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  1. I always thought Paul is among the best Buffalo hockey reporters. It was funny to watch the others piggy back off of him during the post game interviews in the locker room and head coach post game conferences (before the pandemic).
  2. He was not the only one. Taylor Hall must think that many of the Buffalo sports media are homelesss. I was embarrassed for some of them.
  3. Indeed. Everything about the press conference reflected really well on Taylor. He clearly is very bright and thoughtful in the way he went about this and also in responding to the questions. Taylor expertly dealt with some of the negative Nancies in the media (who seemed like they were trying to look like they were being held hostage or were homeless and could not be bothered to shave etc.) who asked questions that pushed their narratives. A few questions were like - why would you ever come to Buffalo - yes, I am exaggerating but still). Taylor clearly did his homework on
  4. After listening to Taylor Hall during the press conference and reading his letter and watching his video, I could not be more impressed with the guy or excited for this upcoming season.
  5. Last night on NBCSN, they showed metrics (e.g., shooting percentage etc.) that included a comparison between Quinn and Rossi and others. Does anyone have that? As I recall, Quinn's metrics were very good.
  6. Maybe I am not remembering correctly (it is late), but I thought that I read that Quinn and Rossi primarily played on different lines
  7. So what he is saying is that he did not think that the Sabres did well because they did not follow his draft board. Got it.
  8. As I posted earlier, what is there not to like about getting someone at 8 who was described as the "best goal scorer in the draft" on the NBCSN broadcast of the draft?!? If the kid (and they are all kids) did not have a chip on his shoulder before, he certainly would now if he were to read this thread. The more I think about it, Quinn reminds me of the City of Buffalo. He is an underdog who was cut by his AAA team. He had to work hard to get where he is and ultimately, through hard work and perseverance, became the "best goal scorer in the draft," improved his skating, and is a good tw
  9. I have never seen the kid play until watching the highlights today . . . but what is there not to like about "the best goal scorer in the draft" comment on NBCSN. We should give the kid a break and see what he can do.
  10. You have captured Sully in one sentence. I could not have said it better.
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