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  1. Former Best defenseman of the year in the SHL goes to Buffalo. Loses his love of the game and leaves. C´mon, something have got to change....Eichel, one of the best in the NHL, Dahlin, who by the way has bulked up to 93 kg, and a few others, a few, can stay. The rest of the team needs to go, the okposos, girgs, larssons and many more. Coach is probably good, but the ones above him needs to go including the owners, before you get a good team. This is so obvious but nothing is done about it, feel sad for Jack and the fans.
  2. Yes they practised at the globe arena where the games will be, but the rink was NHL size,just for those 2 games. "My" team Djurgarden plays there sometimes but mostly in the rink just next door "hovet". If you didn´t allready knew, ex Buffalo-Berglund plays for Djurgarden now. He is doin´pretty good. I´m guessing there could have been a 6-700 people in the audience when I left after Buffalos training, probably more came later since it started 3 in the afternoon when most are at work. I saw/heard plenty of english speaking buffalonians in team jerseys so I guess some of you made the trip o
  3. Luckily theres some kind of autologin, so as long as that works...if it fails youll never hear from me again. ?
  4. So I just got home from the open practice here in Stockholm. I thoght it wold be fun to see your Buffaloboys live, here are my takes: Damn, the icesurface is small...yes, often the whole team was on the ice at the same time so of course with 20-25 rather big guys on it made it look smaller but still...it looked really crowded out there even 5 on 5. I doubt I will appreciate those long stretchpasses from the D-men as much anymore - they´re not that long. I think the rink size should be somewhere inbetween european and NHL size. Just my personal opinion. (European rinks are too big, slows t
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