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  1. I hate it to, but the reality of it is we still suck and likely will again next year unless there's yet another change at the top or another roster turnover. Sucks being a Buffalo fan! It's getting old
  2. I saw that. I was curious to see where everyone thinks we fall to. Plus, I like mine better!
  3. Why not start thinking about our next lottery pick?!?! Out west, Colorado & Arizona are fighting for the last Wild Card spot. Chicago's been hot while Vancouver is sliding, but still in it. All four of those teams will likely blow by us. In the east, the Flyers will continue to leave us in the dust and the Rangers and Florida should pass us by the weekend. We're probably safe from being caught by New Jersey, Detroit, Ottawa, Edmonton, Anaheim and LA. But who knows with our remaining schedule and how pathetic this team is. So realistically, we could be picking #7... Alex Nylander & Mittelstadt territory. Who could we be looking at this year?
  4. As I'm watching this debacle, all I can think about is just how many Leafs fans will be in Buffalo on March 20... Ugh
  5. Could get very interesting come March 25, 26, & 28th with games against Jersey, Ottawa & Detroit. This group of gutless, heartless wonders could be on a 18 game losing streak heading into that week!
  6. You're not wrong... Even for an average team, their remaining schedule would be tough. For our bunch of cupcakes, they could potentially lose em' all
  7. Agreed... The franchise could relocate before it ever sees the postseason again. There really is no one surefire answer to it all. Completely illogical to be this bad, this long, and no end in sight
  8. Cyr had one hell of a shot. Too bad he never lived up to his potential. That was one of Scotty Bowman's many misses. I'm about to change my screen name to Benedict Arnold. I'm so fed up with this franchise!! Lol
  9. The more watch Eichel the more I see a whiny little baby that won't hit. He'd be the first to go in a package deal
  10. The franchise right now is an old building with new locker rooms. Start from scratch again!
  11. And apparently ROR has found a cure for cancer in St.Louis. That trade is working out fabulously.
  12. And how does Florida always look like cup contenders when we play them... in an always empty building... ridiculous
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