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  1. So what you're saying is it took awhile to get his legs underneath him?
  2. If nothing else it would keep him from murdering us for a season. 18pts in 15 career games played.
  3. You're welcome to enjoy to try to enjoy the team however you see fit. The Sabres organization right now is a corpse and all of us are at the wake. I assume you've been to a wake before. There will be some people at a wake who recount pleasant happy memories and tell wonderful stories about the deceased, there will be some who are desperately hoping it's all a prank and the deceased will leap out of the casket at any moment, there are some who will look at the deceased and say things like "They look good", there are some who will cry and make emotional declarations, and there will be some people who try to cope with the situation by making themselves, and possibly some others, laugh by making jokes and being inappropriate. Figure out which person you are. I know which one I am. Go hang out at whichever part of the wake makes you the most comfortable it really doesn't concern me. When I say my posts aren't made for you I genuinely mean that. When I post in a topic asking whether I believe in Mitts or Thompson it's going to be a smart alecky response of some nature because the fact that those are probably our top two prospects not named Dylan Cozens is truly sad. Making a joke out of distracts me from the fact that our prospect pool is trash and that in and of itself means that the wake will be longer. Most of the posts I make are trying to make light of a situation that is such an ongoing mess that if you don't make fun of it it's just beyond bleak. I don't post for you. I post for myself. If you find value in my posts and they help you get through your day that's fine. If you don't, well I guess that's just too bad because I'm going to keep doing it. You're welcome to make use of the ignore button and go stand in a different corner of the funeral home. You be a Sabres fan however you want to and I'll do the same. Thanks.
  4. You're certainly welcome to feel that way. I don't particularly care if you read or enjoy my posts. They aren't for you.
  5. I'm about there and my investment in watching them has gone down significantly. I come here to crack jokes and poop on their incompetence. That's about the only part of the Sabres experience that is fun any more. It's certainly not fun watching the hockey.
  6. Valeri Nichushkin is an RFA. How about him. The Avs have a ton of free agents and about 2.5 million dollars to work with. And re-sign Larsson.
  7. We will see. Buffalo hasnt exactly been a nurturing environment for success either. A lot is going to depend on how much Staal actually wants to play hockey and how much he just wants to make a couple million dollars. And the, he played with Adams, thing doesn't do a lot for me. At this point they need to show me. I'm not taking anything at face value. Staal shouldn't be happy today. He just got traded to the worst franchise in recent history. I'd be very surprised if he weren't having a tough time getting to sleep tonight mulling over his actual desire to play hockey. And yes I also want another center. Put it this way, I'm from Buffalo and I were traded to Buffalo tomorrow I'd be pretty annoyed and seriously considering my options. If my son were drafted by the Sabres I would advise him not to sign. Their player development has been that bad.
  8. I know it's not my money, but most of the league is going to be looking to shed salary this year. This isn't the year to go cheap on us. This is the year to plunk your wallet on the table and get some talent at a discount. Use the current situation to hold down your rfa deals, maybe pick up a top shelf ufa on a one year deal who didn't get the money they expected in the market. Take a quality salary dump or two with assets tacked on to make it worth your while. That kind of stuff. This isn't the year to quibble about 5 million dollars. If you can make a good deal or two or three you better damned well do it and I don't want to hear a word about an internal cap.
  9. I dunno if I'm totally sold on the whole leader thing. Minnesota is looking to change things and he was a guy they moved out. They are paying more money to a lesser hockey player at a less important position. Let's pump the brakes for a second and think about why that might be. Could he be a leader? Possibly. Clearly Minnesota didn't feel like he was a necessary piece of their room.
  10. Underpants Gnomes. Phase 1 - steal underpants Phase 2 -. ... Phase 3 - profit
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