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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Had it once and thought it was an interesting brew. Gotta get me another 6.
  2. Love this question. Growing up, I had two older brothers. We're all mid 50's now. Anyway, we played street hockey all the time. My oldest brother was GP (11), my other bro RM (7) and me, well of course, RR (14). It was because of this that RR was my favorite Sabre and fave number. OP, thanks for bringing back very fond memories. Time flies.
  3. Very sorry. i put my pup down after 11 years of joy back in December. It hurt my than I could imagine. Theyโ€™re family. hang in.
  4. Worse yet - they're from Bahstan
  5. 2011 I became interested. The Wild drafted my nephew in the 6th round (161 overall) that year. Heโ€™s A goalie. The Sabres took a netminder with their 167th selection. My family - Buffalo through and through - have often wondered had he not gone to Minny......
  6. They're good? now? I don't even recognize their lineup.
  7. Gotta be playoffs, right? Get your foot in the door.
  8. No idea. I get up there occasionally and walk the shops. Didn't remember coming across it. I'll me my eyes open next time. Love that area.
  9. Not a fan of DD. Though I'll have a dunkachino occasionally.
  10. Downtown near the green or closer to Rte 9?
  11. French press = fake coffee ๐Ÿ˜ Well....coffee is a diuretic.
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