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  1. Let's Go B-Lo

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    I agree, where can we trade him?
  2. Let's Go B-Lo

    Youth Hockey Grins and Gripes

    Grin: 8 goals, 9 assists +25 Had a shorty this weekend. Intercepted a pass, split the D and had a breakaway. Forehand, backhand, top corner. Gripe: 58 pims though no 2 and 10's since the first weekend. Lots of matching minors, he's good at bringing kids with him. Gripe: the kid wants to go up to B-Lo to see the Sabres and we have hockey every damned weekend from now until Mid-March. Gripe: officials that don't call penalties. Had a tournament over Thanksgiving, 0 PPs in 2 straight games, Ditto Saturday, 0 PPs even though a kid got speared badly enough he had to leave the game. DVHL = Goon League.
  3. Let's Go B-Lo

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    The good old rusty backhander
  4. Let's Go B-Lo

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    Pass the lingonberries...
  5. Let's Go B-Lo

    2018 - 2019 Sabres Prospects

    I saw him play for Penn State 5 times in the last 2 years and he never did squat. He's big. That's about all I can say that's positive.
  6. Let's Go B-Lo

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

  7. Let's Go B-Lo

    Please do not bypass the language filter

    just put in a serious of Muhammed based emojis punctuated by the stations of the cross. That should be fine.
  8. Let's Go B-Lo

    Do you want to know how good the Sabres are?

    So, when do the hazing rituals begin? I know most of us, save for the odd CHILD, have beer. What else do we need? Paddles? Waterboards? Nickelback albums? Should a child be reading this, we do not condone hazing. These are called jokes. Many adults are unfamiliar with them.
  9. Let's Go B-Lo

    Things that are AWESOME...

    I like the synchronized ear movement. Like, "did you hear that? Who was that?? It certainly wasn't me...."
  10. Let's Go B-Lo

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Dunno how SDS is going to feel about these pictures. What will the children think? 😉 I mean, if it works, I can always throw a picture of monkey scootilypooping in place of an asterisked word 😄
  11. Let's Go B-Lo

    Things that are AWESOME...

    My 12 y/o son is currently in my basement lifting...humming this song to himself.
  12. Let's Go B-Lo

    Please do not bypass the language filter

    I learned HOW to curse at Bills and Sabres games.
  13. I love how defenseman are encouraged to play these days. Makes it much easier to convince my kid to be more swashbuckling and to take his offensive drills and skating seriously
  14. Let's Go B-Lo

    Coffee - How do you drink it?

    Not at all. I never liked it in the first place but I haven't had any caffeine at all in over 2 years so that pretty much kills that. The sleep is much better and I don't miss the headaches at all.