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  1. And yet I keep reading how we have too many skilled wingers. Yes we need a center but our wingers suck.
  2. Our biggest problem is goals, more specifically lack of goals and people to score them.
  3. Buffalo is glad it didn't or doesn't have an MLB team. Picture the Pirates only worse. No money to actually be good and lose every good player you ever have to the Yankees. No thanks.
  4. I'll take Loui Erickson for 2 years to get Boeser. I just stopped twitching after I read a couple pages again that we didn't need Boeser
  5. I'm in Vermont. I drove around all day with my buddy today buying beer. Alchemist, Lawson's, Foam, Foley Brothers. Omg. So much beer but soooooo good.
  6. I know that. But he was a Sabre for like 10 minutes at the end of his career. He was one of my favorite players a long time before that. If we insist that that not count I will substitute Brendan Shanahan
  7. If the Sabres don't have interest they should fire themselves. This is a huge no brainer.
  8. They just need a magical player to decide they can go longer play due to a long term debilitating injury and agree to go on LTIR. Instant cap space.
  9. He reports to everyone and no one. Also, if they hire him I suggest we start referring to Kevyn Adams as Morty. I think we all know who is Jerry.
  10. Wendel Clark Keith Tkachuk Doug Gilmour Niklas Lidstrom Teemu Selanne
  11. Because at this rate everyone else will be dead by then?
  12. In baseball and golf compression of the bat, club, and ball all matter. In hockey it would be flex of the stick so I would guess that a puck coming toward you would slightly increase the flex of the stick and improve the players load on the shot. Pucks flex a little too, they are rubber after all, even if it's frozen. Given that players are more likely to take quick shots on plays like that I'd guess that it makes a snapper a little harder.
  13. I see your horses and raise you Assateague National Seashore. I'm headed to Corolla next month. I assume you are in Carova?
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