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  1. Hes a first year GM... i think his jobs safe.
  2. I know he's like taboo now, but i always found louis CK to be really funny. Willing to cross lines, cynical, self-loathing
  3. I've had good like duck wings that were a bit bigger. But they do require a bit of a different preparation. I also think larger flats are better than larger drums. I feel like with large drums, the fat doesn't render as well as a smaller drum so you end up with some chewy grizzly wings.
  4. There's definitely a sweet spot between giant mutant wings and little caesers.
  5. Yeah, its either fresh garlic or maybe parm? they also mix a little bleu cheese in the sauce I dunno - i like the hot sauce mixed with bleu cheese flavor? I like a good chunky one too so i get some bits in there.
  6. I've read a little baking powder, then cooking them in the oven on a wire rack can get them similarly crispy. And there isn't anywhere to park bad experience? I've been twice and i thought they were probably top dogs next to bar bill. I don't love the... cram in and wait 90 minutes for food though. I can go to bar bill and just have a normal dinner. nine-eleven is like a whole to-do.
  7. The location in clarence does reservations, and takes credit cards.
  8. They're raising money to basically buy out a bunch of people out. They'll probably just flip the assets back to big companies for profit if i had to guess.
  9. I thought the 300 million was investor money. They're basically using other peoples money (and some of their own) to acquire land and assets that they'll move later. Buy for a dollar, sell for 2. Yeah, i thought the same with airline stock when it tanked. But all it takes is to invest in the one that goes belly up and all your money goes to hell - so i was a tad nervous.
  10. Its an extra like 40 dollars a month, and provides literally 0 other content for me. I took to streaming on my ipad - that way i can have something else on TV when i inevitably get pissed off.
  11. He definitely struggled on the PK in 2019 though. RK seemed to primarily use risto/mccabe there to... not great success. But whoever the other pair was always seemed to be looking around wondering how they scored.
  12. PP was pretty bad considering how little PP2 did.
  13. I just felt like when teams had power plays, they won faceoffs and maintained the zone. If buf got it out, they brought it right back in no problem.
  14. yeah. Somehow the team had like 11 defensemen last year, and none were particularly good at defense. I blame botterill.
  15. I mean - the goal is they're available for 5 on 5 where they can have the most ability to tilt the ice in our favor. It shouldn't be this hard to find defensive defensemen, and defensive forwards.
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