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  1. What is Brendan Brisson for piece 1. What is Dorofeyev or Elvenes for piece 2. Now if Krebs is not on the table, what is Zach Dean for piece 3. Toss in the cap dump and there we go. By cap dump I mean Tuch.
  2. Again, wtf would Buffalo trade for Hague? He would be on a depth chart that includes lefty defenders... Dahlin, Power, Bryson, Samuelsson, Johnson, and Novikov
  3. This has that "I know you are but what am I?!" energy. I won't mutiny. I already think Portillo and Levi are better. The reason you reacted the way you did is because for several years UPL has been built up as the next GT and we desperate need it so finding out that probably won't be the case is causing you discomfort and to rectify that you are attacking the messenger as overreacting. UPL has a long way to go to be a reliable AHL goalie. If he gets there we can talk about the NHL. This is certainly thread worthy.
  4. And he started off this year badly. It's a cause for concern.
  5. Ppl who crap on others for starting threads they don't like is one of the worst things on this board. If you don't like a thread don't post in it. Upl hasn't been good at a level about juniors. It's very thread worthy. Devon Levi wasn't just added to the Reinhart deal for poops and giggles. Levi and Portillo currently should be viewed as better prospects unless upl turns around a bad ahl showing going back to last year.
  6. If the Sabres management after 16 years of having center depth issues follows your plan of not picking centers because we have Wright and Cozens, they should be fired into the sun. If a center is there, take them. Wingers are easy to find and easy to convert centers into. This team should be constantly worried about centers. The only thing this team doesn't need is left handed defenders and that only applies to the 2022 draft.
  7. Forget Lambert we need to start talking about Joakim Kemell. 5'11" 176lb RW
  8. Here is the entire thing and the conclusion. Only thing I will add is that if Lehner spoke about fans harassing ppl for disabilities, I missed it. That should be addressed but not by him, it should be addressed by the Sabres if it is happening here. That was not in the clip I heard or the tweets I read. We don't need to interact ever. Ever. Don't quote me, don't send anymore personal messages. Don't @ me.
  9. @Kr632 you owe me a big apology. I'm am livid and what you said. How dare you.
  10. My father is disabled and has been for more than a decade. My partner works with children with autism. So you want to open this door we can ***** do it. You owe me an apology and a good one. You decided to bring this in out of left field. So thanks for assuming things about me because I think a GT who hasn't been here is 5 years is kinda of a loud mouth *****.
  11. I think Portillo also had a shutout but was Michigan's game just an exhibition?
  12. As noted, sorry I didn't see this earlier, kisakov is physically immature and Novikov is not. I also think Novikov has a very team orientated game and Kisakov tries a lot of solo things that doesn't work well in the KHL Kisakov is 25lbs to small for the pros impo. He has a similar issue to Rosen although Rosen is bigger already. It's basically a bet on his skill. Edit: kisakov is 5'10" 150lbs according to Elite Novikov is 6'4" 207lbs Novikov is 9 months younger.
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