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  1. Fun fact from that season. Perreault, Martin, Luce, Gare, Ramsay, D Smith, Seiling, McKegney, Van Boxmeer, Dunn, Schoenfeld, Hajt, and Playfair missed 14 games, total. Thirteen players.
  2. Robert Gordon Orr, of Parry Sound, Ontario Marcel Dionne Yvonne Cournoyer Börje Salming Mark Messier
  3. My memories .... In no particular order ... other than The French Connection .. and including the histories I read as a boy. GAG Line KLM LINE The Production Line The ***** Line The Legion of Doom The Triple Crown Lime Edit ..... LOL at the forced edit .....German Cabbage! Milt Schmidt, Bobby Bauer and Woody Dumart. I wonder what they’d say if they new we could no longer reference them.
  4. Neo


    John Barry ... deduced from observation. Justified leeches for centuries.
  5. Neo


    I just finished John Berry's "The Great Influenza". What a fascinating book. He writes of the Pandemic Spanish* Flu (that originated in Kansas). Tour de force is an overused description when describing arts and letters, so I'm hesitant to use it when describing this book to others. It was a wildly entertaining and informative ride. The book took me through history and around the world as experimentation and the scientific method replaced observation and deduction as sources for advancing medicine. Today, I know as much about epidemiology and the behavior of germs as I ever will, which speaks more to my limitations than to my accomplishments. Read it. I see us discussing and debating three things, all the while swimming in the slimy pool that is politics and tribalism. 1) We will play dodge ball with the virus and hope something good happens before we're dead or living in the stone age. 2) We will be saved by a brilliant, tireless, and lucky scientist who finds a cure. 3) We will live modified lives until the virus mutates itself away. We all want number 2. We're deciding if we prefer choice 1 or choice 3 in the meantime. I'm an anti-intellectual individualist who sees choice 3 > choice 1. Lightbulb moment. Today's novel corona virus is not yesterday's, and tomorrow's will not be today's. In true Ground Hog Day film fashion, the informed, rational and reasonable Claude pops his head in and gets a brick between the eyes. Wawrow was half right. He simply left out the charming and informative side of so many conversations. I posted +/- one week ago about my plans to visit New York in July. I think some people read complaint or inconvenience into my post. Life's good. I have no complaints and it's hard to make me feel inconvenienced. I was angry, but the source of my anger was the empty confidence and cynical posturing that is endemic (pun intended) in our leadership and the tribalism that causes us to echo same without making a case. One good poster suggested I was over thinking. I can certainly over think. I'm just not sure my post required very much wattage in this particular instance. Another good poster suggested I was merely trying to follow the rules as they were announced. He was right. I called, I asked, and .... ... I surrendered. I hosted a ZOOM meeting with my family on Sunday night. My first time as HOST; I am so modern. I told them I would not be coming up in July. There are some truly important family events we were to celebrate together. I have a son who's graduating from UB, at age 30, with a wife and five kids, after six years in the United States Navy, working full time nights and weekends and going to college during the day. I have in laws in their mid eighties celebrating a wedding anniversary. I'm not sure how many they have left. On July 15, my oldest daughter and her fiancé will decide whether or not to have a September wedding. For those reading this ... I am not complaining or inconvenienced. I am sad. I'm also charging ahead and making new plans. I am a virus, mutating every day. I made the decision based on the best information I have and my assessment of caused and assumed risk. It's the same process I use when I get into a car or swing a golf club. The equations, the variables, the expected values and the consequences are all different, of course. My daughter's a Type 1 diabetic. So am I. My in-laws are elderly. The political environment is unstable. Easy call, border rules and curve-buster chest swelling both irrelevant. If you tell me anybody not called doctor, or anyone who lives in one state and not another, speaks with more wisdom than I do ... well, have at it, you brilliant conformist, you! PS .... PA, you mentioned something about a punch and a kiss ... well, some of my most memorable evenings involved both, oh, so long ago. * The flu was initially spread by US Soldiers going abroad in WWI. Spain was neutral, and its press was free. Warring nations censored the press and deliberately under reported the flu. It would expose a vulnerability. The world became aware of the illness on a grand scale when Spanish papers published stories about symptoms, spread and death. Oh, and Woodrow Wilson ... near ground zero of another plague that still stalks the world, today.
  6. Neo


