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  1. Buffalo had a terrible PK, and the 4th "energy" line always seemed listless so... probably covers 2 things there.
  2. What do we give up to get Kuemper?
  3. Okposo, Girgensons seem to have 2 jobs locked up. Eakin will likely be a line 3 Center. There's 4 spots left for cozens, tage, rieder, mitts, asplund, lazar. I assume the goal is to have a couple PK guys here, but also to have them fly around for about 10 minutes a game. My guess would be of these 3 its rieder tage cozens with lazar as the extra skater. Not sure how it all gets broken out (if they keep girgs/okposo together and who centers them if so). I think if you add another depth forward to compete for a spot its coming through in a trade somehow.
  4. I don't know how they'll set up the first and second PP units, but i think there will be an even greater boost to the 2nd unit. Not sure who will play where, but I'm relatively hopeful in improvements from the Mitts/MoJo/sheary group to today. You have hall+Jack+maybe VO on line 1 PP, line 2 can be skinner+sam+staal/Cozens. I just want that 2nd group to be able to gain the zone and sustain some pressure. I'm interested to see who plays on jacks other wing at even strength, but i think they like VO for those cross ice 1 timers.
  5. I just read something saying only if its greater than 4.5 mil. But I didn't read the CBA so someone would have to confirm 1.4 for 3 years though. If he's even remotely adequate, years 2/3 can be a huge bargain
  6. Walk away rights aren't available on players awarded under 4.5 mil. Does anyone have ideas where buffalo and kahun want to be? How far apart are they?
  7. What would the estimated arbitration award look like? If they qualify him and can't find an extension, are they bound to that award?
  8. It sounds like KA didn't want to play the arbitration game. The open market contract he gets will probably be less than a possible arbitration award too. He never would've signed the QA, but Kahun might be playing with fire here. On the plus side if they lose him- They literally used 0 assets to acquire him.
  9. Yep - everyone said when buffalo traded for diggs that they moved 4 picks. But in reality they had already added 2 picks in 2020 with the teller trade, and moved 1 of those and 1 of their own. The pick they moved in 2021 is a 4th, but they moved zay jones for a 5th - so they have the same number of picks. The lack of minor leagues helps in the NFL too since fringe players can be moved prior to cut day for picks.
  10. The experts have been wrong before. The projections have been wrong before. 2012 - yakupov and reinhart... woops. 2013 - Lots liked Drouin over Barkov, most had him over lindholm and monahan. 2014 - Bennett 2015 - Strome Regarding analytics in the words of Mac from it's always sunny "Science is a liar... sometimes"
  11. I look at it like, a draft board is constructed based on where you value them. If they have a first round grade on this kid, then they value moving up to secure him rather than just selecting the next highest player on their board. It makes sense if you especially value him significantly more than the next 5 guys on your board.
  12. Oh I meant rossi. But who knows. They're 19 year old kids
  13. I don't know any of these kids. I did think it was nice to hear that in the 6 month layoff this kid focused on strength, endurance, and skating.
  14. The misleading part in that d-1 number is where quinn played when he was like 16. The unconventional development path kinda makes it hard to evaluate with those conventional projection metrics. They're just about the same age, but quinn has about 2 years of like - serious junior hockey development. I probably would've taken Rossi too, but I'm not going to lose my mind here. I think the team has been soft has hell for years, and adding another player who likely isn't going to play with a lot of jam isn't going to help our cause here. Is the goal to get to the playoffs this year? Or to get there and actually do something?
  15. Experts thought Nylander was a better prospect than sergachev, McAvoy, and chychrun. They have made mistakes before. I just can't take another Nylander or mittelstadt. This kid has good production in ohl, and seems to be a hard worker. Hopefully he has the humility and leadership qualities to succeed. Please be SOMETHING
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