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  1. After a long Covid Layoff, the depleted Sabres take the ice versus the streaking Islanders who are 3-0-1 In their last four games. The Sabres will be without 3 of their Top 6 Defenseman and all four of their Top PK Unit. May God have Mercy on Our Souls
  2. Mods, please don't merge this with what appears to be a Washington GDT but is actually the Philly GDT from last week.
  3. VS First game for the Sabres after the trade deadline trades and the beginning of a 4 game road trip for the team. Colorado had no mercy on the Sabres in their last meeting, winning in Buffalo 6-1 earlier this month. This hopefully will be a revenge game and the start of a continuing playoff push for the team who have won 6 of their last 8 games. Eichel has been the leader of the team and is among the league leaders with 3 OT Goals (T-2nd), 9 GW Goals (T-2nd), 35 Goals (T-5th), 24 EV Goals (T-6th), 26 PP Points (T-6th), 77 Points (T-7th), 50 EV Points (T-8th). If this play conti
  4. Good chance we see Robin Lehner tonight. Kahun will probably also play for Buffalo. Montour Risto pairing is very bad.
  5. Going to the game in a red, white, and blue tie-dyed turban and wearing a name sticker with "Dh'waengnh". I liked the Sanskrit letters "dh" and the full-tongued "n" mixed with the Gaelic ae ligature. It is a fun way to misspell "Duane" as people suggested.
  6. I thought someone would be all over this. The beginning of the end, or possibly the end of the beginning. Sabres have a bunch of home games to win if they're gonna have a shot at the playoffs. GO SABRES!
  7. The second game in the Dad's trip and last game before a 10 day break. The Sabres are in Nashville, where you won't have to see Peter Laviolette's face behind the bench. They've won a few in a row and it would be great for them to win tonight so the Sabrespace happy meter is high enough to withstand 10 days of no hockey. You've got long way to go to hockey tonight... pace yourselves.
  8. It's Game Day, and perhaps you don't care anymore. The Sabres play the Knights. It happens at 7pm. As per usual. I figured I would start the GDT even though I won't see the game tonight (kid's got a game at 7pm). I figured I would start the thread because I'm still a fan of the Sabres regardless of what is happening right now. I may not go nuts over the team. I may not be interested in spending a lot of time on them. But I am still a fan. So, this thread is for those who are still fans of the team to discuss the game. Because we are still here. Because this place is a plac
  9. Look... if I can pull my lazy arse out of bed on a snowy Thursday morning and wander downstairs by 8:20am... I might as well get this day started right. Truth is.. I have not even had coffee yet (it's brewing). But.. the Sabres are in Dallas tonight. They're wrapping up the last few games before the All-Star break by playing the Stars themselves... the good news is that these are not the All-Stars even if they are all Stars. Commence discussion... And, yes Sabrespacers... the future is bright, even if some of you keep trying turn off the damn lights.
  10. With the break I thought someone would be all over this. But no GDT posted yet.
  11. Let’s get this decade over with. Onward and upward!
  12. YOUR BUFFALO SABRES take on the Ottawa Senators at Canadian Tire Centre, eh?, in Ottawa. The Buffalo Sabres will look to take some momentum into the NHL holiday break when they visit the Ottawa Senators on Monday night. The Sabres snapped a three-game winless streak (0-2-1) with a 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. Captain Jack Eichel, who missed Thursday's game because of an upper-body injury, returned and had an assist to extend his personal point streak to 18 games. Eichel has 32 points (16 goals, 16 assists) during the streak. "In the first period, I think it took
  13. Can't wait for the game tonight. Invading the home of the enemy. Can Jack continue his points streak? Will Olofsson get on the scoresheet? Will the PK work? Is it pumped up anti-Leafs Risto time? Will the PP work? Will someone beat the moustache off Matthews face? All these questions answered, and more tonight in the Scotiabank Arena. Puck drops at 7(ish). Go Sabres.
  14. The Sabres look to continue their resurgence against the Isles today, can they do it?!? Will Zach Bogosian throw a tantrum? Will Eichel continue his streak? Can this team pull it's head out of its own bottom and give us fans something to cling to? All that and more coming up! Spotty wifi here on the Isle of Skye, I was planning on doing Stats and such, but I'll have JSB or one of the better posters here do that ? Let's go Sabres, and Cheers all!!!
  15. "He looks like a bulldog eating his lunch off a thistle". Common, seriously. What does that even mean? That's hilarious. I remember other Robyisms like "he's hanging around the net like dirty socks." That is old school stuff. Grass roots movement to bring him back, even for a game or two a year. What say you.
  16. We play the New York Rangers tonight. The Rangers are bad. They have an expected goals for at 5v5 of 1.8 compared to Buffalo's 3.1. Further our PP is 10% better than theirs and Rangers seem to top out at 2 goals a game. These are trap games for top teams but games if we truly are a top team we should win. Records Rangers: 2-4-1 Sabres: 8-1-1 Fancy stats: Rangers: 2.71 goals for, 1.8 xGF, 0.913sv%, 44.4cf% @5v5, 20.83pp%, 77.42pk% Sabres: 3.70 goals for, 3.1 xGF, 0.929sv%, 47.5cf% @5v5, 30.77pp%, 76.67pk%
  17. Game 2: Home opener.... here we go! Is Ralph Krueger magic? Find out tonight. The KBC should be rockin', giving the Sabres a boost. Hopefully McCabe turns in another great performance. This could be Jack's breakout; let's see Skinner get on the scoresheet too. GO SABRES
  18. “Anytime that you put on an NHL sweater, put on a Sabres sweater, you better play with some pride otherwise you shouldn’t ***** be here. I don’t believe that, that we’ve lost that, and if guys have, then they shouldn’t be here." "We can play spoiler, we can play whatever you want to call it, but this is about pride. This is about playing for the logo, playing for the guy next to you."
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