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  1. Assuming that Neo means post-secondary education, so lumping both of these together. Honestly, this has done nothing so far to show that distance learning is in any way superior to in-person classes. I'm currently teaching out of my basement, recording lectures and assigning readings to be worked on asynchronously by the students. It's impossible to recreate the dynamic of having students in class to discuss what we're talking about; message boards don't allow for rapid conversation, student's home schedules don't allow for twice or three-times weekly in-person chats online. There's no way to go off on an interesting tangent after a student asks a thought-provoking question in the same way. Frankly, I'm doing my best, but it's nowhere near my usual standard. My juniors and seniors in my Cancer Biology course, I worry less about since they'll know to message me or email me and we can have some form of dialogue, albeit lesser; my first year students, who are still scared of even coming to office hours, I worry about them and how well what I am doing is preparing them for the more challenging 200-level class they will be taking in the fall (hopefully!). As for the teaching lab - not even close. The instructors are trying our best to put something together that makes a rough approximation of what the students would have been doing in lab, but it's not the same as hands-on experience. We just feel fortunate that they've had *most* of the experiences a little bit. But these are your future doctors, physical therapists, physician's assistants, pharmacists, medical technologists and science researchers; hands-on is kind of important for them. Maybe it's different in different fields and different sized universities, but for a small/medium sized college in biology, there's no comparison: this is hugely sub-optimal and says nothing other than "let's get back to in-person as quickly as we can."
  2. Skinner has admitted he's terrible at shootouts.
  3. I got one done at the Sabres store about 18 months ago (a Moulson --> Dahlin). Took them about 2 weeks and cost less than fifty bucks if I recall. It was a Reebok and this was after the Adidas rebrand and they had no problems with it. I did call up Dave and Adams before going to the Sabres store, and they said they'd do it for about the same price, but I think the wait time was longer.
  4. I thought I couldn't hate things as badly as I did under Housley. I was wrong. Krueger is worse.
  5. Good thing you didn't get that for this last PP then.
  6. Nice of the Avs to play to the mercy rule with 20 seconds left ...
  7. Why is Vesey so useless? Sam has the puck, so the absolute smartest place for Vesey to be is obviously right in front of him, slowing his progress and stopping him from seeing what's ahead of him.
  8. But ... but ... but ... the million dollar prize will make them competitive. Yeah, right.
  9. If he wants to be a regular on the team, or get traded to a decent team he needs to bury those chances.
  10. Yeah, I won't. It's New Year's Eve, not Hallowe'en.
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