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  1. Which 53? Last year's 53 or this year's Drew Staffordized version of 53?
  2. I watched the No Goal in a dorm room. The campus cops had to come to my room. They were annoyed at first but then they saw the replay. "Yeah, that was ***** son. Just keep it down and don't hurt yourself."
  3. If you aren't trying to cheat a draw you aren't trying to win a draw.
  4. But how do you get to become a grad where they then do care about you? I have one of these every 3rd Wednesday. At least there is pizza.
  5. I was elbow deep into that response in about 5 seconds.
  6. So, receiving then.... No shirtless heroes. Not in my America.
  7. It's not like our special teams don't need the help. So you are suggesting that Gerard could have been less than Gallant? Side note, would that make him Goofus?
  8. This reminds me of a story. Many moons ago I had to write clinical notes for multiple people multiple times a day. I strongly suspected that none of the people who were supposed to read them ever did so I started sneaking totally random words in to see if anyone noticed. So, somewhere in an old chart, a 14 year old's behavior is described as "giraffe inappropriate". Nobody ever said anything to me so my suspicion that nobody read my notes was confirmed.
  9. He and Marshawn Lynch would have carved quite a path through Chippewa together.
  10. I tore my labrum almost 25 years ago. Still havent had it fixed, mostly because I've never had a time period where I could do without using my right arm for the amount of time required for it to heal properly post surgery.
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