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  1. Getting killed on face offs
  2. Rasmus Sundin is 18. He has plenty of time. This way he will get plenty of ice time and team able to keep him on entry level contract for next and two years after. A team managing cap space a good thing. Playing 12 minutes a night was not the way to go
  3. Yes let him do well . Just not against the Sabres
  4. It was a game winner . Not wishing the young man bad
  5. Alex Nylander scores tonight . Hawks beat Oilers 3-1
  6. I agree with you on that. Defensemen do normally mature later and I believe he is and can be a very good defensemen . But not confident he a first pair but second . Used wisely in places he can succeed better Great game by all wonderful really . Just pondering what is sustainable
  7. Risto again 23:43 minutes played . By far the most. Cant complain with a perfect result. Is this just early season going with best at hand. Past evidence has shown such ice time played not sustainable over a season. Is this just short term or has something changed in his play? They show casing him? Just using what they have until healthy? I root for Risto to do well as a Sabre but see him as second pair used wisely not first pair. Is it possible he has coach who believes in him or coach just going short term with best he has ?
  8. Best game by Sabres this young season . Good going young men
  9. This would be my hope . Risto is not a top two D man but could settle in used less as a valuable second pairing D. I down to for me where is his head. Is he with his coach and team mates or this effort about getting out. A coach he can better communicate with by seasons end could emerge a valuable player on team. Not a hero but good solid player
  10. Hoping with this coach he better used as season proceeds and they get healthy on D. I get most want trade. But solid D men are just hard to find and replace. They will regret a trade imo.
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