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  1. Thanks, saw that one, but I'm looking for one that says "Buffalo" hockey...like the ones available at purehockey.com.
  2. In Old Town Alexandria, about a mile from Metro, there's Bugsy's, owned by former NHLer Brian Watson. Haven't been there in several years, but it's a good hockey bar. http://www.bugsyspizza.com/
  3. Saw the style linked below but they don't have Sabres in stock...hunted around the interwebs but no dice. Anybody seen this style in stores in WNY? https://www.purehockey.com/product/47-brand-blockout-headline-hoody-chicago-blackhawks-mens/itm/35051-43/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwrrOyqKx3wIVTUsNCh3aawrqEAQYAyABEgIx0_D_BwE
  4. Checked it out; the Google reviews were not very stellar.
  5. Did you ever settle on a place to do this? I'm looking to do the same with another player/jersey.
  6. The hiring process, regardless of the size of the company or association, is so flawed today that it seems many more people are "underemployed" than ever before. It's a nerve-wracking, dehumanizing process, as you've spelled out. I wish you nothing but success going forward in your quest.
  7. Hmm...will need to clean up my act. Always referred to the Maple Leafs in the same fashion as Bostonians refer to Bucky Dent.
  8. I've been to many at the Aud but strangely have not been to HSBC or Key Bank or Marine Midland, whatever bank it's called today. It was built after I moved from the area.
  9. There's an additional veterans discount also, I believe.
  10. "Signs on the doors show the arena doesn't have its liquor license yet." Ok, this is getting serious now... In my day, we'd take the bus from the lake up to the War Memorial for $1. Pay $2 for a corner seat, catch the Lake bus back at Four Corners, where the February winds whipped something awful. We had a buck left to get a dog and a pop at the game. For $5, we saw great hockey with Dick Gamble, Red Armstrong and and Don Cherry on the ice. End of rant.
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