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  1. It's truly amazing what Legette-Jack and Oats have built. Hope they stick around long term. Much better use or the evening than the Sabres game, that's for sure.
  2. UB currently winning by 15 if you want some entertainment tonight ?
  3. #18 in the country UB. MAC championship. ESPN 2. Even if you hate basketball, I promise it will be a better use of your time than watching the Sabres game.
  4. I don't think it has to be an either or. For instance, part of the reason the Preds emphasized D-driven offense is because their forwards were mediocre at best and couldn't transition the puck. I mean, their best offensive center for years was Mike Fisher. Which brings me to my second point: even if given different players, it doesn't mean Housley is good enough to do it without Laviolette. Speaking of Laviolette, he coached quite a bit differently in Philly. He adapted to his talent. I want a coach who can do that. So let me reverse the question on you: is it worth turning over the roste
  5. At one point so were terrible goalies and useless defensemen. So was the red line. In your line of work, bleeding people who were sick used to be all the rage! You're perfectly free to want fighting in hockey to stick around, but "this is how it's always been" is always a bad argument.
  6. There's a difference, of course, in the downside risk of firing a coach who has had considerable success and one that has led consecutive bottom-5 finishes. What, exactly, is the risk in firing Housley? And honestly, I really want someone to make a positive case for Housley, rather than deflecting to the roster or warning of a downside. What has he done to add value to the team? What can anyone point to and say "this is why we need to keep him around."
  7. Accidental tankathon Mark II. Last year, of course, was Mark I. Might as well start naming them like Iron Man armors.
  8. Sir, you just gotta let Callaway be Callaway.
  9. A dozen wins? There isn't a player in the league worth a dozen wins. That's an insane number for a single player. 2-3 wins is huge when we're talking about how much one player means in the standings. Crosby in his prime was only worth about 5 wins. It's why you need to keep the O'Reilly types around: you need to stack them with others to build a top notch team, not because individually they lift the team.
  10. As a general principle, I don't pay any attention to why GMs and coaches say unless it is consistently matched by actions. If trading O'Reilly was truly about the age and timeline not matching up, then I don't see why he wants to keep Skinner.
  11. Find me where anyone has said we would be a playoff team with O'Reilly. Nobody has. What has been said is that his value at 2C, filling the gaping hole we have there, has more value than the catastrophic return we got for him and whatever locker room voodoo you want to believe in.
  12. More games than we're winning without him. But that's besides the point. What you're suggesting is simply flawed logic. Just because we weren't good with him doesn't mean we weren't good because of him, or that this year's team wouldn't be better with him. Most bad teams have a great player or two. The problem isn't the player, it's not having enough players like them. We're not bad because of Eichel, Skinner, and Reinhart. We're bad because of Sobotka, Okposo, et al.
  13. Flip side: he's not going to say anything else. He (nor anyone else) is going to come out and blast players as simply not being good enough. What should we expect? Him to say "Yea, we only have 3 top-6 caliber players and 2 top-4 Dmen, and that's our problem." Seriously? Everything players/coaches/GMs say in-season is going to be all fluff around the edges rather than digging into the heart of the issue. Separately, a funny comment I heard on WGR this morning: "Look on the bright side, Nylander is tied for the team lead in points since his call-up." ?
  14. Mostly I'm just happy I have brow beaten you into using cap percentage ? I'm definitely worried about it. The one thing that does give me solace is Skinner is a considerably better skater than Okposo ever was. But yea, I'm closer to you on this than most of the board. Of course, I also think it's reasonable to want to take a swing at things while Dahlin and Mitts are super cheap.
  15. Yea, I dunno why DC thought it was the right way to go. Something tells me the penny pincers at Warner wanted to chase Avengers money ASAP rather than properly building things up. Anyway, I hope they've learned. I also read somewhere that DC might be de-emphasizing the shared universe altogether and focusing on solo movies. I agree on Thor. I've loved his arc. I hope that instead of dying they write him off as going to found a new Asgard, so he can't help for awhile.
  16. I simply meant he's (likely) done in the MCU because Hemsworth's contract is up, not that he wasn't super powerful anymore.
  17. I really liked Aquaman. I think they may have turned a corner, but time will tell.
  18. Yea, I didn't get the impression that was your issue. So no worries there. Like I said, I really just don't think she's going to be a savior at all. Important, sure. But I don't think she shows up and that's that. Seriously, Justice League was reasonably enjoyable, but its use of Superman was sooooooo bad. Okay then. We'll see! I know it's hard with Hulk because the rights prevent them from really making him a solo movie. I do recall Hemsworth saying he was interested in staying on because he loved the direction Ragnarok took the character. I'm just assuming Disney won't want to p
  19. Maybe he does. I was under the impression that all of the originals were done after this, save for the Black Widow solo film. And is Johansson even officially signed onto that yet? I'm not sure.
  20. But that's just it, there has to be some kind of transition. Anyway, given that we know almost nothing about the plot, it's an awfully large leap to assume they're relying on her as some kind of savior. If they do a Superman in Justice League I'll be right there with you, that would be terrible. But I don't think anything indicates that is what is going to happen. If the credits scene is any clue at all, she arrives very early in the movie. That hardly points to her as some kind of savior.
  21. Sigh. Took...3?...posts for this line of thinking to emerge. Thor ,Vision, and Hulk are done, leaving Doctor Strange as the only real heavy hitter remaining. With the MCU increasingly expanding into its cosmic (and more powerful) universe, they need someone to carry the torch in that direction.
  22. Not sure I agree with you and Hoss on the timing. We didn't get any more time to warm up to Spiderman or Black Panther before the Avengers. 1 movie and 2 really small and semi random parts in another. I don't think you're wrong, per se, I just don't think it's more problematic than any of the other non-original Avengers. Also, FWIW, I don't think she's going to be their savior any more than Thor getting his axe (which is problematic in and of itself since his last movie was all about him being the power, not his weapon) or Ant Man with the quantum particles. In other words, I'd be shocke
  23. Honestly, I have a hard time imagining a better trade target than Miller in terms of fit, need, age, contract, and (likely) cost of acquisition.
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