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  1. 5 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    He basically needs to beat out Irwin for the #7 spot.

    He's handicapped in that race by handedness, but if he's ready that's a guy he should be able to beat.

    He's turning 24 in a couple of days.  If he ain't ready now he never will be.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Weave said:

    Other than Sam, what future centers started at wing and never went back?

    Sam was the main.  Mitts was the other one.  Maybe it was just a case that he wasn't good enough period.  But when drafted it was to be a centre and he did not work out being put on the wing (again maybe it wouldn't have worked at C either). 


    We have two legit centres on the depth chart so I have no problem with him sliding into 3C rather then 2 or 3 winger.

  3. 14 hours ago, Thorny said:

    Thankfully there is actually a 2C on the roster allowing us to bring along Cozens properly, but Cozens not replicating Mittelstadt's early years is to me a forgone conclusion. It goes back to why Cozens is a much surer lock than Quinn - his steady growth as a prospect over several years. 

    Casey's stats were always questionable as he played high school hockey, and his college stats were nothing to write home about. Mittelstadt was hype, Cozens has foundation. 

    Yes having a legit 2C is going to help.  If Cozens makes the team I hope he plays 3C.  I don't need him starting on the wing.  Every one of our future centres who started on the wing never went back.  Shelter him but let him learn the position at the NHL level.

  4. 1 hour ago, PASabreFan said:

    I can think of only two other times the franchise has seemed to hang in the balance. In the first few seasons, the Perreaults and the Darlings and the Jeannerets and the Wielands had to seed the franchise with loyal fans. They pulled it off. In bankruptcy, the franchise had to just survive. OSP kept them alive. Now, a third critical moment. As a National Post writer speculated today, if Taylor Hall doesn't think he can win in Buffalo and walks next year, Jack could very well go with him. It's not hard to draw a line from that disaster to fan support falling off a cliff, and who knows where that could land. Or, if things break the right way, a Great Revival could be at hand, and the franchise could be righted and set up for more decades of viability. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but, ladies and gentlemen, either way, this is it! I just wish I knew when the season starts.

    It’s an enormous year.  This team absolutely has to take that next step.  Playoffs are required.  

    Alot of pressure considering it will be a short season and we don’t know when it begins.

    We can’t ride into this year with such unknown in goal.  Move has to be made there.  I hope they’re still looking at ways to shake up other spots as well.  Make or break year really.  Management has to act like it and Hall signing gives me some hope.


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  5. 56 minutes ago, tom webster said:

    There is absolutely zero chance the team starts the season with Hutton and Ulmark. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time the Bills play tomorrow that another goalie has been acquired.

    Ralph’s interview today was interesting.  The amount of times he commented that ‘these are our goalies for now.’  

    Sure not a resounding vote of confidence.  Language he used and as guarded as he spoke I would also be surprised those are the two they go with.

  6. 4 minutes ago, nfreeman said:

    Based on the WGR interview with RK, it seems pretty clear that Hall will be playing with Jack, and pretty likely that VO and Cozens will play RW.  RK stressed the flexibility and multitude of options they have, but I think he's thinking:





    Wow can you imagine if cozens has an outstanding camp and wins that job beside Jack and Taylor?

  7. 20 minutes ago, MODO Hockey said:

    Why would they not, they have 2 of the best players in the legue for quite some years to come. Why not go all in a go win a ***** cup. 


    Yep.  I’m jealous.

    19 minutes ago, tom webster said:

    Plus, he’s really not that good.

    This.  When there was a fake report the leafs were resigning him yesterday I texted my buddy.  His first reaction was no way why the ***** would they do that???

  8. 4 hours ago, Scottysabres said:

    I am anticipating some trades by the Sabres between now and Friday.

    Given the Eichel frustration, the Botterill / Adams turnover, the covid unknowns and possibility of the rumored internal cap, I can see movement coming.

    Sure would make sense.  Then again having 400 defence and lack of forwards last offseason gave me similar thinking.  With this franchise I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  9. Scored 3 shorties I believe and played a lot of pk.  Was worried this was a Laine type one trick pony but don’t think that’s the case.  All around player who may have huge goal scoring potential.  I trust LGR and therefore wanted Rossi but let’s see what happens here, certainly potential.

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