    I am happy to see Federalists being born! My inquiry was to learn NYS’s wishes in order to be respectful. I can’t wait to see the “figured out” version. There will never be one. There can never be one. BUILD THAT WALL, BUILD THAT WALL! Oh, the ironies. Xenophobes, I say. icrackmeup. I am inspired, so further to the mention of things playing themselves out with different states and different choices. Someone once mentioned federal pandemic bailouts in the context of states not paying their fair share. I’ll stay home. NYS can fund its losses. Am I following along? If you want my earnings, I get to have a Ted’s Hot Dog. The difference between a New Yorker and a Floridian matters not to me in this circumstance. The duty to be courteous doesn’t wax or wane situationally or geographically. How you define courtesy varies person to person, state boarders being irrelevant. There is no self appointed spokesperson I recognize on behalf of NYS. I am not a spokesperson for Florida. In the words of the great philosopher, “a man’s gotta recognize his limitations.” I felt no “Floridian” pride when more people were dying elsewhere. I didn’t look to Tallahassee and see anyone who was a super-competent manager. New York wasn’t dumber two months ago and it isn’t smarter, today. There is a fascinating conversation to be had. It’s about human nature, assumption of risk, communal living and utility. There are three hundred and thirty million views in the US. Most are modified by the hour. I don’t look to Albany, or Tallahassee, or Washington with any more confidence than I look into the mirror. I certainly haven’t been inspired by anyone in those cities during the pandemic. I understand the “my guy got it right, your guy got it wrong” tribal instincts. I understand those instincts like I understand a wart or a rash. There are New Yorkers who don’t want me to visit. There are New Yorkers, with equal standing and bona fides, who do want me to visit. Good conversations to have unencumbered by tribalism and parochialism. Who here claims to be expert enough to advise? I am not. Now, lastly, and with no cynicism, snark or rhetorical flourish .... my NYS family includes my closest kin across four generations. My wife is there and has been for weeks. The difference in pandemic lifestyle, and point of view, is remarkable to me as we describe daily events. Perhaps this is a great Federalist moment.
  7. I suspect Operating Revenue is Operating Income. I saw no financials. I am glad to see JW post here. PA is a provocative and looney Inglorious Basterd, but he’s my provocative and looney Inglorious Basterd.
  8. Neo


    A tip of the hat to several of you who’ve quoted me or mentioned me. Respectful, truly. For brevity, and to avoid the point - counter point this medium encourages, fosters, facilitates, etc ... I acknowledge what you just wrote. I can acknowledge your points without asking a physician if he’s comfortable with the death of millions or suggesting he’s a monster. Considering what he’s lived for two months, it’s not a stretch to consider the comments somewhere along the continuum between insensitive and cruel. The comments were wrong as premise and wrong as insinuation, that rare double play that is form and substance, both.
  9. Neo


    Had you asked him a question about a possible outcome, it would not be a bridge too far. I’m not sure whether or not you see the difference between what you asked originally or what you ask in your re-phrasing. If you don’t, I can’t help. If you do, you don’t want my help.
  10. Neo


    Those might not be the questions I’d ask if I wanted to know if someone had a limit calculation or methodology around herd immunity. Call me a smooth talkin’ charmer ....
  11. Neo


    I am afraid we’ve developed herd immunity ... to a voice informed and experienced used courageously to speak rationally in terms of choices, outcomes, costs and benefits. People have died in his hands. We suggested he’s “ok” with it and called him a nut.
  12. Neo


    Everything bad is double triple bad when it’s “the kids”. My thoughts and prayers, which is everything I got, and all I got, at the same time. I have two daughters that LOVE being Aunts!
  13. Like so many other things ... the pandemic accelerates trends already in motion!
  14. Your friends know more than me. I think a lot less “divorcable” stuff happens during a quarantine.
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