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  1. One of those few times the lines actually match the depth chart (best C with best LW and RW, 2C with 2nd best...)
  2. I’m surprised how much some people take it for granted that Jack’s extraordinary play this year has nothing to do with his linemates.
  3. In my limited viewings, I have not seen Samuelsson getting beat to the outside, on the contrary he has stepped up against the rush quite well.Not watching him right now. Curious to hear what others are seeing against Cozens and similar skaters.
  4. Your eyes should have told you Sobotka has been better than ERod this season. Also, it has to be a coincidence, but it’s weird howSkinner and Johansson have fallen off a cliff since Vlad went down.
  5. In the 8 months since I cut the cable cord, today is the first day I’ve regretted it.
  6. From the Athletic: The 44 shots on goal were the most the Sabres have had in a game this season and the second time they’ve had 40-plus. According to NaturalStatTrick.com, the Sabres dominated at five-on-five, holding a 50-30 advantage with unblocked shot attempts. They out-chanced the Senators 37-14 and had a 15-6 advantage in high-danger scoring chances.
  7. Substitute the name of any Sabre forward for Sam. Does anything change for you? Even if this is all correct, how does our team benefit from benching him?
  8. Sam needs to be better, but this has got to stop. He has 10 points in 11 December games and is a plus player. Marcus Johansson has 5 points and is -4. Skinner has 4 points and -6. Vesey 4 points, Sheary 3, Rodrigues 1. A “bad” Sam Reinhart is still easily one of our best forwards.
  9. They showed some hustle in the third, but the number of turnovers made and puck battles lost by the ERod/Sheary duo is truly frightening. Scandella had a good game, and Dahlin looked dangerous in the 3rd, as good as he’s looked at year. Reinhart looked sluggish and frustrated. He showed more temper the past two games than the rest of the season combined. Please, JBot, give us a real top six forward for Christmas.
  10. Respect all of your takes. Im not an analytics guy, but I’m pretty sure most of them will support my take, just like the shot clock does. They needed to be better, but 3 out of 5 nights they win this game.
  11. I’ve liked Skinner tonight. He’ll get one and the floodgates will open. Close game up for grabs. Win the period and take the two points.
  12. He’s got the skill. It’s looking more and more like he’s going to have to rebuild his game and find new ways to use it.
  13. Z with some surprising touch. Probably more lucky than good, but drive to the net and good things happen.
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