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  1. jack quinn doing what jack quinn does best
  2. dylan cozens is absolutely flying in the team canada selection camp game. he controls the game every single time he steps onto the ice. pure dominance. wish i could say the same thing about quinn in this game...
  3. cozens will be better...just an all round better player in my opinion. goal scoring ability goes to quinn but every other aspect goes to cozens. i could be saying this just because i have watched so much film on cozens and know his game so much better than i know quinn's. cozens will be better but not by a super wide margin though.
  4. wouldn't be surprised if they threw him to the big dogs right away and played him with eichel
  5. it's a bad move but i think it shows that the sabres have a lot of faith in tage thompson right now
  6. the second episode was absolutely masterful. we should be kissing the ground that coach walks on because he's the reason taylor hall is a buffalo sabre. that pitch he gave to hall during the conference call gave me chills. so good to see the amount of emotion kevyn adams has. you could just tell that he was so nervous, in a very good way, when he was waiting for the call back from hall's agent. adams eats sleeps and breathes the buffalo sabres. this team is gonna be good.
  7. hahaha i didn't change around the positions i just kept it as what capfriendly automatically generates...and i agree with you, he'll most likely be the 4th LD
  8. how we look with a 2 x 3.25 VO contract (click on the picture so you can see it clearly)
  9. so surprised he didn't look elsewhere...nearly impossible for him to crack the lineup now. love the signing for rochester though, veteran leadership for the kids.
  10. cozens and thompson are ready. cozens was far and away one of the most dominant players in the WHL last season with lethbridge and he should be able to translate that into the NHL smoothly. before his injury, thompson was showing glimpses of NHL readiness and he has make significant strides in his game. if kahun can be brought back to the sabres (i really hope he is) then the third line is set. kahun - thompson - cozens. i know many people, including myself, don't love thompson at center because he likes to play the game more forced to the outside and down along the boards but it'll just have
  11. my biggest problem with the mittelstadt pick is that the sabres watched him fail miserably at the combine. they watched his no pull up performance and they knew he finished in the bottom for virtually every test but they still selected him. makes no sense to me.
  12. hahaha i said "drai and pasta were still on the board" but you're right...reinhart may be a solid player that has been beyond consistent for the sabres but he's just another draft miss by this sad team
  13. lets review the past 10 years of sabres first round draft picks 2010: mark pysyk (125 games played with the sabres , out of the organization now) 2011: joel armia (1 game played with the sabres , out of the organization now) 2012: mikhail grigorenko (68 games played with the sabres , out of the organization) / zemgus girgensons (still in the org but never lived up to the hype and never will) 2013: rasmus ristolainen (most of us hate him and want him gone asap) / nikita zadorov (67 games played with the sabres , out of the organization) 2014: sam reinhart (drai and past
  14. i'm 100% a fan of loading up the top 6...i love the idea of putting out 2 lines loaded up with big dogs and giving them big minutes so there's a constant scoring threat on the ice. then again, adding reinhart to the third line could transform this roster from 2 solid lines to 3 solid lines (and honestly it could be 4 solid lines if the 4th line continues to dominate). both are very good options for the sabres. if i had to speculate on what krueger will do though, i would have to say loading up on the top 6.
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