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  1. To quote the immortal Ricky Watters, "For who? For what?"
  2. Or did they get lucky with the group that got it initially. Boomers who were healthy enough to ski as opposed to the US, Boomers who were sick enough to cruise.
  3. Ho. Lee. Crap. So much yes. Anybody with even the briefest knowledge of the DSM will have a field day. On the plus, I got my wife to agree that we are never moving to Florida. When you're done I got some stuff that needs dug down in PA. I pay in beer.
  4. My oldest is turning 14 soon and his teenage self is starting to emerge re: attitude. This is not a good time for us all to be cooped up together.
  5. I am sick and f'ing tired of sitting home with nothing to do. The wife and I needed to get out last night so we jumped in the car and went for a ride with this on.
  6. It's a simple conversation. Let's assume that the mortality rate is 1% for the population as a whole. Put all of your family, extended family and friends in a pile. I'm going to guess that's at least 100 people. You decide who dies. Then you have to contact that person, right now, and tell them that you selected them as expendable. It'd be an interesting social experiment if nothing else to see how many calls you received compared to the one you sent out.
  7. Their college seasons were declared over, if their school is closed they are locked out of training facilities also.
  8. He's huge and slow - those two things seem very unlikely to change. Stay at home shut down defenseman, Captain of the World Junior team. Key penalty killer. Team USA had the worst PK in the tournament. Something like 64%. Can he get better? Sure. Are the things he needs to fix among the most difficult to change? Yup. He might make the league but if he's in your top 6 you are probably a bad team because he's going to look like a road cone a lot.
  9. I went to this game...the first time. My Dad waited outside for HOURS. He was so pissed. 😁
  10. Nothing worse than when your stick gets floppy prematurely.
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