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  1. The secret to happiness is low expectations
  2. No he is the third worst, behind Botteril and whomever they sign after Adams
  3. Spelling Nazi has nothing of substance to add, so there’s the Nazi’s contribution. Thank you for your thought.
  4. I am really excited to watch Josh Allen grow into the best QB he can be, but so far, when all the marbles are on the ground when the games count the most (playoffs) he has made horrible decisions, he handles pressure in the playoffs horribly at this point in his career, our offense totally disappeared last season in the playoffs, if it wasn't for Philip Rivers underthrowing a wide open tight end we would have been bounced in the first round, if not for a interception return for a TD we lose to the Ravens, and we all saw the Chiefs game. The only difference between Allen and Eichel in the adversity department so far is, Allen has played in meaningful games and fallen short, Eichel hasn't even sniffed an important game in his career in Buffalo.
  5. Why is it not realistic? The player does not have the courage to put his money where his mouth is? Or the team is run by a herd of morons? When the tail leads the dog the dog gets hit by a car. Make him sit, or play to his level.
  6. I would tell Eichel, sign this agreement for your surgery " If you choose to have this surgery, and you are unable to play up to your level of contract you signed, you will repay every cent earned and payed to date. You will sign a new contract for the level of your ability after the surgery. " If the surgery works and you are a 100% go, when you are healthy we will trade you. We are not going to trade you until you are healthy, the ball is in your court son. End of story
  7. At this rate we are going to have to trade eichel and pay his full salary for a pop machine players don’t have to pay for a soda for. Lol
  8. You don't draft two d man with the number one pick so close together. You have to draft a game changer, that puts the puck in the net. Dman can be developed, they are attainable without using the NUMBER ! PICK two times. The thinking of the Buffalo Sabres front office has and continues to be a comedy show,
  9. I didn't realize the Buffalo Sabres even existed anymore. I sure miss having hockey in Buffalo, its been 17 years pretty much
  10. I would rather put a mirror in front of my toilet and watch myself poop. How can you even watch this franchise ever again? OMG torture sessions unending.LOL
  11. Or the drunkest, been a long 45 years of suffering, out of the 45 years I think we had 4 great seasons where I thought we would win the Cup, only to have the Cup either ripped away by BS or kicked in the jimmies by injuries. One can only take so much. The other 31 years were mostly a middle team that would do just enough to go watch them play, the last 10 have been defined as "They could leave now or whatever". I am so bitter I wasted so much of my hard earned money on them.
  12. I would trade any player on this team for a clone of Varada, or J.P. Dumont. The best part of this team is the two goalposts our goalie is in between for Christ sake.
  13. Because he is. LOL.. Sorry to bag on you Marvin, if you think he would have helped this team at all I apologize. This team is made up of under achievers, players put in the wrong slotted position to succeed along with the whole front office. The only staff worthy of being called NHL worthy is the equipment staff. And that is no lie.
  14. He was definitely a difference maker in Buffalo.
  15. Could this be a record for an NHL team, hiring a person that has never worked at a the position hired for in his career, and then having to fulfill another job he has never done in his life either? One man 2 cups. LOL. This team is not only a joke, they have the luck of a burnt cloverleaf stamped with the numbers 666 the only thing readable. You can't make this up. Hysterical. Just fold the damn team up. Burn the arena down and make it a damn wishing well.
  16. They should ask Billy Hajt out of retirement , he would even be an improvement lol
  17. After we lost Drury and Briere it didn’t matter, this team needed the restart, we weren’t gonna replace those 2 centers with what we had, and over a decade later we still have not. Lol. This team is abysmal and depressing, and that day was the start of it all.
  18. Just stopped in to say hi, just read the last few posts to see I didn’t miss a thing once again. Keep up the good.....I don’t know how to finish that sentence🤪
  19. Thanks, I miss the long posts, discussing the team, I wish they were worth the time. They made me really bitter, and that sucks.
  20. At this point the way this team has been run for the past 12 years, if they left, I wouldn't miss them one bit. It has been so long since they played a game that mattered, or for that fact, a game they played like they cared, goodbye. All they do is put me in a bad mood when I watch them. They pretty much stole thousands of my hard earned money, while I supported them with season tickets for too many years, while falling for the " they will be ok" status. Screw them. Had enough, I would only miss the time spent with my son's, and friends going to the games when they tried. Since they don't from the top on down, hell with them.
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