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  1. If you just started, you’re about seven zip codes away from the bat**** crazy.
  2. My favorite person is a young lady who lost an arm to a tiger and was back at work the following week. I don’t have a second favorite. Edit to add ... I wrote “young lady” before seeing “trans” references. Maybe I missed that in the show. In any event, he or she is my favorite person,
  3. There are few things I miss more than Friday fish fries during Lent. Now, I may have gone potato salad and malt vinegar fries, but I write that only as an “aside”.
  4. For the record, my laugh emoji wasn’t directed at Jack. I don’t think UBKev’s was, either. I think he’s poking dun at the circumstances despite Jack.
  5. Don Luce, Assistant Captain.
  6. Spec tac u lar. Dark stoned The Rat!
  7. I’m laughing .... ah, my misspent youth. Jim Lorentz givin’ it to Terry O’Reilly. Have to see it to believe it. Those Big Bad Bruin teams hated playing the Sabres, victory after victory notwithstanding.
  8. Neo


    1). I’ve not met a dum-dum here. Well, one, but .... 2). There are some dumb ideas. I have them in inventory, like everyone else. 3). Ideas are best first digested one by one and alone. One hundred people get 100 different results, over time. Put down the calculator and do the long division and you’ll get a more personally valuable result than I can ever give you. 4). One man’s thought provoking is another man’s obtuse, another’s dense. My reviews include all three words. Self aware, acknowledging ..
  9. Neo

    The Plan

    PA is one up on me. I’ve heard “not if you were the last man on earth” more than once.
  10. Neo


    As a generalization and model for understanding my surroundings, only ... I think pursuing the logic won’t be fruitful. I’ve tried that, and it was never fruitful for me. Frustrated, I pursued the source, instead. There is a Schadenfreude of Les Misérables that is loose in the environment. This ethos is a pathogen as dangerous as any virus to the broader body. It’s been around since the dawn of human history, yet we are not immune and remain at risk. The infection rate ebbs and flows. There have been more cases than usual for the past sixty years and a spike in the last ten. My advice is to fight it. It flees when confronted, crumbles when caught, and dies in the sunlight. I don’t think your mother in law or patient management was the subject of the post you’re questioning.
  11. Saw that. So, in chess, I dabble. I had a forty year break. Fischer - Spassky introduced me. Life and commerce interrupted. I’m a 1440/1500 ELO player at Lichess. Smack dab average. I am beginning to learn the stars and their backgrounds. Great human interest stories with global points of view. There is so much streaming and web content. The talk now is what do do before the world championship. The cancellation is not without controversy. Teimour Radjabov, who I didn't know from Adam a week ago, quit the tournament a few days ago because of the virus and the possibility that he’d be stuck in Russia if he didn’t leave fast. He pleaded for postponement, did not prevail, left and was disqualified. Days later, FIDE changed its position to his. Should he be reinstated? Everyone has a view. I like the streams a lot. Because it’s global, chess is accomplished in streaming technology. You’ll typically get different ages, localities and genders all at once. Perspectives! Lastly, I wrote hear months ago that I was still trying to figure out if chess was a game or a sport. My friends here said game. Web personalities in the chess world are unanimous in calling it a sport.
  12. Neo


    I think you’re on to something.
  13. For the record .... this liberal arts educated person is all against labeling anything a USELESS major. I am with you. My advice to my kids was “study what you love, commerce takes care of itself”. I would add, though ... “don’t borrow more than you can afford to do it”.
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