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  1. The modern Bob Corkum trade. Jesus, I don't know if I could muster enough torches and pitchforks that fast.
  2. Yeah, I'd like to give the kid grief for calling the cops when he started it but as you said, you don't know who you are talking to. He obviously realized the situation had gotten out of his control and he doesn't know if you're a psychopath or not so while he was a douche to begin with it was probably better for both of you that he did that. It prevented the possibility of a confrontation that neither of you would know the outcome of and has many many possibilities of ending up really really bad. While he was an ass, following people like that is no good either, it's not serious enough to get shot over. Side note, a young driver got shot in our area a year or two ago over a merging dispute. Girl didn't let the guy in at a tough merge point, guy pulled out a gun and shot her right there at the merge point. Fortunately they caught him.
  3. 830pm. However, there have been some occasions for parking lot bloody marys in the past.
  4. Where to f'ing begin... Rather than getting into specifics which could get me in trouble I'll just leave it as this. The entitlement of the entire world has gotten completely and utterly out of control. People feel like they can say whatever to whomever they want and they can demand whatever from whomever they want and if the person does not acquiesce to their demand they are in the wrong and in some way part of a vast conspiracy to permanently damage and disenfranchise them. Sit down. Shut your mouth. Try not to bother other people. When you KNOW you are in the wrong own it and stop trying to demand special treatment by threatening and/or attempting to verbally bully me or my staff into compliance. You are an *****. Your progeny are also *****. The world has too many *****. Go eliminate yourselves and do us all a favor.
  5. The rink my son's new team plays and practices in has a bar that overlooks the ice. 830 practices are so much better now.
  6. Meaning like 500-1, 1000-1 I feel like this needs a smiling Ted Nolan response but I'm lazy and on mobile.
  7. Terry is winning on many levels. Football and hockey are not among them.
  8. Is Babcock the first coach fired this year? Odds had to be pretty high on that at the start of the year.
  9. With all this defensive depth you'd think we'd be better at keeping the puck out of the net.
  10. Not everyone. Us...and maybe Jack. Nobody else though
  11. That sounds like something to live for to me. I've turned to Jello molding. I have a fish and a lobster and a crab. It's good fun. With your cool whip, we should hang out.
  12. I got there with the Bills 2 years ago. I'm almost there with the Sabres. And don't tell me the Bills are good now. They arent.
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