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  1. If a game is played and nobody watches it, was it really played?
  2. I know that pinning a season on what we have is a bet I'm not making.
  3. Two words. Goal. Tending.
  4. Which is why it will go under.
  5. If he scores 25 goals for CSKA you're never going to see him.
  6. I'm just generally concerned. Buffalo sports is an unhealthy relationship. Every time I allow myself to believe in them they do something Billsy and I regret it. The end of the KC game is a perfect example. Allowed myself to believe they were going to pull it out. They drove the field to take the lead in spectacular fashion. Belief rewarded? Nope. Sit back down and enjoy some more failure. Now they are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. I WANT to believe in that but the smarter part of my brain knows they will find a way to eff it up.
  7. Ryan Whitney has also been hit in the head a lot.
  8. Not that I'm aware of. I'd love to see the contract. It's Vegas so 7x9 seems right.
  9. Yeah, he was my entry level John Tavares too. I was interested in the second one because of the first one.
  10. I know what you mean and maybe I didn't explain it well enough. They are instructed on how to do the work, how to use the required tools to do the work, and shown examples of end product both good and bad. I have a significant number of people who are absolutely crippled by any ambiguity or by anything they can't cut and paste. I'll explain to them how to get the stuff accomplished themselves as many times as needed. A lot of the trouble comes when I ask them to research a problem that doesn't really have a clear easy answer that they can't Google and copy. They have to come up with an imperfect solution based on what they learned about the topic. For example water use in the Western US. There isn't an easy answer to that and no matter what your solution is someone will be very angry about it. You also can't pop that into Google and get a nice prepackaged answer to give me because it's complicated. They desperately want me to tell them what I think the solution is or if I personally agree with their solutions and I won't do that. They have to be ok with an imperfect solution. My honors students actually struggle with this concept the most because they are focusing on getting an A and are used to getting an A for being "right" rather than for completing a process or for problem solving and they think that if they know what I think they can mimic my answer to please me and get a high grade. Not having a "correct" answer to arrive at drives them crazy but that's what the actual real world is about. There aren't perfect answers, if you are solving real problems there isn't a playbook to follow to get the A at the end. You have to learn about the topic, come to your own conclusions, and be creative in your own solutions. Those are the things they really really struggle with. They want to be able to look up the answer, repackage it, and give it back to me. There's a place for some of that because like it or not there are some facts people need to know, but for project/problem based stuff it's much less like that and way more open ended. At least I try to make it that way.
  11. It's not just teachers that need to do it, it's parents that need to be accepting of it and not throw a fit when their kids come home with poor grades when they do something poorly. You should see what happens when I give project assignments and don't tell the kids exactly what to do every step of the way in order to end up with the exact end product I want. In other words they (and their parents) don't want to do the project, they want to copy a project I've already done. It's an absolute shitshow and my email box and voicemail fill up instantly every single time I do this even though I clearly explain to them why I'm doing it this way and part of the grade they are getting is for problem solving their way through issues. Will I help them if they ask? Yes. Will I give them a pre-planned template to fill in and return to me? No. Additionally, our apparent increased desire for standardized testing makes application of useful methodology like this difficult. Sure, I can do project based stuff to teach you almost anything and that's fine. The problem comes at the end of the year when the state evaluates you completely differently and not at all in a project based way. If you aren't prepared for the type of test they give you'll do worse on it than you should. Since many people seem to enjoy throwing test scores in people's faces to determine which schools and teachers are effective and ineffective it creates a divide between what is probably good practice and what is actually wanted. Another issue with group project based work is that it relies on the assumption that everyone will actually do work or attempt to pull equal weight. What ends up happening is the same thing that happens in the real world. The people who are invested and care do more than they should and pick up all the slack to make sure the group project gets done well while those who don't give a damn do nothing and skate by. The competent and invested end up resentful at the end, the incompetent and uninvested get rewarded for it. School isn't like the real world because I can't fire crappy workers for being crappy. Speaking of shitshows, try giving one kid an A and one a C (not even an F, a C) for the same project that they worked on together. Amplify the shitshow by making it a diverse grouping. edit: to clarify what I mean by "diverse grouping" I mean kids who are different at all. Race, gender, IEP status, anything. Whichever kid ends up with a lower grade because they did a lousy job on their part of the project will have their parents run to my principal. In the last 5 years I've been accused of having a left wing agenda, a right wing agenda, racism favoring whites, racism favoring non-whites, sexism favoring males, sexism favoring females, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, etc. It's a good time and people wonder why there is a teaching shortage. It's this as much as anything else. Any time you step outside the rails of multiple choice testing with bubble sheets you get punished for doing it and it's frankly exhausting. When I'm deciding how to teach something part of the conversation is now "how much crap to I want to deal with for doing it this way?" Keep in mind this is from a veteran teacher who is relatively difficult to fire at this point who has hugely supportive administration. If I didn't have those things the pushing of boundaries would be much less.
  12. Leaving the field before retirement age isn't the same as retiring. I know several teachers who have retired the last two years but all of them had already put in their 25 years or more. I also know some much younger people who left the field before they got to year 5. I'm at year 13 and I'm in a position where I could switch jobs or schools or districts, but leaving the field entirely would be difficult.
  13. I'd love to trade them Anderson. What else can they give away to us?
  14. We don't live in a Judge Dredd comic book either. I think most reasonable people appreciate actual police but want the world rid of thugs with badges.
  15. I'm sure somehow, some way, this is Buffalo's fault.
  16. The rules around here aren't what I would call evenly applied. Hence you can receive a 72 hour timeout that lasts 3 months.
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