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  1. Not a chance Leafs would take that. Great trade for Buffalo though.
  2. There does come a time when the building stops and you enjoy the house . Four bottom feeding picks one thing four decent team picks another
  3. That what I said to you . He spoke with owner of team he wished not reveal . That said ownership deciding now to proceed or no. Joey Vandetta a media personality .
  4. It said Montreal looked into Braydon Point as other teams have and was told he wanting to work out something with his current team and would not sign a offer sheet. It being said the four most likely teams be eastern conference teams just speculation for Marner are the Devils, Flyers, Buffalo , Montreal. As Mitch did would he decline these teams. Just imagine the buzz in Buffalo .
  5. Joey Vandetta says he spoke with ownership and ownership approved it
  6. If a team needs success and right now it’s the Sabres . Would he bring that. It said team is one that has history with Leafs. Could be Islanders
  7. Would Mitch make the Sabres a playoff team with a excellent core ?
  8. At this point Leafs have at most $10.5 with some fancy dancing . $12.5 would do it for another team
  9. Unknown team set to offer sheet Mitch Marner at $12.5 million
  10. Leafs would have $11.1 million plus Nathan Horton roster exemption of $5.3 million totaling $$16.4 million to use for signing remaining players. Currently . Still a tight squeeze
  11. Cozens talking on the Fan590 now. Said he was at home just before draft caught a 30 pound trout my goodness 😊
  12. The natural beauty is awesome to say the least
  13. My point being that the issue will be a protracted one . It’s about term Marner wants same term as Matthews at five years. Of course it’s not about Nylander money. Marner would accept $10 @ 5 years but no way at 8 years. As said they will wait to see about offer sheet. After will come the handwringing . Much about money offered or not offered just media supposition wrong thread for this should be about coming excellent young Sabre
  14. The most recent is Leafs offering $10 million for 8 years. Marner wants that at 5 years. They are going to wait see if offer sheet comes their way. If not look for a long contract fight similar to Nylander
  15. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/prospect-interest-yukons-dylan-cozens-excelling-whl/sn-amp/. I feel this is good
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