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  1. 19 hours ago, Carmel Corn said:

    Goaltending is certainly not a strength of this team, but I would say it's not our biggest problem either.   Even Hasek in his prime may not have been able to steal a win in either game against the Isles.  Lack of even strength scoring is what is killing us and there can be many reasons why it ain't happening.  I do say the common denominator is coaching.

    That may be.  My point regarding Adams atleast is that he appeared to have improved scoring on paper by adding Hall and Stall.  I don't think Adams could foresee Jack sucking ass to start the season, continuing to get zero out of Skinner and Hall looking invisible at times.  Goaltending was and still is an obvious that will have to be addressed at some point.  Again, this team is not good enough to overcome poor goaltending and it's a fireable offence that this was not addressed in the offseason.


    Wasting another season is completely unacceptable and how the Sabres can continue to hire the wrong coaching and management is absolutely mind boggling.  They can choose the best of the best and have the resources to head hunt the best of the best.  How the ***** do they continue to screw this up?  For a decade plus?  You really start to question Kim and Terry and wonder how they became billionaires in one area of life and yet be so clueless in hiring competent people to run a sports franchise.  

  2. Ya if Montour ends up playing over Borgan I'll be pissed.  Remember when RK was this big coupe when we signed him?  Similar to JBotts.  I don't know how many GM's and coaches it will take but I have serious doubts RK will get this ship righted and I'm already having serious concerns regarding Adams and his lack of foresight to realize he absolutely HAD to address the goaltending position this offseason.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Getpucksdeep said:

    More specifically, most = ~98%.  Ralph seems like a healthy/active fella so even less likely than those in his age group.  Agree re Granato, and thinking more about it surprised he didn't opt-out of the season, but perhaps he's more of a yolo guy after his experience last year.

    *****.  Maybe 98% don't die from it but I, my two aunts, and potentially over 10% of the infected population may end up with debilitating health conditions for months or years after the fact...…


    I was sick last March and have had debilitating symptoms since.  There were many days I wish I did die.  Hope to God I may finally be turning a corner but this ***** is no fun.




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  4. 1 hour ago, LGR4GM said:

    You are talking about an analytics department that let them trade for Frolic and Simmonds while also letting Kahun and Larsson go. They either suck or they aren't listened to much. 

    But but but wasn’t Nightingale suppose to be a genius? Man how this franchise can be wrong on so many guys (players, coaches, management) for so long is true my baffling.  

  5. 32 minutes ago, LGR4GM said:

    You know how I know Krueger is full of *****?



    I seriously question wtf their analytics department does.  Don't they have 3 or 4 guys who's only job is to look at these types of corsi stats and advise the coach?  

  6. 2 hours ago, pi2000 said:

    ...and to top it off, in Hutton's post game presser last night, he said he felt like he gave them a chance to win.... what?!   And Dahlin says he felt like they played really good defensively.

    What is going on in that lockerroom? These guys are delusional.

    He didn't say that.  Tell me he didn't say that.  Hutton is absolute garbage and until he's upgraded this team ain't going anywhere......

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  7. 10 hours ago, IKnowPhysics said:

    Some of Ullmark's numbers last year weren't that bad.  And Hutton had the eye thing.  It's entirely possible that Kevyn Adams thought or was being told that Ullmark and Hutton would certainly improve.  But we haven't seen that yet.

    Ullmark had decent numbers and is worth keeping.  But Hutton had garbage, below replacement numbers.  Why on earth did we go into such an important year with a hope and prayer in Ullmark and below replacement level Hutton? 

    Last year Hutton had a 3.18 GAA and .898 SV% good enough for 64th and 62nd in the league respectively.  For the record, Ullmark was 29th and 25th respectively.  Even removing goalies with less then 20 starts Ullmark ranked 23rd and 19th.  

    So the numbers seem to say we have a slightly below average starter and terrible backup.  

    I've laid it out before but we went out and signed the top free agent in the market for one year.  Another year of missing the playoffs adds more pressure to Jack wanting out and it's another Dahlin ELC year wasted (although I know he's not living up to what we all hope for right now).   

