notifications. My email on the site was from adelphia.net! Yeah a whole generation came and went without them winning. We aren't Boston. Maybe the fallout from Antonio Brown is still subconsciously in my head. I just dont see us winning a championship. Hope I'm wrong
  5. Hello, my name is Fushetti, and I'm a Sabres fan. I'm closing in on 40...i'm coming to grips that my hometown teams, Sabres & Bills will never win in my lifetime. So this year, post 10 game streak, I've really been having a hard time with my first love, The Sabres. Last year was without a doubt (and i'm sure for many of you) the least enjoyable Sabres season for me. The lottery win kept me hanging on. Then the streak... i started to feel that feeling i hadn't felt in so long. Excitement, hope, optimism, OMG PLAYOFFS? (Jim Mora where are you?) Then the effing freefall since. I'm back to square one. I am back to not really caring. I'm really having a hard time justifying any sort of time/attention/money toward this team any longer. The Tim Murray era on has killed my passion for this team. I cried the day that the Pegulas brought back old the old player on alumni night in 2011. I drove in from Albany for playoff games and screamed my head off to the point to lightheadedness when Drury scored against NYR. I went to Carolina and Ottawa in the ECF's. I still have season tickets living 300 miles away. Just wondering if anyone else feels like me out there. It never seems to get better as a Buffalo fan. I've been in Albany since 2003. I adopted the Red Sox as a baseball team and they've won 4 championships but its not the same as if my teams from WNY won. (Save it Yanks Fans) I'm sure i'll post this, forget i posted it and never see a reply like i always do. This site really needs a notification system. Go Sabres.
  6. This isn't 1983, cut down on your usage of detergent!
  7. i saw nothing wrong with both the fans post or his response. He's gonna break a leg this year....one way or another!
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