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  1. And then also trotted him out there for the end of season press conference. Not cool.
  2. This is not correct. He had offers from other AHL teams, both as an assistant and one as a head coach after Dan Lambert decided not to keep him on. He wanted to stay closer to home since he has a special needs child, and to a lesser extent, work again with the Amerks. He was also the Amerks developmental coach after his playing career ended and one of his biggest strengths was getting players ready to be a professional. A big reason he ran the prospects camp every year. Two playoffs sweeps, yes, but keep in mind, the series are 5 games. This move was totally based on the "give and take" of Adams coming on, and that he brings in his own people.
  3. JimS

    Targeting a 2C

    Thank you. I've been here awhile, I just don't say much. ?
  4. JimS

    Targeting a 2C

    I like this idea.
  5. ^This. And it's a window of opportunity to re-organize and bring in new people.
  6. It looks like he eventually evolves into Blaziken, who is 6' 3" but only 115 pounds. So, he translates into a center. ?
  7. Yes, definitely the NHL has to approve everything and make sure it is within specifications. I'm also sure someone from the team has to at least look at a rendering and "approve" equipment and colors as well. I had a friend with a Ron Jeremy themed painted mask, I'm not sure if that would be okay. ?
  8. David Gunnarsson of DaveArt does Jonas' masks. Doing a search, I see an Amerks mask, a couple of Brynäs masks, and the mask he wore last night. It looks like he wears Bauer masks, which are handmade by Pro's Choice. Goalie equipment is a personal thing and teams usually just pay the bill and don't have input. I'm sure Pro's choice may have already sent a ready to be painted mask to Dave to get painted if Jonas desires to have one, it just takes time. Just an FYI.
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