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  1. I am finding it difficult to be enthusiastic about the near term prospects for this team as currently constructed. There has been some roster surgery, but probably not enough for us to expect that this team will compete for a playoff spot in a tough division. Unless Ullmark improves significantly, the goal tending is weak, our forwards are overall below average, and we don't have prospects in Rochester that we can safely say will form the nucleus of a strong team in the near future or that are ready to contribute immediately. Not the ingredients for optimism and this comes after so many seasons of really poor results.
  2. The situation with Risto feels a bit too similar to the situations with Kane and O'Reilly. Sabres will be trading the player and we get our hopes up for a significant return. Unfortunately, it did not happen with Kane or O'Reilly, and I doubt it will with Risto. It just seems that when a team is openly shopping a player for an extended period and the player does not want to play for the team, the prospect of getting a decent return for the player is negatively impacted and diminishes the longer the situation continues.
  3. We seem to be at around the cap assuming we sign the rest of our restricted free agents. How are we going to be helpful to teams that need to shed salaries (i.e., players) to create space if we are currently at around the cap?
  4. I would like to know whether the Sabres are pursuing Gardiner. If yes, do we think he is he waiting out the situation with Marner to see if the Leafs have cap space to sign him?
  5. I think many of us are tired of being patient. I also understand that we do not have a choice, but this rebuild has taken a long time and seems to still have a long way to go. Would give us some hope if we could acquire some decent free agents, but I get that they may not want to play for the Sabres for any number of reasons, including our inability to improve and make the playoffs. As we have seen, making trades can help or hurt, and same with free agent signings. What this team should have by this point is a strong pipeline of young talent. Until that happens, and is clear to all of us, the Sabres will continue to struggle.
  6. I am a bit concerned about the Risto situation because it feels similar to the pre-trade situation with O'Reilly. Player expresses frustration with team situation and losing, not clear if player wants to continue with Sabres, lots of buzz that player is being heavily shopped and the sense of some pressure in terms of timing to make trade (in the case of Risto, this may be because of the start of free agency and the team wanting to know what the needs are post-trade). This seems to be a recipe for another potential disaster. With a new coach, wouldn't it make more sense to see if Risto can be a part of the needed improvement in the team's overall performance? If it still is not working, Risto always can be traded at a later time, including before the trade deadline this upcoming season.
  7. I think he really fumbled those questions about Risto. Seems possible that RIsto did ask out of Buffalo based on his response and he did not really address the first question.
  8. I do think it is weak. I also understand that certain recent picks, such as Dahlin and Mittelstadt, are already playing for the Sabres, which may contribute to my perception of the pipeline, but I do not see a lot of sure fire quality NHL players in the group. For example, if you look at the Amerks, which is an obvious source for near-term potential talent for the Sabres, Nylander and Asplund had relatively disappointing seasons last year (or at least seasons that do not suggest that they are ready to be in the lineup for the Sabres). Not sure how the Sabres view O"Regan and Smith, but I don't believe they are viewed as potential top six forwards. Olofsson will get his shot with the Sabres next year, but he may be the only addition at forward. I think we need to see better results from young players with the Amerks to feel more confident about the pipeline in the near-term.
  9. More than a fair point and true that the previous wave of prospects failed to make an impact. I just don't have a lot of confidence that Nylander, Pilut and Thompson, even if they make the team out of camp, will be quality players in the near term (and maybe the long term as well).
  10. I don't want to seem overly negative, but given the long period of this rebuild, it is disappointing that our prospect pool is not much stronger at this point. The only prospect with a likelihood to contribute to the Sabres this season is Olofsson. In some ways, this may not be a fair assessment of the overall situation, since many of the current Sabres, such as Dahlin and Mittelstadt, were recent draft picks and can could be considered prospects, but I do think our prospect pool should be stronger and deeper after years of finishing near or at the bottom of the standings. Another unpopular view is that some of our recent top picks have been mild or significant disappointments given where they were drafted. I think Reinhart is playing pretty well, but at times I feel like we should be expecting more from a second overall pick in the draft. I am not sure if Nylander will develop, and I have no idea what kind of player Mittelstadt will become. If this assessment is accurate, I don't think it is all on the specific players. There are other variables and considerations, including the quality of teammates, coaching and mentoring, that play role in the development of players, but, at a minimum, if the Sabres are going to have success in the future, we need to hit on our draft picks in the top 10 of the draft.
  11. Other than Risto and maybe McCabe, and excluding our "core" players (Jack, Skinner, Dahlin, Montour and Reinhart), we just don't have many assets that are attractive to other teams for a trade. I don't think it is reasonable to expect Bogo, Okposo, Girgs, Larsson, Sobotka, Scandella or even Nylander to be tradable at this point. These may be some of the players that we would like to see traded, but the possibility of receiving any real value for them seems small.
  12. So who did he want if he was trying to move up?
  13. Shannon is right in that the Sabres do not have any quality depth. They do not have a second line (or, arguably, a third line) center and they can use an upgrade in goal. Given the overall weakness in our pipeline (at least in my view), I do not think we are very close to being a playoff caliber team.
  14. I really do not understand this interest in Vesey. I do not think he is a top six forward and we all know that he did not want to sign here after we traded for his rights. Makes no sense to me.
  15. ROR getting the Conn Smythe is just the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae. What an awful trade.
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