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  1. FWIW, my sister has some loose connections with the family of Eichel's significant other (insert joke about 3rd cousin's uncle's cab driver here), and has always heard that Eichel legitimately loves kids and working with then.
  2. It also doesn't hurt that Bobrovsky went from below average in the regular season to a stud against Tampa. Which is at least a little ironic, as his career history is mostly the opposite of that.
  3. I think Tampa doing it in an era with a hard cap at least partially offsets the shootout effect in terms of impressiveness.
  4. Nope. Just like weather isn't climate, +/- isn't what I'm talking about with goals. Edit: what I'm trying to say is the problem with +/- was never the concept of what it was trying to do, but with the measure itself.
  5. Why is it any different than a forward? The objective is to generate more goals than you allow. As long as a player is a positive contribution to that objective, who cares?
  6. Somebody should tell Doughty the Norris is for the best defenseman, not the best defensive player.
  7. I just read Tampa is the first team in NHL history to win the Presidents Trophy and get swept in the first round. Saying again, if Stamkos had a different nationality he'd be getting butchered by the talking heads.
  8. I'm beyond stunned that Tampa got swept. Hockey is flukey enough where a loss was always possible. But a sweep? Holy smokes. Congrats to Columbus. I still hate Torts, but it's cool to see them rewarded for going all-in. Now let's hope Tampa overreacts and overpays for Risto.
  9. They're not possibly gong to can him, are they? I'd love it though.
  10. Girgensons, Bogosian, and a 5th. More seriously, you should have posted this in my #7 trade thread ?
  11. Might have to try...somebody...new! The horror!!! (half serious half troll)
  12. Yea, that's obviously not happening. But I do think there's an outside chance they overreact and do something kinda dumb. I don't think Yzerman would, but he's gone, and we have no idea what Brisebois is capable of.
  13. Watch it, you're inching closer to Skinner and Bogo territory for me.
  14. Don't you dare rain on my parade.
  15. Well, that's something, I suppose. Last I heard there were no known casualties; certainly hope it stays that way.
  16. That's brutal. Ugh. This whole thing sucks.
  17. Yes! Victory! If Justin Williams didn't like him, he must not be a winner! The great feeling of vindication!
  18. It's a moot point now with him going to Philly, but one thing I had thought about is his year away from the game. How many of the top end coaches actually take a year off after being fired? Boudreau, Trotz, Laviolette, Julien...all those guys were unemployed for like 3 microseconds. The Dan Bylsma's of the world are the ones who take time off because they're not actually that highly in demand.
  19. Was there something in Carolina about them not getting along or something? I honestly don't remember anything, but if I can use this to say Skinner sucks, I'm prepared to do it!
  20. Whole lot of stuff got deleted before I had a chance to elaborate in response to some (very fair) criticisms of my initial post. I have no clue how Tiger was as a father, but I do know he never talked about it until his career went otherwise off the rails following his self-inflicted marital problems. Suddenly his marriage is over and his career in shambles, and he's all about "oh sure it sucks but I have my kids so it's okay." Which may have been sincere, and personal challenges can have a way of making one re-evaluate priorities, but it always struck me as something constructed in a PR lab f
  21. Same thing was said of the Islanders by fans, and then they lost their best player on top of that. And now look at them.
  22. Notre Dame cathedral currently burning, with no end in sight. This sucks.
  23. He was pretty much an absentee father during those years, too. Anyway, my biggest problem with him is he makes people care about golf. I hate golf, and I honestly don't understand enjoying watching it on TV. And when Tiger is playing well, I hear about it way more over the course of a week than I ever want to the rest of my life combined.
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