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  1. That's an odd list though. There are several guys who pop up that it's easy to forget were Whalers/Canes. Chris Pronger, Brendan Shanahan, Paul Coffey, Mark Howe, Bobby Holik, Ulf Samuelsson, Kevin Dineen, Keith Primeau, Pat Verbeek, Andrew Cassels, Geoff Sanderson, Sami Kapanen, Rod BrindAmour... The front office you could build from former Whalers is pretty impressive. Ken Holland, Joel Quenneville, Paul Fenton, Marc Bergevin, Dave Tippett, John Stevens.
  2. Lemieux, Jagr, Crosby, Coffey, Joey Mullen...
  3. That's a pretty existential question for a Wednesday.
  4. Are we OK with it if he make them into the Whalers instead?
  5. This is why I keep talking about Cirelli. Tampa is seriously hamstrung in terms of being able to move salary as all of their big dollar players are not tradeable assets. I think they will hold on to him this year because they probably can, but after this season their cap jail doesn't improve at all and they'll have another player due a big raise as an RFA.
  6. For the 100th time. Johnson has a full NTC. He has to want to come here rather than stay in Tampa. That seems...unlikely.
  7. Yeah mosquitos don't actually fly that well. I put a fan out on our deck and it messes with them quite a bit.
  8. Phoenixville, eh? The diner from that movie is in Downingtown now.
  9. They can get through the gaps in the deck boards. Also, this is definitely a new take on the polish porch.
  10. What an awesome last name for a player who played in New England and played Cawlidge Hawkey to boot.
  11. Ok, fair enough. What if Laine is the only one if them to become available?
  12. 1. LaFontaine 2. Hasek 3. Campbell Non-Sabres 1. Scott Stevens 2. Brendan Shanahan 3. Doug Gilmour Least Favorite 1. Eric Lindros 2. Claude Lemeiux 3. Stephane Richer
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