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  1. Russia in o/t wins over Sweden 5-4,
  2. Russians tie game at4-4 . 10 minutes remain
  3. Scores Sweden . They lead Russia 4-3
  4. 3-3 Sweden v Russia into the third . First semi final
  5. USA 2 Germany 1 . End of first period
  6. Matthews spinnerama pass to Marner beautiful . Mitches off the face off for the win so good
  7. We can disagree. Roster as composed not one that has won come playoff time. Simply not enough grit. Barrie on defense a major fail to this point., Removing vets for low priced players pls error with backup goalie a few obvious problems., talking talent special teams power play and kill at this point a absolute mess. Matthews , Marner while talented still both much to learn.,. Tavares like Marner a tough seasons start with injuries. .,
  8. Leafs as composed are General Manager Dubas doing., Got to feel Babcock was set up to fail. They now have Sheldon Keefe in place. We shall see if it to good or bad.,
  9. Ron MacLean will do regular pre game hosting in between periods , and after game as he always has . Likely will also do Olympic Coverage , plus the regular Sunday segment . He has become one of Canada’s most respected and liked personalities. What transpired was sad and unfortunate for all. There was not a winner apart from those who did not enjoy Don Cherry( which there were many who had their knives out ready.) A shame he did not finish the year.
  10. Starting next Monday Don Cherry with his son will have Podcast , The Grapevine.to discuss hockey and other matters to his choosing . https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-don-cherry-comes-back-with-a-new-show/amp
  11. Talk tonight on HNIC Leafs season in danger of heading south Coach Babcock could be fired soon .
  12. I may be getting wrong vibe. But will not be surprised he back on Coaches Corner this Saturday with explanation and apology to his unclear remarks. We shall see
  13. Yes the very least after last season. He and his opinions are not new. Late in the game to be outraged now .
  14. Don Cherry has been Don Cherry the good and the bad for 40 years on HNIC. That they have chosen to end his time now speaks more to the bottom line than any real moral outrage and acceptability . Ending him midseason, a old man clearly past his time rather than seasons end clearly to shame, the shame on those who enabled him for so many years. Don Cherry was the same person each of the forty years he on the program. It’s my opinion they would have been better to voice what he said as not what company stands for and was his private opinion stated simply this would be Don Cherrys final season. What indignation they have was far to late . Not a brave decision to toss a 85 year old man aside he clearly past his time
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