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  1. Did anybody attend? Impressions?
  2. Well said. It happens in many sports and undoubtably some of the kids learn to act in kind. Comtois is getting raked online for his missed penalty shot against the Finns. Think of how the Chicago Bears kicker is being roasted now and forever for his missed kicks. And Scott Norwood is endlessly ripped for his infamous missed kick. Traditionally, the umpires are trashed in baseball. We all lose in life at something. We are imperfect animals.
  3. United by Cory Booker Ashley’s War by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon I just stamped a couple of holds through my local San Diego library on books recommended in the original post, The Boys of Winter and also A First Rate Madness... Tomorrow, I will be picking through the last offerings of a local bookstore that is closing down. I hate these closures. I must get out and BUY books from our dwindling bookstores. Thanks for starting this thread and all the recommendations!
  4. The WJC starts tomorrow with Russia vs. Czech Republic at noon, Canada vs. Finland at 4 pm and the USA vs. Denmark at 8 pm. The forecast for the USA vs. Canada game at New Era Field on Friday is a high of16 degrees and a low of 8 with some snow!!! It is going to be cold up there in section 332! Can't wait! Go USA!!!
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