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  1. Fifty years ago, tonight, my grandmother put me to bed. I was eight years old. She woke me and my sister several hours later. We went into the living room and sat Indian Style in front of a black and white Zenith with tubes inside and an aerial on top. Seven years earlier, a young President, a member of the greatest generation, gave this speech. He fought in World War Two. Among others, he returned, married, went to work and raised kids. The speech is as remarkable as the daring engineering feat it set in motion. Imagine the courage necessary to aspire, call, inspire and act. I am one of the kids who watched this at the beginning of my life. I am one of the kids raised by those people. Today, I am abandoning my tribalism and deferring the urge to make points. Today, I’m not letting blemishes confuse my view of murals. How small that seems. This is my America, and it is great. Here’s to the will to keep it that way.
  2. Life’s beautiful. I was walking, in my business best, across the campus of The University of Tampa. I was looking for a building, where I was to be a panel member at a symposium. College campuses can be confusing for visitors with their Byzantine layouts. I was lost and confused, my Campus Map insufficient and unhelpful. I spotted a gaggle of young men and women who appeared to be giggling, happy and easily approachable. Of course, they were face down in their iPhones, but that’s an identifying characteristic of the clan. I walked to them and they took notice of me one by one, stopping their conversation and preparing to engage the suit. I asked, “Can you tell me where The Sykes College of Business is?”. Silenced, they exchanged glances, furtively. I was surprised. The building is large, new and important. Surely these undergrads knew it. At last, a young lady disengaged from her peers, and looked at me. ”We don’t go to school, here. We’re just finding Pokémon.” I learned. I yelled at no clouds. It was too hot.
  3. I’ve never said “to the learned” more poignantly ...
  4. Oh, it’s “Jake Bean”! Phewww ...
  5. ^Have a seat over here, on this sofa. Better yet, lie down.
  6. What I’m contemplating: goal scoring “may be undervalued .. or .. may be exposed”. I enjoy analytics making me re-evaluate, re-consider. This is not a reply contradicting your post, at all.
  7. Tank treads leave deep, deep, ruts ...
  8. I’ve not watched this in years, and my memory is suspect, and I’m an unabashed homer .... but I have Ray something like 11-1-1 vs Domi.
  9. We may have the deadest horse of all time within striking distance. Of course, size does not matter when a 5’4” hockey player scores 164 points in seven games. No one said differently. Of course being 7’3” and 317 pounds doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at hockey. No one said differently. Of course, if you stink, you stink, regardless of size. No one said differently. What people have said, in the world of science, matter, physics, and other natural sciences, is that weight is a consideration when forces oppose one another. Ceteris paribus, we’d take weight. That is my Astute Grasp of the Obvious. The identical Gretzky, twenty pounds heavier, is better than the actual Gretzky. In the world of web posts, people acknowledge size when looking at the general characteristics of players. It’s absurd to assume they mean “weight is pre-eminent, or necessary, or the only characteristic being discussed”. No.One.Said.That. We have entered the realm of doubling down on the absurd rather than acknowledging our first posts were incomplete.
  10. Coulda been worse. Coulda been Stephane Beauregard.
  11. You’re finished when we SAY you’re finished!
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