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  1. Duane's rant was fun but nothing more. 15 minutes is up.
  2. They should have painted "Go Bills " inside the blue lines. It would have been a nice touch.
  3. Try Reddit under nhl streams. It may take a few times to find a good CBC/SPORTSNET feed but it'll be worth it. Anything is better than NBC. Luckily in Buffalo, I have CBC on my cable. Even though it's only in SD, it's the only broadcast I'll watch.
  4. Our weekly effort Listen to Don't Have a Mind Edition by RogCast SportsPOD - Buffalo, NY #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/rogcastsports/dont-have-a-mind-edition
  5. Watching this and catching the Boston 2nd is truly like watching two different leagues. Season can't end fast enough.
  6. Waiting for Housley to utter "the body of work."
  7. It's amazing that it goes on and on and will continue until the season is over.
  8. Oh, I'm fine with that. Of course he missed. Zadorov is the guilty party. If the Sabres had any guts they would make the next two periods hell for him. Run him. Take the penalties. You can't have anyone take liberties with 9.
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