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  1. so let's make that 45 fights. So if you fought once every game putting all other factors aside, you'd win two more games a season. How many games did we miss the playoffs by again?
  2. But what about real potatoes? Let's get into this more deeply. Does this extend to other things? What if Mrs. Potatohead divorced and began seeing Mr. Eggplant? What if Mr. Eggplant saw Mr. Ring Bologna on the weekends?
  3. and even though goaltending wasnt the issue in those losses, they claimed a goalie.
  4. those two, something else whether it's another player or a pick or picks and a dump because without the dump they don't have space to take him. In the summer they do. And by a dump I mean like a year of Jeff Carter at 5 point something.
  5. I'm not disagreeing with you. Dahlin with cower like a child and nobody else will do anything either. Not even so much as a cross look or an angry word.
  6. Like maybe Dahlin? The magic 8 ball doesn't think anyone will do squat.
  7. Byfield and Turcotte and <insert> and salary dump
  8. Make a Southern Tier Brewery. Have food, brew some special things on site. It'll be a good time. People might actually go there when it's not a game night.
  9. at this point every time I hear Hutton's name a Jerky Boys Sol Rosenberg bit goes through my head. "I CAN'T SEE GOD *****!"
  10. It would be worth it to go now just to vent my spleen at the lot of them and there would be few enough people in the building that it would be quiet enough that I know they would hear me. Actually me and the words that come out of my mouth. The building will be so quiet there's a good chance TV will pick up my rant as well. Just so we are clear I'm not yelling at the players. I'm yelling directly at the owner's box.
  11. They know what's going to happen if they let people in. Give me a ticket. My lungs are all healed up post COVID. I'll give them some solid feedback.
  12. I haven't been recently enough to comment honestly.
  13. Sorta sounds like another business they run doesn't it?
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