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  2. @SwampD I’ve tried a few over the years and I will say once you find a type that works it’s hard to switch. As in painful knees, ankles and feet. I have been using the Reebok CrossFit Nano for the last five years. For me they offer good support to the outsides of my feet which is where I put the majority of my weight each stride. They are also light so I don’t get the feeling of running with cinder blocks. The drawback is I think they are meant more for stability in CrossFit activities as opposed to running longer distances. This means I have to change them out every two years or I get a pain in my feet which feels like an oncoming stress fracture. IMO Under Armor running shoes suck. Specifically they feel heavy from the first step. New Balance is ok. Specifically I think they are most cost friendly and are meant for all kinds of activities. Stay away from trail running shoes if you are sticking to roads and treadmills. They will set your calves on fire but they are light weight. DO NOT use the shoes with toes. The ones that look like gloves for your feet. This is dangerous health wise as it is like running almost barefoot and you need to build up to those things. I refuse to use them ever. Running requires good support and I hear nothing but negative things and injuries. The yellow and black ones were my first pair of Nanos. Specifically I like the Nano Speed version. If you are getting into running for the first time or resuming it after a while not doing it I recommend short distances at first. Half mile at a moderate speed building up to two miles without breaks. These are fat burning runs. From there you could add 1.5 cardio runs where you go moderate for a half mile, speed up for a half and cool down for a half.
  3. Anyone know a good brand or are they all pretty much good?
  4. Good lord that things looks insane. I knew about chimney regulations in regards to height, etc. Just never heard of a high-wind cap. Honestly I have no idea what is on my chimney. I never paid attention to it. I guess I will have to get out and look at it. I need it inspected anyway.
  5. From what I’ve read, chimneys have to be at least 3 feet higher than the roof where the come through and at least 2 feet higher than any roof within 10 feet. They also have to have some kind of cap. Thinking of getting this. I don’t want one with moving parts like the wind vane ones.
  6. I have never even considered this. Is there a regulation regarding this? I don't even know what is on my chimney. We don't use it much, but it would be good to know.
  7. Anyone have any experience with them and do they work? I'm tired of not having a fire whenever it blows above 10 mph.
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