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  1. Risto hits, has some offensive upside and arguments can be made that he may be better should he be away from this organization.
  2. His upside is like pysyk though. Is that enough for a team to want him?
  3. I don't think any of those like 7 exposed players are true building blocks. Asplund has looks of a solid bottom 6 forward. Borgen looks like he could be a decent defensive defenseman. Okposo won't be picked. Eakin won't be picked (assuming they've watched him play hockey). Bjork and Asplund are both young guys with some bottom 6 upside - i do like asplunds shot. Borgen i watched play like 4 games and I thought he looked alright. Girgensons is coming off a major injury and is probably somewhat overpaid. Several of them fetch nothing in a trade, and others would fetch very li
  4. I'm reluctant to lose a player who has some value for nothing. If asplund and borgen dont need to be protected youre looking at Bjork, Girgensons, Okposo, Eakin, Miller. They might take Miller out of that group without the pick.
  5. At this point in the season this has to be the primary focus so i would hope yes. There's plenty of AHL schlubs we could call up. And i would... he has trade value at the very least.
  6. The goal is to avoid a player you want to build around. Risto is on an expiring deal and theoretically is an asset - so id protect him over borgen. If we wanted to steer them away from a certain player - expect to pay a decent premium.
  7. Who's exempt? Asplund? Bryson? Ruots? In any case - looks about right. Funny that olofsson was like a future building block before the season, and now I view him as Kotalik. I know they're taking him if he's exposed, but i can't help but think he's never going to be much more than a guy with a good shot who's probably overpaid.
  8. I don't think its a stretch to say that his impact is felt beyond his point total though (although he does have more 5x5 points and goals than hall). He takes draws, starts in the d zone, kills penalties, blocks shots, hits people... etc. He plays more of a 200ft game than Hall, and that's what Toronto needs.
  9. There just isn't that level of accountability with the sabres as a team like the Bills. I feel like there were incidents with partying and the Bills, poyer's drama, zay jones incident. And it seems like the player almost felt like they let down their team.
  10. Sure, you are absolutely right. It becomes a problem when it affects your performance on the job.
  11. I tend to agree with you LGR4GM - Reinhart and Eichel both came in right around the same time as these two guys who are notorious partyers. O'reilly had a noted DUI. Lehner wrote an entire article about how he was drinking on game days.
  12. Of course. Just sharing a rumor i heard - I don't know anything myself and its totally unsubstantiated. I do think that the young core of this team has or had a partying issue. Making one of that core the captain probably didn't help much either.
  13. I'll never understand the quinn pick tbh. I didn't see rossi as like this dominant player, but dinging players for size isn't it either. Hopefully they saw something special and thats why they went with Quinn. But it sounds like I would prefer the Rossi type of player.
  14. I think in this climate it allowed him to say no to the bruins offer and take buffalos knowing if it doesnt work out, i can still make it happen with boston and get my pay day. He was also traded last season and had no say, so i think he was thinking if I'm getting moved this time I want a say.
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