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  1. Yup, that stupid rule to prop up the CHL.
  2. I have a two complaint Thursday. We are ripping the stucco off our house because it was incorrectly installed, failed, and is now leaking water into our house. The house is 14 years old. The statute of limitations on suing the builder is 12 years. They literally used roofing material as the backing membrane. The stucco contractor I have ripping it off said he has never seen anything like that in his life. Fortunately I don't have too much stucco and it didn't do too much damage. 8k. But there is an epidemic of stucco problems in this area from shoddy construction. FWIW, we are not putting stucco back on the house. Siding for that part. It's too cold and wet here for that material to ever work right. Arizona? Sure. Pennsylvania? Nope.
  3. Why are some car dealers insistent upon being douchey, unreasonable people? Dealer #1 Find a car that's listed a full 2 grand over book value which is nuts. I tell the dealership not to call me because I'm at work. 3 phone calls in the next 15 minutes. I make an offer that still nets the dealership between 1000 and 1500 in profit, they treat me like I'm a moron and offer to drop the price by a whopping $400. Walk away. Dealer #2 has a better car, same model, better equipment, same mileage, priced at 2,500 less than Dealer 1 to start with. I make them the same offer as dealer #1 knowing that they still have about 1k to 1500 profit in there despite my offer being considerably less than their ask. They take it, no BS, no nonsense, no stupid fees or anything. Just tax and tags. The deal is done in 1 5 minute phone call on my schedule and a couple e-mails. I'm driving to pick it up tonight. I'm not opposed to car dealers making a profit, that what they do. I'm opposed to a car dealership who insists on scalping you and making a 40-45% margin on a transaction who then talks to you like you're an idiot when you refuse to give them that sort of mark-up. That's just out of line and, unfortunately, I've had a similar experience every time I've tried to talk to that dealership over the last 20 years so it's a management decision to do that consistently. They don't get any business form me, not even service, even though they are the closest dealer to my house. I shake my head at every car that drives by with their mark on it because I know that person got reamed on that purchase. If you want to know who dealers 1 and 2 are PM me. They are SE PA, NE Delaware. -edit- I told Dealer 1 that I was doing the deal this week. He scoffed at me. I'll be sending him a picture of my new car with the price. It won't matter to him, but it will make me feel better for a second.
  4. He finally broadened his diet from acacia leaves.
  5. Bra, you can sense your boy across thousands of miles of space but you can't hear Han Solo and a walking carpet coming up behind you? I think you were using that rear view to do your eye shadow.
  6. He is known in my house as Geoff "Goddamned" Sanderson. Barrasso?
  7. Damned sexy altruistic doctors.... Signed - Schlub
  8. They sent this e-mail out also with a link to a new video of examples of what is and what is not acceptable.
  9. Tournament this weekend. Not one late hit called. Not one head contact called. One checking from behind called. I watched 7 games and one of my son's games started to get pretty feisty. Kids taking obvious runs on both sides, no calls. As expected in that rink. It's always a free for all there.
  10. What I'm hearing here is kill all the Ewoks.
  11. So how many worlds can I conquer and/or destroy before it's too many? Is it like a 1:1 ratio? For every Alderaan I need to create an Endor? Do Ewoks count the same as more humanoid creatures or can I kill more of them. I'm hoping more.
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