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  1. And by the time they need to make that decision - it becomes far more palatable.
  2. As they age out though - it will get pretty crowded in rochester. Plus you may sign or trade for other pieces.
  3. He's a solid skater, good shooter, decent on the walls, draws penalties, and doesn't rely on straight speed. He just seems to know how to get to areas to score goals be it rebounds, one timers, whatever. He's also not PP dependent at all which boosts his value a bit. I don't mind a long contract if I'm buying out RFA years. Usually you get a discount there. But it was a poor decision to give skinner that term, with that salary - while never scoring more than 63 points in his career. 2M more AAV, and 4 more years than Pacioretty (admittedly coming off a poor year there, but), but pacioretty has some additional value at the defensive side of the ice and kills penalties. Kucherov got 9.5M AAV for 8 years - but he had arb eligibility left.
  4. I have an athletic subscription and read the article and im still not sure i understand it 🙂. From what i can tell they put him at a 47 point pace to split the difference between last year at 2.1 wins and the year before at basically 0. They then forecasted some age related deterioration. https://theathletic.com/3435602/2022/07/26/nhl-worst-contracts-2022/ -- Paywall obvi
  5. I'd say ok, but we have drafted a LOT of players the last couple of years. 10 picks in the first 2 rounds (6 1sts) over 3 drafts, plus they have another 1st and 3 2nd's in 2023. Running out of space for all the younger players so we'll see how they want to approach. I suppose they could add some 2024 and 2025 picks to just keep that pipeline full as seasons go along.
  6. I like Krebs the least of those 3 players so... I'll go with Krebs i guess? Though I doubt any are moved anytime soon.
  7. I watched probably 50-60 games this year and my opinion is that Thompson was head and shoulders our best forward. I think there might be a shooting regression a bit - but he definitely transformed his game offensively. He should be at least looking at something like Sam Reinharts contract AAV - for term as he'd be 26 at signing time 4-6 years would be ideal.
  8. I'm not totally sure either. My speculation is the AHL salary is divided by the games on the AHL roster and vice versa for NHL - the guarantee must be a bonus or something to the AHL number in some way.
  9. I'm hoping he figures out that hybrid 2-way forward this year. Need that FO% to jump up a lot, and to win more important draws with eakin gone. As for points, i'd be disappointed if its sub-50, and sub-20 goals.
  10. i think Hino stays with cozens, and mitts gets VO or Tuch (I'd lean tuch). That will generally result in a few more points as both VO and Tuch score more points. I think from a gameplay standpoint though - quinn on the cozens line makes a lot of sense. I'd probably run asplund with girgs and okposo, and krebs with mitts and tuch.
  11. Also a lot of misses in that pool. Yes you had Eichel and Reinhart. You also had Bailey, Baptiste, Fasching. Then a huge whiff on nylander in 2016... UGH. Sergachev, Mcavoy, Chychrun the next 3 d-men off the board. They moved Zadorov, Compher, Armia - and other players - plus 2 1st round picks and the 1st pick of the 2nd... to get that 2015 roster together.
  12. I don't see us in on miller. If we were in the mix at the deadline? Maybe? But even then its going to cost a high value prospect (krebs or cozens) and picks.
  13. Caps have guys they can put on LTIR. Vegas has weber. Tampa will do something weird to get under. Florida will need to do something though. Philly is floating JVR (expiring on a 7M deal and they want assets) and Provorov (LHD we dont need). Vancouver seems set to move JT miller (expiring on a reasonable deal, but coming off a 99pt year thats going to cost buffalo more than a mittelstadt).
  14. He's also a 19 year old dude, awkwardly posing for a stranger.. thats about as good as it gets
  15. He needs to put pucks in the net. Cozens too.
  16. I'll usually say "im doing well" - which is probably making it wrong 🙂
  17. Hey - i've notice the guardians seem to be leaning the opposite direction. Grab players with some speed/athleticism, play to your platoon strengths, don't strike out, drive up pitch counts and get on base. I was small growing up so i tended to be the same way. Then around junior year i filled out a little and learned how to drive the ball into the gaps and definitely started getting more selective with what i'd swing at. I probably struck out more my junior and senior year than all the other years combined. Are there situations where you choke up a bit and try and just put it in play? Sure. But blasting a homer is a good all-situation play 🙂
  18. At age 19 i was 5'7 140 lbs and ate pizza and cheeseburgers every day. I could've eaten til it hurt and it wouldn't have mattered. Get him with a nutritionist - and get him on a workout plan. He'll be fine. Its the hockey part that we should worry about. Yeah. Curtis Lazar would've really put this team over the top.
  19. His father is an assistant coach with the Ontario Reign, and he followed in dad's footsteps at Minnesota. I believe he was drafted by Sioux Falls into the USHL. There's definitely some smoke to the fire here. And it'd be naive to think otherwise.
  20. Team needs a goalie who can steal more games. And the defense in front needs to be better. They are 2-32-5 when they give up more than 4 goals. 39 of 76 games we've given up 4 or more goals. That is awful. 42 games where the PDO (Shooting% + SV%) was below 100. I feel like 100 shouldn't even be that difficult, that's 3 goals on 30 shots and the same .900 sv%. They can generate some offense but we still stink at shooting. The defense could do more to block shots and generally help the goalies out. And the goaltending this year has been some of the worst in the league. Skater stats: 25th in goals per game, 23rd in shooting%, 18th in PP%, 25th in PK%, #1 in shootout goal percentage. Goalie stats: 25th in GAA, 25th in SV%, 31st in Shootout SV% (leaving points on the table there), tied for last in shutouts.
  21. Worked us on the PP, and they scored their point blank chances. We either shot them into pads or just flat out missed the net.
  22. There's a time and a place.... it is not in the defensive zone, through the middle, at your own blue line.
  23. The drop passes and random passes through center ice out of the d zone are absolutely infuriating.
  24. I'm not even sure we should rely on UPL at this point. Spend some money, draft capital, picks, whatever on this position.
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