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  1. Botterill said his visa crap may not be ready in time and to not expect him til next week
  2. If VO is out any length of time, I say call up Pilut, sit Rodrigues again, and roll out 4 d-pairings!! Assuming Frolik is unavailable Saturday of course... Maybe Erod would be pissed enough to just drive himself to Rochester!!
  3. Since Ralph is such a positive guy... "hey boys, we've shown that we can play our best hockey in the 3rd period... when the other guys have a big lead... and decided to shut things down offensively... something we can build on boys... let's do it again to see if we can be consistent"... ?
  4. Yep. Fewer teams. Ownership had a plan. Management had a plan. Team on the ice competed every night. May never see the playoffs again let alone compete for a cup. I know I'll never see it
  5. What a pathetic indictment of a team... You are without your best player and the rest of the team has zero compete in them. 100% falls on Botterill. Do something. Even if it doesn't pan out, at least show the fan base that you have a pulse and are willing to take a chance.
  6. Looking like we'll have another 5-6 years of high picks to get it right.... And then another 5-6, and another.... wash, rinse, repeat
  7. Flyers looking like a team that has a lot of good, young bodies. Guess that's the byproduct of high draft picks for several years in a row... Oh, wait... that's us
  8. Botterill isn't going to do a damn thing if Eichel comes back next game
  9. And yet again, I am only watching to see the severity of the implosion. So f'ing sick of this franchise
  10. Still can't believe how devoid this team is of talent after nearly a decade of sucking. This team minus Eichel is as bad if not worse than the tank teams. How is that possible??
  11. It’s unfathomable that this franchise has sucked for so long, and has so little in the system to look to for help. Disgusting Agree to disagree
  12. May as well add to the list. If Ralphy continues to play him with Rodrigues and the likes, why keep him? He’s just another one of the invisibles. Jack is the only untouchable
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