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Notable Numbers - Players with milestones this year


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Looking through the roster it looks like it’s not just Okposo with the 1K milestone. 

Potentially Skinner and Eric J will hit the 1000 mark this season depending on use for the latter. 

Zemgus could get 700 depending on his return date. 

Dahlin, Tuch and Greenway look likely to hit 400. 

Joker is nearing 300

Powers and Peterka just played their 100th


Thought that was cool. 


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On 11/30/2023 at 3:59 PM, #freejame said:

It’s still crazy to me that Jeff Skinner went from being my most despised player in the league to being my favorite player. I’m happy to see him hit 1000 and think there’s a good chance he can play well into his 30s with his style of play. I hope they’re all in Buffalo. 

I think a case could be made that Skinner is the best forward on the Sabres.  Part of that equation is that the best ability is availability.  He misses very few games to injury (as opposed to Tage, Quinn and Tuch), and is more savvy with his years of experience than younger players like Cozens, Quinn, Benson and JJP. 

I think Mitts might also challenge for best forward, but in a different way than Skinny.

Skinner (still) plays with high end talent, but is also very cagey in terms of knowing what he can get away with and drawing opposing players into committing penalties against him.  Also, he very rarely lets his emotions get the better of him.  Even when he's frustrated, there's a certain inner calm.  He manages to be in the middle of the play yet stay out of the fray.

The two players that I think could become Skinner eventually are Benson and Peterka.  They both look like they have that elite skill level but also play the game at a far more mature level than you could expect from players their ages.  They also seem to have that inner calm.

Before we get into debates, let me put the disclaimer out there that these are just my personal impressions from watching the players play the games and not backed by anything further than my own eyes and the porridge behind them.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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