    That last goal went right through Hutton.  The team played like crap but they're just not good enough to overcome below average goaltending.  How many points is it going to cost the Sabres before a move is made?  It's scary management felt comfortable going into such a key season with an average starter and hoping a bad eye improves a below replacement backup who we know will play much more this season then what is typical due to condensed schedule.  

    Only Sabres management seem to miss and/or ignore the absolute obvious glaring weakness of the team every single offseason.

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  8. The need to improve goaltending this offseason was so obvious that I was just waiting for the ‘who’ and hope it was a big enough upgrade.  Too not addressed this in such a critical year makes me assume Adams is not ready for the job and no different then the long list of disappointing GMs we’ve had since Darcy.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, IKnowPhysics said:

    More numbers.


    Goals Saved Above Average per 60 looks at goalie performance compared to the average of all goalies.  16th ranked (ie, median of the top 31 goalies) is +0.63; this would be solid starting goaltending.

    Ullmark is 32nd at -0.02; he's effectively the definition of replacement goaltender.

    Hutton is 52nd at -0.81

    Johansson is 59th at -1.52

    If Johansson (-1.52) plays against the median starting goaltender (+0.63), the Sabres need to score (+0.63 - -1.52 = ) 2.15 more goals per game just to even up the goaltending deficit.  This is a huge barrier to winning right now.  We're 7th last in Goals Against, which is negating our being 9th best in Goals For, and we're simply not getting any help in net.

    Like wtf do they even pay their analytic department to do?

  10. Just now, tom webster said:

    The players concessions took some of the urgency other team was feeling but I think the goalie in question will still be dealt but teams are still feeling we’re they stand.

    Sabres will be out of it if they don’t figure it out quickly.  This team is good enough to make the playoffs if they had two Ullmark but carter and his sub .900 goaltending will cost this team a playoff spot.  You can’t be losing to a depleted devils team at home.

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  11. Can I just point out how dumb it is the game is being played during the NFC championship.  Of all the days times to choose.

    Only the nhl, who needs the tv revenue would schedule multiple games during afc and nfc championship games.  Only the nhl that always does this kind of thing.  

    Die hard sabres fan but I won’t be watching today.  Go Bills and Go Sabres!

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  12. 15 hours ago, jsb said:

    Not that I completely disagree with you but we just gave up 5 goals (discounting the ENG) in the last 3 games against Washington and the Flyers. We lost 2 of them because we couldn't score. I wouldn't be so hard on Adams for this just yet but with Linus U. situation in the air, we do need to go get someone if there's a chance to.

    Don't confuse how well the goalies are playing with how well the team has played in front of the goalies.  Linus, Hutton and JJ have a save percentage this season of: .905, .899 and .889 respectively.  It's even more frustrating how well the team really has played in terms of shot suppression and they're 1-3.  I never had a problem with Ullmark.  Hutton sub .900 save percentage is just not going to come close to getting it done over the course of a season.....again...

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  13. 3 hours ago, Brawndo said:


    They should have been doing this a month ago.  I don’t doubt they were but beyond frustrating nothing was able to get done.  Didn’t we see a bunch of goalie signings and trades during free agency?  Adams shouldn’t be let off the hook for this.

  14. 13 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    Toronto waived Dell and he was picked up.

    I think the same happened to another goalie as well, but I can't remember who.

    Do we have any clarity as to the availability of Hutton or Ullmark?

    They should have been looking to trade for a goalie regardless of Ullmark.  If he’s out for awhile they need to be making a move ASAP.  

    Again, why are we wasting a season of Dahlin on his ELC, Jack in his prime and the top free agent in the league one year deal??  So much riding on the season and Adams makes zero goaltending moves.  

    I will keep banging the drum that not addressing goaltending this offseason is as bad as JBot not addressing the 2C in prior offseason.  It is, and has been for the past twelve months, an obvious area of the roster that had to be upgraded.  What a waste.

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