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  1. You basing this on the handful of NHL games he played at centre? He looked much better as a centre in the AHL playoffs than he did as a winger in the NHL stretch drive.
  2. Four balanced lines, averaging 10-14 minutes ES time each a night. Skinner Thompson Peterka Quinn Mitts Tuch Girgensons Cozens Okposo Asplund Krebs Olofsson One line will be in tough against the opposition's top line, one will be OK. The other two will feast. You decide what label to put on each. I don't care.
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    Hope all is well, @Sabres Fan in NS
  4. Are they allowed to dress that many because it’s exhibition, or should we expect 3 (Houser for sure) to sit? Sova getting a shot would be intriguing. Mersch seems kind of a waste unless it’s a reward type thing. Hope UPL gets the start. Badly want him to have a great camp and be in the conversation for the NHL. The defence is #s 7-11 on the depth chart. Let the battle for #7 begin. Cozens, Krebs and Asplund being asked to lead up front. I like that. Savoie, Kulich, Peterka, Quinn, Kozak, Murray Rousek all being asked “show us where you fit in” being measured against Sheahan and Hinostroza. I like this. So much of what Donnie does makes sense.
  5. The one surprising thing I noticed while researching the Boosh thread was that he's not had a history of being a PK stud. He was the third choice in PK ice time on the Coyotes with a goals against per 60 of 9.8, and the 5th choice on the Leafs with a team worst GA/60 of 12.6 Jokiharju's SH GA/60 was 10.1. Hagg led the Sabres with a 6.3. (Well, if you don't count Power who was 5.9 and led the Sabres in Avg SH TOI. That kid is going to be a PK stud. Can't imagine a better PK skill set)
  6. Power is certainly going to take away PP time. And PK time and ES as well. What’s interesting looking at the 8 games Power played is the big ice time loser was Bryson. He went from 0.54 PP, 0:49 PK and 18:20 overall to 0:0, 0:16 and 13:14. Joki’s special teams time actually went up after Power and his overall time was basically the same. @GASabresIUFAN is basically right about ice time in general though: Dahlin played 24, Mule, Joki and Power all around 22, and Fitz and Bryson 13. https://www.nhl.com/stats/skaters?report=timeonice&reportType=game&dateFrom=2022-04-12&dateTo=2022-05-01&gameType=2&playerPlayedFor=franchise.19&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=shTimeOnIce&page=0&pageSize=50 So he’s got a case if Lyubushkin becomes Joki and Joki Fitz in terms of deployment. I think what’s more likely is Lyubushkin becomes Fitz with more PK time and more ES time protecting late 3rd period leads. It will also be interesting to see Granato’s tendencies evolve now that he’s got what appears on paper to be a pretty well-balance defence corps, with 2 studs.
  7. My points are these: 3rd pair minutes are likely to be more than 16, not 12-15 Even if Lyubushkin is Power's primary partner he will certainly get fewer minutes than Power. There is no reason to believe Lyubushkin will get more minutes than Jokiharju. Jokiharju is a two-way defenceman, suited to Granato's style, who averaged nearly 22 minutes a game last year. Lyubushkin is a defence-only defenceman who has never averaged more than 18 minutes a game, even last season where he spent time on top pairings with Reilly and Chychrun. Ilya is a specialist who will be leaned on heavily in tight-game defensive situations and sparingly otherwise. I'll be shocked if he gets more ice time than Henri.
  8. Miller and/or Pysyk were the 3RD according to the chart above. They each got about 16 minutes of ice time at even strength alone.
  9. I think you're bang on about this. It goes way back to when Kevyn was digging out of the Krueger mess and was very up front about the organization needing to reconnect with the fans and be something they can identify with. The face the marketing department has put forth has been entirely in line with this and its no coincidence that the Buffalo-born GM with his City of Good Neighbours personality has been front-and-centre as their spokesperson. And they've done it well enough that most people have not even considered it marketing. All that said, the reason it has worked as well as it has is because we (or certainly I) have had no trouble perceiving it as genuine. To me, it's a brand that represents what Adams is actually trying to build, not something he's just trying to sell. I might be wrong, but I don't think I am, and it's not something where's it's going to benefit me to be cynical about it. I've said it on here before. I'm ready to just be a fan of an organization I feel good about cheering for. Keep those vibes coming and I'm perfectly happy to eat it up.
  10. Except when Samuelsson and Power were added, Jokiharju kept eating up the minutes. Joki was the #2 defenceman last year. He averaged 22:17 in April with Power and Mule in the lineup. Lyubushkin averaged 16:28 on the Leafs and 18:07 on Arizona. As far as math goes, your math doesn't fit what actually happens in a hockey game. Pairs are split up for 4 or 5 minutes of PK time and of PP time each game and get scrambled due to injuries and penalties. What you describe shows no resemblance to what happened in Buffalo last year. Just because you want the bold to happen does not mean it will.
  11. I think Okposo is the best captain for now and the most likely successor is still forming. Okposo gets named now because he is the captain, he's the guy the room looks to. His potential successors get the As while continuing to grow into role so one is ready when the C becomes available. It's a process that is natural and organic, one that represents what is, rather than what is hoped for.
