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  1. He is good, but this team desperately needs GREAT! Botteril's approach must be to find another center that can drive play. A hockey trade involving many parts, including Reinhart, would be one way to do it. His value is pretty high at the moment - strike while the iron is hot!
  2. Packaging Reinhart with one or two other players could get this team an equally talented player that brings a grittier style of play that the team sorely needs.
  3. He's living off Eichel. Soft, complementary player that cannot drive play. He needs to be part of a larger trade and soon.
  4. He has to do something to change the make-up / type of player. It won't be easy to do.
  5. At the moment, Reinhart is not adding much. He could use some time in the press box. Soft, complimentary, player who cannot drive play. I would also consider moving him in a hockey trade while he has value. Move Skinner back with Eichel too.
  6. The problem with that suggestion is that Sammy is not capable of driving play - he's a nice complimentary player, that is all. I would include him in a trade for a game changer...
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