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  1. I don't like when a last name starts with the same sound as the end of the first name. Should I pause between names? Should I just mash the whole name into one? Absolute disaster unless he takes a nickname quickly.
  2. From the same article: "Sources say the Sabres are considering an internal salary cap in the low $70 million range; the Arizona Coyotes, who recently failed to make on-time signing bonus payments to a number of players, may be operating just south of $70 million under their next GM; the Pittsburgh Penguins are reportedly planning to budget in the low-to-mid $70 million range on an $81.5 million limit." So much for dgging another well.
  3. So, basically, a playoff team just got the first overall pick? This league continues to baffle me.
  4. People seem surprised at his drinking and drug use. I thought it was common knowledge in Buffalo.
  5. I don't think you can really do that. No professional is going to sign up to sit around. If the third goalie is good enough, they're going to go somewhere they can get more playing time. If they're young, the team is going to send them down to get more experience. NFL quarterbacks are a totally different situation. If you want to play, you have to get in line. There's no developmental league, so holding a clipboard is how you develop.
  6. I'm irrationally happy about this. In my head I know he's declining, and I'm still not convinced this isn't all just public negotiation by Brady's camp, but in my heart I just hate the guy and want him out of the division.
  7. Bogosian is still killing us.
  8. You ***** HATE to see it.
  9. If the canes win a cup, does this dude get a ring?
  10. Rob explaining how the Toronto game is the type of game you can build momentum on less than 30 seconds before they give up two goals back was funny in a sad and painful way.
  11. Yeah, but I think thats supposed to be a double entendre.
  12. I think it went in, but there was no way in hell they could possibly overturn the call.
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