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  1. And if they bring in someone connected to the league they should have a handle on the rest of the talent available, whether thruoigh trade or FA.
  2. Not every person who comes in will do what Bobblehead did and think that was what was needed. Some will say hmm...I have a 1c a 4c (Larson that has to be signed), a top 6 of Skinner, VO, Sam and a d pool of Dahlin, Joker, Miller, Pilut and pick one of Montour or Risto. I need to sign Linus add a good 1b like Greiss, or Markstrom and I need a 2c and a 3c. Haula, Granlund whomever can shore up the spine until Cozens or this years pick is ready. In the interim just making those moves and your probably closer than you think. With the cap space we should be able to parlay that in trade to shore up other spots like lhd and another rw. The key is no more Veseys, Shearys, Hunwicks, Elies, or Nolans clogging up the roster. The thing is if you use the term rebuild to refer normal roster augmentation, then yes there will be a rebuild. If rebuild is a total overhaul, then I don’t think that is what is needed. The problem is finding a guy who can identify talent that fits with what we have to make it better.
  3. Actually they don't. Stevie Y was explicitly told do what you must for as long as it takes but we want cups. Eliminate cups and the playoffs are not that big of a reach.
  4. Not if the job requirement is make this team better by adding the right pieces to the core. Then there is no expectation of waiting on the owner's part. Get rid of the feces, and replace it with competent NHL players capable of making the playoffs. It won't be painless, and is probably a shortsighted approach, but a competent talent evaluatorcan do it.
  5. The flaw in this analogy is that Punch started from scratch with the luck of the roulette wheel landed a cornerstone. But he consistently tinkered making positive moves. Botts was handed a solid hand that the moment the lotto balls dropped, should have killed any notion of waiting to fix the goaltending or adding to the forwards. That core, Eichel, ROR, Sam, Dahlin Risto Ulmark with the compliment of LOG was enough base to tweak into a playoff team. No excuses. He doesn’t know how to build a synergistic roster. He doesn’t know talent. And his negotiating skills seem lacking based on things like the sheary deal and trading a division rival a higher pick for a lower one in the same round for nothing in return. I still smh at that one.
  6. To paraphrase Mike Tyson, Everyone has a plan until they cut their own leg off with a chainsaw and then like a rat, they stop in fear and freeze.
  7. You are a better man than most. Listening to Dunleavy on the radio is a three hour carnival ride in the dark with the occasional mad ranting or stream of consciousness thought to break the silence. He has no ability to create a scene in the mind nor update the scene with things like who has possession and where, the time left or who is on the ice. Blah blah...silence..."Shot" ....silence...blah blah. It is maddening considering RJ and Ted in their prime were almost therapeutic to listen to.
  8. They paid for Matta with Kahun. Felt they were pretty set with Kubalik and Debrincat. Stan wanted Nylander and against some opposition made Joker available. Colliton wanted more offense from Joker and felt he was in the way of Boquist and Mitchell. The guy(s) thought highly of both guys. Kahun was referred to by some as baby Marian. Similar tenacity and awareness, obviously not as skilled. My eye test has always liked the way Kahun plays. Moves the puck to high danger areas consistently. Hopefully that doesn’t get beaten out of him in the current low to high system. Ironically the team is still high on Alex. Feel it was an even swap despite the numbers currently. Bowman is as polarizing as our gm. All I got.
  9. Dunno. One of my coaching buddies is wired in to the Hawks development staff. Said there is a history. It came up in a discussion of Lehner who he said became very friendly with Greiss. Again dunno.
  10. Heard through some Hawks contacts that he has had issues with either someone in the current management or prior. Coach GM they wouldn’t say.
  11. Halak and Greiss have had less than favorable experiences in Buffalo. Doubt they are options. I like Markstrom, Anton or Murray. But I think all are going to be costly, buyers market or not.
  12. Dean Lombardi President Mark Hunter GM
  13. And sadly the only players still producing are those he inherited from the prior administration. Said administration had its issues and probably lacked the professionalism that was desired by ownership, but their is no doubt talent identification was far superior.
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