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  1. The question is why would anyone leak something to him ? The big guys get stories because they also leak stuff helpful to their sources. JW is an opinion guy i haven't really heard him leak stuff that might be considered beneficial to someone? Mostly he talks about his opinions.
  2. Didnt his source also say McLennan was going to be hired, or was likely to be?
  3. am i the only one who hopes the ditch the numbers on front too ? Does any team still do this?
  4. It interesting to see how whatever he suggests instantly becomes the flavor of the week or hot move that must be made. The swords extending beyond the border of the shield are supposed to look like buffalo horns no?
  5. One thing that stands out to me is the number of NHL players and coaches who have gone on the record saying how Freddy is one the best people they have encountered in hockey and in life. Seems to be a recurring theme around him. Players have spent their whole lives listening to coaches and are pretty adept at ferreting out who is saying what they think is right and who is saying what they know is right. Freddy may or may not be a good hockey coach but he sounds like a well respected leader. A leader Housley was not.
  6. the snark .. tank... is full. This is all about RK :)
  7. What was the tail number on the plane? Does this mean the Buffalo Blizzard are coming back?
  8. I didn't catch that obviously was just reading the quoted blurb.
  9. Gotta love some of these HNIC guys, "further along" but he hasn't interviewed. How much is there between talking and the actual interview such that one can be further along. Where did he think they were before? Sounds like a bunch of nonsense.
  10. This. We haven't missed out on anyone. I don't see what the rush is other than it's the off-season and we are bored. Realistically, what is the drawback for Botts to see who is available after the season is over?
  11. Thanks. It just seems like Gronborg was never really reported as being an actual candidate, just something brought up by the fans. Keefe played in the NHL but wonder if that would be enough for Bott
  12. Did anyone report the Sabres had actual interest in Gronborg? It seemed like it was generated solely from WGR. If Botts wants NHL experience that would seem to rule out Keefe too.
  13. Yea those lovely CP drivers make the morning commute a fun one.
  14. THe twins bridges on the Northway there are god awful, never in my life have i seen a place where people slow down to a crawl to cross a bridge with no toll booths!!!!
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