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  1. Playing 8 to 10 minutes with crappy players is not a good idea for a skilled scorer. The sabres are not overflowing with great players. Made my day.... hockey lives matter
  2. u r comparing apples and oranges. Go with your definitions. Find a scout to argue with. You will talk to their back as they walk away.
  3. Huge difference in a 5'10" vs 6'2" player. Not the end all in evaluating, but a huge diference.
  4. Point taken I am not the originator of what I relayed regarding player rankings. Arguing with me is pointless. I have no dog in fight. This is how the industry discusses players.
  5. The data shows it does. How many players below 5'8" are there. Not many. Small guys used to be able to hook and hold, but not anymore. U have to be off the charts in other areas to make it as small player. Size is not just height either. Mitts is what 6'? He is beanpole though with no explosiveness or just plain strength.
  6. that is exactly how scouts refer to them. The sabres do not have a number one goalie. They have a goalie who plays majority, but scouts would call him a number 2. Hutton is not even that.
  7. to scouts there are. They rank by productivity, ability, size etc... big difference between Crosby and whomever is playing first line for last place team.
  8. You nailed it with this. Both of them are number ones who are on same team. It is measure of productivity, skill level, etc... not the minutes you play. I did ask about casey. Mitts has not shown anything to make him think he will be NHL regular. Which is fantastic.....
  9. This is how scouts refer to players. There are few first line players. Lots of second line players, most of league is third liners. Don't argue with me. I am following how scouts refer to players.
  10. Spoke to fiend who is a senior amateur scout for NHL team: His take on Cozens is he is good player with definite chance to be a good second line center in the league. He is big, good skills, very good skater, and can make plays at top speed. I have been very hesitant to get on Dylan bandwagon, but was happy to hear this. FYI: there are only 10-15 true first line centers in the league. When the scout says he could be a good second line center that is a big compliment. Like saying a pitcher could be a number two starter. There are only 5-10 true number one starters in baseball. The aces. Second line centers can play in any situation, and will be among top 20% scorers depending on PP time.
  11. Mitts has not shown the strength or skating ability to think he can contribute. He does not have high end burst or the top end speed he would need to go along with the lack of a big body. Thompson is so big it makes sense it will take him longer to put it together. His development was pushed back a year by staying in nhl and not playing. He was clearly not ready for NHL, but he was kept around not playing in games. It was upsetting that in a year he could have played in Rochester, he got hurt. I have zero hope mitts becomes regular NHL'er. I have guarded optimism that Thompson could. He should spend half the year at least in Rochester. he needs to learn how to use his big shot, with his skating ability and length he could be a competent penalty killer as well. He needs low pressure reps to become better.
  12. can i take the field rather than these 2????
  13. How do you know that about Cozens? U do not have any idea
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