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  1. Is standings position inverted on the graphs? Edit: nevermind, the y axis is rank
  2. Smith is +1 with 1:26 of ice time after 2 periods.
  3. High ankle, that's slang for wrist I think.
  4. Meh, he gave him a nice hug and got a penalty for it. Pretty weak response if you ask me.
  5. Kinda looked like boarding, but I'd have to see the other angles.
  6. Everyone on here would bitch about Risto taking a dumb penalty.
  7. If there was a response, it would've been a penalty on us.
  8. You misinterpreted my comment. It wasn't justification for risto being dumb.
  9. They don't hate us, they're just terrible. That call on kucherov was BS too.
  10. Sure. That was incidental, shouldn't have been a penalty.
  11. I disagree, I'm not quoting a question, I'm just emphasizing a fake word. Maybe I should've just made it italic, but who cares?
  12. No issues here, it's been so much better now that they stopped using flash. I usually watch in Chrome or NHL.tv app on my PS4.
  13. I went to the sabres site and started it, and it's playing some animation with sabres vs penguins. EDIT: stream is working for me (in San Diego) without VPN
  14. You joke but the Padres are going back to their 70's ***** brown and piss yellow for 2020! Glad the sabres are finally gonna be back in Royal blue, it's about time.
  15. I'm confused, I thought it was perfectly legal to kick the puck in if it bounces off someone else first. Edit: Nevermind, TIL only counts if it hits a stick
  16. I'm not arguing that the call was right, just that it's hockey, there's always bad calls, suck it up and kill the PK.
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