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  1. I had no idea, back in the day ... thank God.
  2. I’m all in on ol’ Josh, but I need to see him drop a linebacker or DB after an interception before I out him on Mt. Kelly. The Bills are fun, culture is real, and the McClappy posts have run their course.
  3. Saw them in The Aud. Opened for Bob Seger. They were so new. The ticket read “Cars”, not “The Cars.” ”Bob Seger with Cars”. I’m not sure why thats such a powerful memory. Oh, what a night ... my deep rock roots about to go all New Wave.
  4. Where the franchise would be located was decided, was accomplished, before Rigas wrote checks, before Golisano provided financial stability and before Bettman had enough to get behind. It was a coin flip for a long time until several men made something out of nothing. Some had money, some had experience, some had influence and one was single minded and indomitable.
  5. I don’t know if he destroyed it. I wasn’t there at the time. I do know he saved it ....
  6. For those around and close, it was a very interesting article ... wait for it ... I’m grateful!
  7. Musing ... how many rapists stop because of the lack of affirmative consent? First blush, none. Isn’t that a given? Isn’t that definitional? I see a law that will not prevent a crime, but invite criminal scrutiny into non-crime. Of course the crime is heinous, before someone tortures this post into into an unrecognizable non-sequitur and an example of rape culture. But the heinousness of the crime matters not in examining the efficacy of the law designed to prevent it. What Pandora’s boxes are opened by the statute? I am glad I’m old. Imagine the interviews, testimony and deliberation and the lives at risk. You could acknowledge that while the law will not prevent crime, it will make justice easier to achieve after one. I’ll weigh the language’s ability to deliver justice against its ability to do deliver injustice. I am playing amorous scripts over in my mind and imagining twelve of my peers sorting through them. “She was rather unenthusiastic. You're under arrest.” Haven't we all agreed that so called signals like “she asked for it, she dressed provocatively, she danced seductively” are NOT legitimate defenses? Signals mean nothing until they’re ... absent? Rape is evil. I’m trying to think of an adjective for the well intended nincompoops writing fixed language around the infinite variety of human intimacies and interactions. We have reduced the most human of interaction to a contract in order to gain a protection that doesn’t arise. Ah, progress ... BRB, Gun Free Zones is on the other line ...
  8. I think the other suit is a chef. https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2019/08/14/antonio-brown-sued-over-food-bill/
  9. To my friend, a math guy. Breaking bad is trajectory and speed, yes. What ain’t? It’s magic, though, is acceleration. Y, along the X axis ... 1, 1, 2, 4, 7, 12, 18 ..... Scene by episode by season. Strap yourself in and wear a helmet. Abandon the things you hold most dear. Limit M as X increases => oo
  10. I am in a bar with a couple dozen jets fans. Their collective sphincters are tightening.
  11. It isn’t. You’re having a conversation with me that I’m not having with you or anyone else. I’m not sure what you’re reading into my posts, but I haven’t said anything about the Pats and situational ethics, sportsmanship, conspiracies, economic systems, or the moral responsibility of good people and citizens. Have at it, but you’re on your own, big fella’.
  12. Heavens to Betsy, I underestimated the ability of a Patriots reference to inspire the vapors. For the record: 1). I don’t care for the Pats or their fans. 2). I’d rather a root canal than an hour with Bill Bilichick. 3). I certainly don’t lionize them, nor do I demonize them. 4). My use of “best” wasn’t meant to assess character or Godliness. Unaddressed by me were the ethics, the mores, of the franchise. As long as someone mentioned it, I’ll say this. Our neighbor’s rarely as bad, and we’re rarely as good, as we believe. Casting aspersions in the direction of the successful is both a human instinct and a human failing. I view the habit as the emotional equivalent of the appendix. It serves no purpose, is largely benign, and occasionally flares up and causes great discomfort. 5). I did like The Boston Patriots and the best logo in sports.
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