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Found 3 results

  1. Though this is too early, I wanted to starting think about what the Sabres options might be for drafting another top flight center next year because it appears you can never have enough. Here are some articles already out there: https://dobberprospects.com/2020-nhl-draft-rankings-november-2018/ https://www.eliteprospects.com/draft-center/2020 https://www.draftgeek.ca/nhl-draft-2020/ https://thepuckauthority.com/the-historic-talent-of-the-2020-nhl-entry-draft/ http://insider.espn.com/nhl/insider/story/_/id/27059799/20-2020-way-too-early-nhl-draft-rankings https://
  2. Spoke to fiend who is a senior amateur scout for NHL team: His take on Cozens is he is good player with definite chance to be a good second line center in the league. He is big, good skills, very good skater, and can make plays at top speed. I have been very hesitant to get on Dylan bandwagon, but was happy to hear this. FYI: there are only 10-15 true first line centers in the league. When the scout says he could be a good second line center that is a big compliment. Like saying a pitcher could be a number two starter. There are only 5-10 true number one starters in baseba
  3. With the Fasching trade, the Pilut signing and the draft, who are our top prospects? I’m going to stick to players 23 and under with limited to no NHL games. I try to balance age, upside and time until NHL impact. 1) Dahlin 2) Mittelstadt 3) Guhle 4) Pilut 5) Olofsson 6) Asplund 7) Davidsson 8) Nylander 9) Pu 10) Borgen 11) Smith 12) Samuelsson 13) Johansson 14) UPL 15) Hickey 16) Baptiste 17) Bailey 18) Weissbach 19) Fitzgerald 20) Pekar 21) Bryson 22) Oglevie 23) Laaksonen 24) Malone 25) Cornel O’Regan and Ullmark are aged out of this list
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