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  1. Lol @ sarcasm He should have more goals though
  2. No, I'd rather have a power forward than a gimmicky offensive defenseman. His title is literally offensive defenseman. Where are the goals?
  3. 4 goals. Turnover machine. Mental errors
  4. Says the guy who didn't try at all. Nice 1 sentence response. How is Dahlin better than Svechnikov?
  5. Besides goaltending, our biggest problem is defenseman who can't play defense. Picking Svechnikov somewhat solves our "secondary scoring" issue. I would rather have a scoring power forward than an offensive defenseman any day of the week. I'm not explaining to you what finesse means. Look it up if you have to. If you can't tell why Dahlin is more finesse than anything, you're not trying.
  6. Lol Yeah, because picking a power forward is exactly what the Sabres don't need. Offensive defenseman are overrated. You dont need them if your FORWARDS are doing their job. We have too many finesse guys that are worthless.
  7. Should have picked Svechnikov
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