  12. I think this mindset — "you can't play (insert name here) 10 minutes a night with 4th-liners" — needs to shift. First off, look at the coach and how he has used his players: Anders Bjork got 12 minutes a game. Brett Murray got 13. Cody Eakin and Mark Jankowski 13 1/2. Even John Hayden, the least-used forward on the team got just under 11 minutes. Secondly, who are these 4th-liners people are worried about? Girgensons? Hinostroza? Okposo? Asplund? Quinn? Peterka? The first 4 are all guys who played 13:52 or more last year, and who have demonstrated the ability to score 10 or more goals and 30 or more points over a full season. The final 2 are two of the best forward prospects in the game. Our "top 13" has no outright plugs any more. There's no rule that your 4th line has to remain nailed to the bench, or that it can't have 3 good players on it.
  13. I know this is off-topic and you aren’t alone in your views of Jokiharju not being a top 4. But the idea of Don settling Henri into 15 minutes on the third pair is laughable to me. In his final 38 completed games, he was under 20 minutes 3 times. His lowest TOI was 18:45. He played less than that just 4 times, all of those in the fall, all more than 16 minutes. He was over 22 minutes 26 times, over 24 9 times. He’s just not going to be getting 12-15 this year.
  14. I get the sense you don't watch many player and executive interviews. The overarching theme of yesterday's from camp — largely unspoken, but clearly visible, Fairbairn wrote about it in the Athletic — is that these guys think they are good and are going to prove people wrong.
  15. Thus the "?" Personally I'm looking forward to the possibility this might be the first year in a decade where I can watch a Sabres game without a gaurantee I will spend 10 minutes a night begging for a line to get off the ice. Assuming Peterka and Quinn don't flame out, the healthy Sabres should have 13 forwards I will be happy to watch. That's not something you can say about a lot of teams and one of the primary reasons I think they will be better than most outside Buffalo think.
  16. And Okposo Girgensons Asplund would be among the best "4th" lines in the league.
  17. Donnie said stuff yesterday about "accelerating the development process" and a goal of this part of training camp being put the kids in a position to be the best versions of themselves before he starts making judgements. Rosen is being shown what it looks like to play on an NHL line, that he has the skill to keep up, and what he needs to do to make the jump. Rosen Quinn and Krebs are all being given an opportunity to see how good they can be. Separately, love the look of Quinn/Tuch/Krebs on paper and I've been calling for Peterka with Tage and Skinny all summer. Add in a VO Mitts and Cozens combo? I haven't bought in to the "Quinn or Peterka will have to be sent down because there's not room for both in the top 6" school because this team looks much more suited to wearing opponents down by rolling over 4 lines
  18. I think those comments (like most offered the media) are calculated for the consumption of the audience: in this case, the players. I think there is an organizational position that putting the players in the best position to succeed requires them to focus entirely on the process — today as opposes to yesterday or tomorrow. Do the right things and the results will talk care of themselves. It's worked for the Bills.
  19. Division for me. I should learn to read. I'll go 9th
  20. In his 3rd pro season, Bryson established himself as a full-time NHLer, ranking 7th on the team in games played and 4th in total ice time, accomplishing the latter despite not playing much short-handed and barely at all on the power play. Only Rasmus Dahlin had more even strength minutes for Buffalo. His 49% possession numbers were middle of the pack for the team, and most of his counting numbers — defensive and offensive — ranked outside the team’s blue line leaders. His playing time dropped significantly in April to under 15 minute a game after the arrival of Owen Power. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=187489 Any questions about what the Sabres brass think of Bryson should have been answered in July when he signed a 2-year deal with a 1.85 AAV. The deal — notably higher than those signed this summer by higher-scoring peers like Sean Durzi and Timothy Lillegren — put Bryson 142nd among NHL defencemen; a ranking that says he should perform as a solid #5. He has no upward mobility among LHD on the depth chart behind Dahlin, Power and Samuelson. He may face some pressure from Lawrence Pilut for his current 3LD spot, but has shown the ability to play on his offhand should he be needed at RD. What do you expect from Jacob Bryson?
  21. So it was confirmed by Adams and Granato today that there will be a captain, it’s been discussed extensively this summer. It will be announced before the start of the season. Adams made reference to finalizing “the leadership group”. Donnie talked about Okposo Anderson and Girgensons being great veteran leaders who aren’t threatened by the younger guys, but also how there is a large group of guys following them who can be leaders and who they want to clear the way for them to continue being leaders. He also talked about a captain not being the same as being a leader, about a captain needing to get into the faces of his teammates, and about the difficulties of younger guys acting like a captain toward older guys. I found it interesting how the next two questions, maybe coincidentally, led him to launch into descriptions of Thompson and Dahlin that made them sound a lot like players who would be on that next tier. It occurred to me that the three veterans that they trotted out to the media today - Okposo, Thompson and Dahlin - struck me very much as the likely C and 2 As.
  22. Granato said the breakdown of lines and squads in the early days is mostly about making sure rookies were matched up and interacting with vets. It’s cultural. Lines will start becoming a thing as they head into October.
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