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  1. Cozens talking on the Fan590 now. Said he was at home just before draft caught a 30 pound trout my goodness 😊
  2. The natural beauty is awesome to say the least
  3. My point being that the issue will be a protracted one . It’s about term Marner wants same term as Matthews at five years. Of course it’s not about Nylander money. Marner would accept $10 @ 5 years but no way at 8 years. As said they will wait to see about offer sheet. After will come the handwringing . Much about money offered or not offered just media supposition wrong thread for this should be about coming excellent young Sabre
  4. The most recent is Leafs offering $10 million for 8 years. Marner wants that at 5 years. They are going to wait see if offer sheet comes their way. If not look for a long contract fight similar to Nylander
  5. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/prospect-interest-yukons-dylan-cozens-excelling-whl/sn-amp/. I feel this is good
  6. I do wonder if he were to look around how many would offer more than $7.5 . $9 seems ridiculous. Could see Sabre’s saying firm on $8 and letting him see the market. It’s possible the Sabres might need swallow hard at $8.5 to sign him
  7. Was pleased Blues won . But players should not chop down other players like trees. It has not been a strong year in these playoffs for referees.
  8. The Raptors are in uncharted territory. From here on however far it will be best in franchise history .
  9. Would be interesting if there is a $11.5 Auston Matthews money out there , with a young but close to being in the mix again. With parity you never know. He does take a regular shift, drives the power play, kills penalties. Where is his ceiling . Still young figures to get better.
  10. Yes they have young talent . Key word is young. Also with those young having time to learn and the reality of some subtractions be it Gardiner, Kadri, Johnson, Kapanen, tough calls on a number more plus who is to know how the Marner situation shakes down. He only of one potential offer sheets. Next year I see as a trending water year. Things do clear up after. Certainly won’t argue with you if they improve
  11. Coach Babcock likely done at seasons end if not before. The team at best given the cap realities at best case will tread water and stay the same if not regress. Could easily see Keefe as Coach by February . On the Marner front which team prepared to give up four first round picks. Very well could be some.
  12. What you say may be true. But overall am thankful for the many nice people met along the way. And thedream still lives
  13. Finland 3 Canada 1 Final
  14. Canada 1 Finland 1 in second . Teams just went 9 minutes without a stop in play up and down .
  15. Am 79 years old . Wondered if I would get some sporting joy ever again. It’s been a marvel seeing Raps and Kawhi's efforts in these games . Who knows we’re it goes now but appreciative of every moment
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