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  1. Mr Perrault! His end-to-end rushes through the opposing team were awesome. I caught a NHL Network showing of Game 6 of the 1975 Finals the other day. Even though I knew the Sabres lost the series with that game, I enjoyed watching Gil and those guys again. To piggyback on PerraultForever’s post, that team also included Don Luce, Craig Ramsay, Fred Stanfield, Jim Lorentz and Bill Hajt.
  2. I still think he resembles his namesake.
  3. Ah, to have a power play unit again like the mid-70’s with the French Connection and Stanfield and Korab at the points. That unit not only scored a lot, they did it quickly. Memories.
  4. Of the goalies, Dell had the best stats this past season with a GA of 3.01 and Save % of .907 in 30 starts.
  5. Hutton gets beat on wraparounds too much.
  6. I’ve noticed in recents sports broadcasts, they have been playing Van Halen songs as the broadcast goes to break and at the locations. Pretty cool tribute.
  7. Yeah, another guy they can sign for the minimum.
  8. So, the Senators had to give up Jon Gruden and a 2nd round pick , 52nd overall, to acquire Murray. Would the Sabres have had to trade Sean McDermott in order to get him?
  9. In the past, if eliminated early, I’d join a public league. This year on Yahoo there doesn’t seem to be only options to start a league or join a private league that you have the name/ID and password for.
  10. I don’t understand how this ownership gets it right with the Bills, after the dumb hiring of Rex, and is so bad with the Sabres.
  11. My daughter just got married 2 weeks ago. For our father/daughter dance, she selected Jump. It was a lot more fun than a slow dance.
  12. Unfortunately the Braves’ management had no foresight. They had traded away C Elmore Smith to allow Bob McAdoo to play center. Then, after acquiring Malone, an ABA All Star in his rookie year, they couldn’t promise him the playing time he wanted so they dealt him for two future 1st round picks that they later traded away.
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