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  1. We retained 50% salary and included Lazar. This is all we could get? This was a really bad trade.
  2. Not as bad as the ROR trade because we are not getting a bunch of bad players with big contracts in return, but we just traded two players for one player who is worse than either of the two we traded. This is how a bad team stays bad for the foreseeable future.
  3. If there was no retention of salary for Hall (and there was none for Montour), then financial considerations (i.e., reducing financial obligations) was an unfortunate part of the decision making with regard to these trades.
  4. If the trade is with Pittsburgh, the return will be poor.
  5. Living in NYC, I have been able to watch more Sabres games this season because of the number of scheduled games against the Rangers, Islanders and the Devils. I thought Montour was a bit of a bright spot, and showcased some offensive capabilities from time to time. I know that Savard and Montour are different type of players, but amazing to me the difference in the trade return for the players considering that Savard is 30 and will be a free agent after the season as well. Also surprised that the return for Staal was better than Montour. Seems every trade the Sabres make is a trade whe
  6. If a player has an expiring contract at a point in the season where there is no possibility of making the playoffs and he is unlikely to re-sign with the Sabres, he should be traded for whatever you can get. Am I missing something?
  7. This is not a good team now, and it likely will be worse next year. Hall and Staal likely will be gone, and the bottom six will continue to be awful. The Sabres will continue to have the same needs as in recent years: a quality second and third line center and better bottom six, goaltending and coaching. Without virtually nothing in the pipeline at center or wing, I have no idea how this team will improve in the near term.
  8. Are Eichel and Reinhart still close friends? If yes, and you trade Reinhart, are the Sabres then prepared to trade Eichel after the season, because you would have to expect that he will be even unhappier than he already is with the current state of the team. I understand that Eichel does not make decisions for the team as to who to trade or keep, but trading Reinhart would have to be just another thing to push him to want to leave the Sabres.
  9. I have watched the Sabres for more than 40 years and this could be one of the worst periods (if not the worst period) of hockey I have seen a Sabres team play. Can't even blame Hutton for any of this.
  10. I know it is still early in the free agency period, but it is hard to not feel discouraged. Seems that not only have we not signed a player that would be a significant upgrade at a position of need, we have re-signed or signed players at above what should be their current market value. This is a bad combination and does not bode well for the upcoming season.
  11. The Sabres way overpaid for Girgenson.
  12. Schmaltz only would make sense if AZ retained some of the contract dollars.
  13. I am sure that Eichel has opinions about the Sabres organization that would cause him to not be unhappy if he was traded to a major market team that was a contender for the playoffs and the Stanley Cup. He has experienced multiple coaches and GMs in his relatively short time with the Sabres, and he likely is well aware of how the potential cost cutting can impact the amount of money spent on players this offseason or even potential trades, including players he is close to, such as Reinhart. I don't think the surfacing of this rumor is without a basis in some reality. If the Sabres do no
  14. The current Sabres line-up has zero toughness. Risto is about the only physical type player that the Sabres have. Would be a mistake to trade him unless the make-up of the team changes significantly as a result of offseason trades and free agent acquisitions. I believe acquiring players with a physical presence should be a priority for the Sabres whether or not they trade Risto.
  15. I agree the actions today feel like cost cutting measures, but didn't the Pegulas incur significant costs by firing everyone since I assume that they are still on the hook for the remaining terms of the contracts of JBot, Sexton, Taylor and the scouts? Maybe a housecleaning was in order, but this seems about the stupidest way to go about it by hiring a GM with no experience and then getting rid of all of the hockey people. What hockey people are going to want to come work for the Sabres after all of this and our recent history of firing GMs and coaches?
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