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  1. I'm not so sure. The Bengals Hate the Ravens, so would probably like nothing more than to play spoiler two weeks in a row (they knocked a better Detroit team out this week).
  2. :lol: I'll drink whatever you're having! That would be awesome though B-)
  3. nevermind. I just saw that post from way back... to the waiting list I go!!!! (Derrico, please put me back in line :lol: :flirt: )
  4. I get replaced next year too?? :blink: Didn't remember that part I'm sure I'm going to love the new avatar :lol:
  5. And I scrweed up :( didn't notice Mixon was inactive because I was at work :wallbash:
  6. I just want games to be fun to watch again :(
  7. Can't wait for my new avatar at this rate... :doh: :unsure:
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