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The building of KeyBank Center

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Their big decisions aren’t obvious even to people who’ve frequented the arena for two decades. It starts with the fact KeyBank Center is actually three separate buildings rolled into one.


Apologies for the paywall article, but it's a fascinating read.


The atrium celebrations are legendary. After Daniel Briere scored in overtime to force Game 7 of the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals, the fans made a seismic impact with their concrete-piercing revelry.

“I remember it vividly,” retired defenseman Brian Campbell said. “We were all in the change room and you’re just like, ‘What is that sound going on?’ It was amazing. We all stood around and were just quiet for a second. ‘What is that?’ Then we figured out it’s the fans in the atrium going crazy.

Also an interesting point if a new football stadium is ever built nearby.


“There were a couple of things interesting with that site,” Yaeger said. “A lot of arenas, when you’re doing them, the building is actually pushed into the ground so you enter at the main concourse level. But with the soil conditions and the water level in that area, we were not able to do that, so we ended up with the event level at grade, which meant we had to take all of the patrons, all of the spectators up at least one level in the building to get to the main concourse.


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I can't read the whole article..not a subscriber.

I was never  really big fan of the new Arena.  I was a little kid when they played at the Aud and had fond memories of those games. Sure, I know it was smelly and dirty...but the thing I liked the most about it was how small the inside was...how much closer to the ice most of the seats were.

So you have a new building..like many other places. It just seems to me that many of the other Arenas built at the same time as ours in Buffalo have undergone a much great renovations leaving ours behind..and the brand new ones of course are so much nicer.

I WANT a nice Arena, I want the Bells-and-Whistles.  If I was a true die-hard fan, I would only want to watch the game at home..seeing all the replays and having multiple camera angles give me a better view than most seats in the Arena..all the while at my pc or large tablet getting any up to the second info I can analyze.  But these days I'm more of a casual fan...so the 'night out' experience in the Arena is almost as important to me as the game...and the 'night out' experience in our Arena has fallen quite a bit behind most other places.

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