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  1. and the retread coaching carousel continues - even the NHL is not immune to it
  2. I wouldn't go that far with the huge problem comment. Barkov is in his head.
  3. this team needs some R & R in the worst way. Need to nail the fundamentals before any talk of another 10 game win streak.
  4. Not only do I hate the Leafs but I hate the NHL for scheduling us to play at home vs. Toronto the night after a tough roadie vs. the Preds
  5. despite my screen name (which I will be changing, as I no longer live in ATL, but in Sarasota, FL), I am looking to see if anyone has an extra ticket and/or is planning a meet-up prior to the 11/29 game @ TBL. Please let me no, thanks all.
  6. You are most welcome. When you have more time to play with, def check them out. FYI, the owner is very creative/suggestive when it comes to mixing and matching stuff. My experience is that he has a keen eye & ear in terms of what you are looking for.
  7. 2 other benefits: supporting an independent local business, & getting very personalized, knowledgeable service you won't find buying off the rack or at a chain store.....a definite value-add. If he doesn't have exactly what you are looking for, he is always getting new stuff in and can tell you exactly what & when he is getting. He almost always seems to have something unique I have never seen before.
  8. I would check out Get Dressed on Elmwood. I know the owner, great guy and he has a wide range of pricing in line, I think, with what you're looking for. He is an old-school clothier who will do the measurements and free tailoring to boot. He has great connections in NYC and buys his stuff in the Garment District....b/c his is a small shop, you're not paying for overhead. His pricing is very fair and quality very good relative to price - I have bought alot from him over the years. http://getdressedbuffalo.com/
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