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  1. I dunno brah. It's Thanksgiving and I've been drinking since 10am. You tell me.
  2. Kinda looks like a way to give two important guys receiving treatment a day off while trying to set a tone with the bubble guys.
  3. Baby blue, deep royal, it's a terrible jersey either way. The logo blows and I don't want BUFFALO written across my crotch. To each their own.
  4. I hated that jersey when it was red. Making it baby blue didn't improve it. The Avdiques jersey is straight fire 🔥. Not buying a Sabres one, might buy an Avdiques.
  5. Same thing they always are. Jobbers. League needs them to fill out the schedule for the real teams.
  6. Miami has a superior defense and running game.
  7. I get about the same number. They just aren't worth taking seriously as a franchise so when I choose to watch them it's no longer as a fan. That ship sailed.
  8. Why? Name me a time they haven't ripped your heart out. Go onto it expecting them to do Billsy things you won't be disappointed when they do them. This team is two plays from being 5-5. They aren't a championship team. They are what they are. They will probably make an expanded playoff field regardless of Miami and they will lose their first game. Again.
  9. No no I agree. I know there is worse out there. Honestly I've seen worse. My opinions on the DVHL have been stated here previously. It's a goon league in a town that appreciates goon hockey and I'm glad we aren't part of it most of the time. Some rinks are OK, some are free for alls. The rink we were at last weekend is borderline and it depends on the game and the ref. We had one of the refs 3 times and I don't think he made a call of any sort all weekend apart from offside and he butchered a couple of those. His partner made a couple calls but it was clear that the other guy wasn't goi
  10. Interesting being that they were one of the dirtier teams I've seen in awhile. I get that they are 14 and stuff happens. My kid isn't a saint by aaaanny stretch but there was a consistent level of mouth running and taking of runs at people that rubbed me the wrong way. The refs didn't help and they did a terrible job of keeping control of the game. The first game was very chippy and yappy. The second game was dirty and dangerous. Lots of late hits, head shots, checking from behind, giving up control of the puck to level a smaller player in open ice, slashing people any time someone would g
  11. Anybody know anything about Rochester Coalition? Played 2 games against one of their teams this weekend and it was...interesting.
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