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  1. I was upset that I couldn't watch the game today, and now I'm glad I didn't. It's incredible how much of a carbon copy of last year this season is turning out to be. As big a fan as I have been of Eichel, I would be willing to start taking offers. He just isn't the type of leader this team needs at this point.
  2. He definitely needs off the top line. He's totally invisible 5 on 5.
  3. I know it's not Jack's game, but I've been waiting, hoping, that he would eventually start throwing his body around and maybe get some dirty goals. Everything on this team is to the outside, just like their captain
  4. Same... Had a bad feeling about this one. Glad I didn't make the drive down 95!
  5. Hey, at least we've kept Backstrom, Carlson, and Ovechkin off the score sheet thus far
  6. At least 2 or 3 no look passes have cost us goals this year
  7. What's with all these no look, behind the back passes to nobody in white. These guys need a swift kick to the groin
  8. I was only thinking as a stop gap at wing, only if all our d-men get healthy and aren't traded. I could actually see him as an Andreychuk type, even if it is only on the PP. He's a big body, better skater, hands are questionable, but just park his dumb ass in front of the net.
  9. Why wait til the ship is sinking to start tinkering? Again, all just a thought
  10. I thought he had played D in juniors, but I could be wrong. As a scrapper, Jean-Luc was entertaining!!
  11. Didn't Pominville start out as a D-man as well? Jean-Luc Grand Pierre went back and forth too. Not unprecedented, and obviously not likely with Risto.
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