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  1. Completely agreed and no, nobody does this anymore. Although, in the year before a lockout, why not?
  2. Remember that time we traded Ryan O'Reilly for a bag of assorted crap?
  3. I'm of several minds about this. I think I'm ok with him coaching professional men but I wouldn't want him coaching my bantam aged kid if that makes sense.
  4. In some cases? Never. I try to teach my students that every single day.
  5. So let me get this straight. We're going to grow the game by not playing the game? Their position is that ownership is making too much money at their expense? I don't get it. What reasonable person can look at their attendance numbers, sponsorship, TV money (lack of) and come to the conclusion that we as a group deserve more money? I understand that you feel underpaid and that your resources are crap compared to mens pro leagues but if people aren't willing to pay for your product you have no product. Where do they expect the additional resources to come from? This isn't a gender equity argument, this is an economics argument and I don't get it. They want the NHL to come in and basically bankroll them at a loss? Why would an owner do that? Why would the league do that? OK, NHLPA you want to support that, that's fine. When the NHL steps in and says we will take x percent of league revenue out of the men's player pool and devote it to the women's player pool because otherwise we can't pay them anything let's see how you feel about it then because they aren't going to just run a women's league at a loss. Colleges have this same issue with Title IX which is partly, IMO, why you'll never see paid athletes in college. At Penn State, for example, men's hockey generated 1.7 million dollars in ticket revenue in 2016-17. All 14 women's sports COMBINED brought in $428,000. The only 2 sports of the 31 they have that are net revenue generating are football and mens hockey. Men's hockey essentially pays for itself and football pays for itself and everything else with money leftover. If it were actually run like a business those would be the only 2 sports they have. Everything else, mens and womens, would be gone because they lose money and in many cases A LOT of money. Unless the NHL owners, and the NHLPA are going to run an enterprise like that, knowing that the men's league will be bankrolling the women's league and that the cost will be borne by league revenues (expect at least 50% of the revenue shortfalls to be taken from the men's salary revenue pool) it's not going to happen.
  6. because I hated the Whalers and it just feels right.
  7. NFL: Rich Stadium (IDGAF what they call it), Lincoln Financial Field, Georgia Dome College Football: Beaver Stadium, George Miller Stadium, Bobby Dodd Stadium, John A. Farrell Stadium NBA: The Omni, America West Arena NHL: Memorial Auditorium, Key Bank Center, The Igloo, Wells Fargo Center, St. Pete Times Forum Cawlidge Hawkey: Pegula Ice Arena, Fred Rust Arena, PP&L Arena MLB: Anaheim Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Tiger Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, PNC Park, Citizens Bank Field, Veterans Stadium, Camden Yards, Nationals Park, Fulton County Stadium, Skydome MiLB: War Memorial Stadium, Pilot Field, Frawley Stadium (Wilmington Blue Rocks), Mercer County Waterfront Park (Trenton Thunder), Sal Maglie Field (Niagara Falls - I actually played there), Spectrum Field (Clearwater Threshers), Pfitzner Stadium (Potomac Nationals)
  8. True, but DiMarco does and he's a back. If they drafted a guy or signed a udfa to supplant Murphy he'd clearly need to be on teams
  9. You are also going to need to have defenseman to expose to seattle and a lockout in 2020 complicates it. I dont think anyone gives bogo a long deal based on his injury history alone.
  10. Mccoy isn't going anywhere this season. He won't be re-signed and they will draft a back next year. Yeldon (and Gore) is a bridge. They still might draft a back in the mid to late rounds this year.
  11. If they start him and he's amazing there will be big pressure to put him in Buffalo to start next season. They seem to want to slow play this hand and have UPL be the starter in Rochester next season.
  12. It's the Salmon of Capistrano.
  13. Something, something, marfans, something, something...
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