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  1. Seems pretty low TBH. If it were about money I'd think he'd ask for a lot more than that. Maybe he just wants the story to come out and you have to attach a dollar figure to it in civil court. IDK.
  2. There are really that many people clamoring to see a Blue Jays game? <shrug> OK.
  3. I don't know whose medication you got into today but this organization is still being led by an incompetent, dishonest boob. Until that changes nothing else will. Note I didn't say which one. Take your pick. There are several.
  4. I'm planning on drinking heavily and backing my truck into a Tim Horton's donuts later on. Care to join me?
  5. Nylander. The entire second round other than possibly Asplund. Everyone after that other than Olofsson and MAYBE Bryson.
  6. Boston has a clue, the Sabres don't. They don't know what they are. They don't know what they want to be. What does it MEAN to be a Sabre? What sort of player is that? I think we can all describe a Bruin pretty quickly and pretty accurately. Describe a Pegula era Sabre. What type of player is that? If you can't define what you want to be how do you then select players to fit into what you are trying to do? They've brought in such a mismatched group of parts and then we wonder why they can't gel into a cohesive unit and win. They build a hockey team like a kid playing X-Box.
  7. He hasn't been for this long, why should it be different?
  8. I legitimately don't care. Trade him. Now. Tomorrow. Never. Do whatever. Whatever they do will be wrong. It makes no difference. Generally if a player doesn't want to be on my team I don't want him to be there. The return frankly is irrelevant. Boston traded Thornton for nothing in 2005, Kessel for picks in 2009, and won a Cup in 2011. Then they traded Seguin (who they picked with one of the Kessel picks in 2010) and Hamilton (who they picked with another Kessel pick in 2011) away for almost nothing and made the Cup final again in 2018-19. That's 4 players moved out that would m
  9. Which makes it odd that the player wants the surgery and the team does not.
  10. So which GM is going to bet his career on Jack Eichel's neck by giving away the sorts of things that we are talking about? I said career, not job, because that's what would be on the line.
  11. Put yourself in another team's shoes. What are you giving up for a player with a neck injury that may or may not ever be fixed to a degree where it's not impactful?
  12. You can have that opinion. Jack's doctor doesn't represent anyone but Jack's interests (and their own) the Sabres team doctors represent the team's interests. With something funny like spinal surgery, with tens of millions of dollars at stake, it doesn't surprise me at all that there is a difference of opinion.
  13. The point is the Sabres would be the ones to choose to void the contract or not, not Jack. If the surgery went well they wouldn't void it
  14. I've reached a place where I legitimately don't care. Trade them both. Don't trade them both. Whatever. I honestly dont even care what they get in return. There is very little other than winning a lot of hockey games very soon that will get me interested in them again.
  15. If you do that I'd wager Skinner becomes a lot more open to waiving his clause. Retain 50 percent and move him out the door.
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