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  1. The first time your child (or grandchild) looks at you and smiles ...
  2. I'd rather this team improve it's MENTAL toughness. How many times did we see boneheaded plays at every position last year. Not knowing what your responsibility is on the ice, not communicating, basically skating out there totally clueless. Playing like world beaters one period and then playing like total crap the next. To me this has very little to do with physical toughness. These guys are professional hockey players. We complain about how bad a guy plays when he's in Buffalo but then we see him traded and he "improves" overnight? Obviously if he can do that with another team he's got it in him to do it here but for whatever reason we can't get that out of him. If Ralphie can get these guys to play with their head in the game, stick to the game plan and do what's necessary on every shift I think you'll see a much better team just due to them playing the game properly. And the improvements made to the team will only add to that. And that ultimately should cause the team to be perceived as "tougher" i.e. tougher to play against, tougher to keep up with, tougher to beat.
  3. I don't post much but this one was pretty funny so what the heck ... A few years ago I went with some friends to a Bills game. Can't remember who they played (GB maybe?) as I'm not a big Bills fan but anyways we were in the heated seats at the one end of the stadium. Behind us is a group of guys/gals all in their 20's. Everyone having a good time, no problems at all. As I'm sitting watching the game all of a sudden I have a young female sitting on my head. She had lost her balance and literally sat on top of my head. She then proceeded to slide further until she ended in my lap on her back, legs spread, knees over my shoulders and her crotch basically staring me in the face! She's all embarrassed but laughing, I'm laughing, her friends are laughing, my buddies are laughing. All I could picture was the scene in Animal House where the girl flies into the kid's room and lands on her bed and he looks up and says "Thank you God!!" The funniest thing was getting her lifted up and off of me without shoving her crotch into my face any more. If I smoked I'd have had a cigarette afterwards.
  4. Perhaps the issue was due to their computer point-of-sale system. Maybe they installed new software, upgraded or were having server issues. If 1 or 2 concession stands were backed up that could be a personnel issue but if numerous stands were slow it could be a system-wide thing. Might also answer why in-seat ordering was taking forever also. As to the quality, I can't speak to that. If I go to the arena I never buy anything other than MAYBE a coffee. I won't pay the ridiculous prices. I'll stop on the way home to calm my nerves after dealing with the traffic exiting the area AND the crazies on 190 and 90 - oops THE 190.
  5. Interesting i guess i thought msg would include the sabres stuff. I think they offer a free trial so its something that could be tested before you commit. If they now have the local Roc stations i may have to try them out once hockey starts.
  6. I've been considering DirecTV Now which is their streaming version of DirecTV. Not as many channels but much cheaper. According to their site they offer MSG as part of their package. They also have a cloud-based DVR if that's of interest. The last time I checked they didn't have local channels (I live in the Roc area too) but perhaps this would be an option and perhaps you could get rid of one of your other services. They're service can be picked up via Roku as far as I know.
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