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  1. Didn’t think they had a prayer Great game boys
  2. Where does that come He is a polite person in life and plays the game well and fair. Also will be a very good player on US oylimipic team .
  3. The Bills will be a good team this year providing they can escape killing injuries. Have faith 😊
  4. The era of perennial Cup teams with the Cap is over. Teams have a window do their best and then rebuild again. Teams out of playoffs this season can become contenders next
  5. Winnipeg looking like Blues have brick wall in net and impossible to score Jinxed the Blues 1-1
  6. Thank you . Just temporary . I do know my place
  7. With respect let the argument go . I am well aware life not about me . I can take what any of you give me. I seldom will reply in kind though. The hate is entirely one sided . Please do put me on ignore those who find me rude , uncivil , or unkind. There are many here I consider friends , as there are many who make it difficult to still support the Sabres . In my part enough said . I have zero interest in any bad feelings . I do think many of you have lost this in the scheme of life just a game.
  8. Yes I am Actually had Sabre season tickets for the first seven years of the franchise until it became prohibitive to travel to each game. Yes Leafs are the team I root for first since 1940
  9. Been a Sabre fan longer than you have been alive Won’t apologize to anyone I happen to root for Leafs Truth is you are a mean spirited lame Jackass
  10. You need stop he is twenty years old . But if it makes you feel better all the power to you .
  11. Very disappointing . But Leafs are building only will get better. A tall order for a core 20 years old to beat one much more experienced and older. On tithe draft tomorrow and lottery, let’s hope Bills and Sabres can have some luck
  12. Interesting I turn the sound off because they bend over backwards to be not biased that they seldom give Leafs credit for very little .
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