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  1. So we’ve all seen Jon Shannon’s reporting Jacques Martin and Dave Tippett as the front runners for the Sabres head coach. But, there is another coach that has been mysteriously quiet since his departure from his last position and he has NHL head coaching experience. By no means does this mean anything but, he was called the last time we had an open head coaching position. Ladies and gentleman I give you the name of Ralph Krueger. Is it possible Botterill could interview him at the worlds? Let the debate begin....
  2. So this is just me spitballing. Phil Housley did not have good assistant coaches in year one.year 2 he brought in Steve Smith and their defensive zone systems clashed. There wasn’t good communication in the locker room. We’ve all read the articles. So if you’re seriously considering a guy like Grönborg you want to get him acclimated to the NHL quickly you hire him a well respected Associate coach. That way if it doesn’t work out you can fire him and the Associate takes over.
  3. I spoke to a Sabres alum this morning with close ties to the Sabres. According to what he has heard Jacques Martin was interviewed for an Assistant Coaching position or Associate coach. If Chris Taylor was the guy we wouldn’t still be talking about this. Rikard Grönborg has not been interviewed. He will be interviewed at or after worlds. Leaman is a possible replacement for Taylor If he gets asked to be an assistant with the Sabres.
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