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Sabres Announce that Matthew Savoie has been assigned to Rochester


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On 5/21/2023 at 2:05 PM, Amerks8796 said:

I think he plays, but not game 1. He’ll probably arrive in Rochester today or tomorrow. The team will bus to Hershey tomorrow, so that’s a quick turnaround. Doubt they hastily throw him in like that. But by game 2 or 3, I think it should happen, especially if they’re down. 

Game 2 is in Hersey Thursday, Rochester Saturday and Monday

Savoie can play and practiced today with Amerks. The contract allows in his league to play only the Playoffs.

The Coach said the guys there that got us there, play first. That said, bet he at least plays at Home.

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On 5/21/2023 at 3:20 PM, Taro T said:

That's what the rules seem to indicate.  IF he does play for Ra-cha-cha this post season, really hope that 1 of the media guys asks either Appert or Karmanos how he was allowed to play.  Because it seems he shouldn't be able to sign an ATO as he is already on an ELC with the Sabres and he was not on the Amerks roster on trade deadline day.


On 5/21/2023 at 4:46 PM, thewookie1 said:

He was ineligible due to his WHL team being in session still. With the Ice done, he is allowed to play in the AHL or NHL given the opportunity 

Playoffs Only

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On 5/22/2023 at 9:10 PM, Pimlach said:

Could be.  Before any trade, I would want to do a real evaluation of him with his peer group to really understand were he ranks.  Summer development camp is good.  Rochester would be even better for him.  The coaching staff there is doing good work.  

Have to have a Path for him, right now we don't. Get a Defensive lineman for Power or Vet Goaltender, be worth the trade. This team is young and be years for him. Savoie, Krebs, Jost, Middlestat, Kulich are ahead of him for 3rd or 4th lines. Only mentioning those who play center/winger.

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On 5/22/2023 at 10:24 AM, DarthEbriate said:

As long as Milic isn't on the Hershey, Savoie will be alright.

That said, I at least let him get a couple practices in before allowing him to dress for a playoff game. I also just watched 3 games vs. the T-birds, and while he looked dynamic at times, he also disappeared for long stretches and was overpowered a whole bunch. I'm tempering my expectations for when Savoie starts playing against adults who can take away time and space from him even better than the T-birds did.

Get him on a line with Rousek, problem solved

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On 5/23/2023 at 8:51 AM, Buffalonill said:

 If only it was that easy to sign those free agents lol.  Have we not learned that signing free agents is a death sentence let's not do that

Trade, like you said, we have too many players. Soon enough we will need to trade people for picks cause we will have NO path above. Money will be paid out too for 4-5 years, Skinner gone, etc..

Good thing is Sabres are loaded. If Peterka or Krebs don't get better fast enough they can move on. Sabres are NOT stuck and there are names on Amerks you don't know cause they weren't high picks but are Great Prospects

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On 5/23/2023 at 9:57 AM, Brawndo said:

I doubt it happens, but the Oilers and Rangers are close to the cap and they have RFAs in Bouchard and Miller that need to be signed. 

Those are the type of d man I would imagine would cost Östlund or Rosen. 

Sabres can even afford to just offer a contract and pay the cost in picks if Adams too shy to give up prospects. Our picks should be down farther in draft for years to come. Be no path top 3 lines for 6-7 years after 23-24

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On 5/23/2023 at 1:47 PM, PromoTheRobot said:

I don't fully get your questions. What I'm saying is Kulich is doing something in the Sabres system right now while Östlund is not. Not meant to disparage Östlund. I'm just saying people are seeing what Kulich can bring now.

Kulich is in his 3rd playoff series in AHL. That is why he is ahead of Östlund, Savoie, Peterka, Krebs and maybe even Quinn. Savoie gets playing time he jumps up too.

Already stated this but Kulich, Rosen, Rousek, Davies, etc... have more Pro Playoff experience then everyone on Sabres except maybe Tuch

On 5/23/2023 at 12:10 PM, RochesterExpat said:

Novikov in 2 years.

Unfortunately, this team doesn't have 2 years.

Davies is pretty good

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58 minutes ago, Pimlach said:

This team has the potential to be very good for a long time if they can develop and manage the talent properly.  They are loaded. 

Well, Amerks are doing good with Prospects. In their 3rd Series up 1-0 on the road.

Sabres, eh, really not 100% sure what happens with Quinn, Krebs, Peterka, UPL. Look at Amerks, could be said they should have stayed there to develop.

Amerks came back down 3-1, blew away Toronto affiliate 4-1. Hersey hadn't lost but two games in their series and Rochester blew them away first game. Getting Savoie should only help.

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2 minutes ago, K-9 said:

Who on the Amerks sits to make room for Savoie? In the midst of a seven game playoff game winning streak, it may not be an easy decision for Appert. Or is it?

When I watched them in game 3, there were a couple forwards that were obviously way worse than the rest. Maybe they were up from cinci

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