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  1. It's not as if anything is permanent. He can play his way up the lineup. Cozens is starting at wing, but he could move to center. To me, none of the lineup is truly set in stone.
  2. Green Jelly - I'm sure theres some 20 second clip from three little pigs we could use. (They're from Kenmore, and not the googoo dolls)
  3. Play-in tournament is smart. If you have to cut the season short you have that built in plan.
  4. Any chance he makes the roster? Or is he headed straight back for juniors?
  5. They're not bad movies - they're just not... bond movies?
  6. Tommy Gunn is by far the worst opponent - rocky is totally washed at that point. Creed was undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion and a showman like Ali. Clubber Lang was basically a knockout machine like Liston. Drago was a juiced up Russian machine representing the entire USSR. Rocky V does have those 2 great lines after tommy punches Paulie... Not sure its enough to redeem a bad forgettable movie though.
  7. Then they played like 1/3 of a season and all lost a ton of money.
  8. I mean so many teams are running different 1-3-1 plays. And our d would get caught chasing too often - cross ice pass and its an open net. They'd also occasionally just get it, fake the cross ice pass and fit it in shortside since ullmark struggles there. So... whatever you can do to kinda prevent open shots from the circles.
  9. Buffalo had a terrible PK, and the 4th "energy" line always seemed listless so... probably covers 2 things there.
  10. Okposo, Girgensons seem to have 2 jobs locked up. Eakin will likely be a line 3 Center. There's 4 spots left for cozens, tage, rieder, mitts, asplund, lazar. I assume the goal is to have a couple PK guys here, but also to have them fly around for about 10 minutes a game. My guess would be of these 3 its rieder tage cozens with lazar as the extra skater. Not sure how it all gets broken out (if they keep girgs/okposo together and who centers them if so). I think if you add another depth forward to compete for a spot its coming through in a trade somehow.
  11. I don't know how they'll set up the first and second PP units, but i think there will be an even greater boost to the 2nd unit. Not sure who will play where, but I'm relatively hopeful in improvements from the Mitts/MoJo/sheary group to today. You have hall+Jack+maybe VO on line 1 PP, line 2 can be skinner+sam+staal/Cozens. I just want that 2nd group to be able to gain the zone and sustain some pressure. I'm interested to see who plays on jacks other wing at even strength, but i think they like VO for those cross ice 1 timers.
  12. I just read something saying only if its greater than 4.5 mil. But I didn't read the CBA so someone would have to confirm 1.4 for 3 years though. If he's even remotely adequate, years 2/3 can be a huge bargain
  13. Walk away rights aren't available on players awarded under 4.5 mil. Does anyone have ideas where buffalo and kahun want to be? How far apart are they?
  14. What would the estimated arbitration award look like? If they qualify him and can't find an extension, are they bound to that award?
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