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  1. I don’t want Jack traded. However, that was the same opponent doing the same thing! I don’t get it. You don’t get to the NHL without being an all in effort guy. I trust he knows what he should be doing and I trust he’s done just that for 15 years.
  2. Honest to goodness .. I love ball players having good, clean, FUN!
  3. Youtube ... tonight’s Coach’s Corner. I am watching the HNiC feed. Ron MacLean just gave a most remarkable eulogy, celebration, summary of the past week and Don Cherry. He spoke to what happened, his role, Don’s, and alluded to the network’s. He celebrated Cherry and made it clear, at the same time, that what had to happen did happen. MacLean spoke of friendship, love, and human beings. No preaching, no criticism. Duality, humanity. He nailed it ....
  4. My brain freeze ... you nailed it. I had him filed as a member of the first draft class, not 1974’s.
  5. Wouldn’t Taro be older than 65? In any event ....
  6. To Eleven: Carlin’s Rome, awesome. Carlin’s almost everything, awesome. Hardcore History. Some great stuff (hours and hours) is free. Death Throes of the Republic $9.99, and a bargain at that. To everyone: I have complicated and mixed feelings about Cherry. It was inevitable (one side of the coin) in this environment (other side of the coin). A man can be more, or less, articulate. He can be more, or less, graceful. He can be more, or less, accurate. I’ve listened and watched the segment and have a view about where he lands on those three continua. Now, I skate onto thin ice. His defenders may conclude he’s further along on the accuracy axis than he is on those of articulation and grace. His detractors may say that matters not. The latter is an approach to our society that fills me with dread and sadness. As best as I can find or figure, he was fired for being divisive, not for being wrong. That should give the thoughtful pause. Now, I don’t know enough about Canada’s Remembrance Day and poppy statistics to know whether he’s generally correct or generally wrong. I do know that generally correct statements can be shouted down and punished in our current environment. Cherry had an idea. Heaven forbid we debate it when we can simply assert it’s divisive and fire him. I think i know where Triumph Communes was heading. That place would be far more important and interesting than the “old dinosaur had it coming” space. Society fired Don Cherry ten years ago. His employer waited until sufficient cover arrived to make the announcement. This isn’t unique to old Don. It was the correct income statement decision, today. Thirty hears ago it would’ve led to a boycott of Hockey Night in Canada. This is progress, or not, depending on your views of language, reason and debate. Canada is hosting some great debate in the realm of freedom, reason, and “social justice” (as the concept somehow exists outside of simple “justice”). It’s not for the faint of heart, the indoctrinated, or the closed minded on either side. Good luck, Canada.
  7. Yes ... the extra-ordinary comes with cost. It also makes for a richer world. PS ... I, too, was looking for chanting, flag waving, and drums!
  8. Iconic Cleveland Browns play.
  9. Bills Mafia, Florida edition .... IMG_5967.MOV
  10. Cole Beasley ... go deep.
  11. Jack Eichel is a very good hockey player. He is who he is. I’ve made peace with this. He takes over moments, not games, teams or seasons. When he’s not having those moments, he’s either struggling or dissappearing. With zero NHL games coached on my resumé, here’s what I’d say to him. “This is what you are. It’s good. Be it every shift. You have no more. I’ll accept no less.”
  12. You’re on a roll, tonight. Angry Eleven has become Whimsical Eleven. I hear Hal 9000, slightly buzzed. ********* Is Rochester a neutral site?
  13. Someone needs to visit the MODO pad ... which appeared to be awesome.
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