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  1. 8 hours ago, Wyldnwoody44 said:

    Short of increasing funding for mental health facilities and access to these; along with preventative services for law enforcement. What else do you suggest to prevent a crazed individual from opening fire on innocent people grocery shopping?

    Yes, they dropped the ball last year when this young man made threats, but that is sadly a product of our broken system. 

    I'm not too far off on your current cynicysm regarding this. But what can honestly be done to prevent? 

    Side note, I don't believe gun control works, if someone wants a gun, they will get one, legally or otherwise. 

    I don't have any answers. I'd like to see the brainpower (ha) in this country, including govt, working to solve a problem. A problem that of course extends far beyond these isolated mass shootings.

    My peeve is the attention given to the events and the perpretators. I'd think long and hard about making it illegal to use the name and likeness of the shooters in the media. Won't happen of course.

  2. 10 minutes ago, That Aud Smell said:

    what in fresh hell is this thing?

    National May Ray Day is celebrated on May 19 and today we celebrate all the rays of sunshine in our lives. It’s that time of year when the remnants of spring bring the whispers of summer, and the sunshine is at its most inviting. So what are you waiting for? Take a gulp of that sweet summer air.


    Though National May Ray Day has many associations now, the general idea remains the same — to get out there and soak up some sun. It’s the chance to catch the last breath of spring along with the gentle rays precluding summer; a time when nature puts its best foot forward.


    I am confusion. How am I to take a gulp of sweet summer air in mid-May? And why is mid-May - in putting its best foot forward - *precluding* summer's arrival?

    Gimme shelter. 


  3. 35 minutes ago, WildCard said:


    I'm very confused by your posts, do you not believe something happened or...?

    The posts and replies speak for themselves.

    Something happened.

    I just thought it was a nice summary of the worst of the Internet. "Nut" was the cherry on top.

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  4. Poets, historians, futurists and dreamers — gather 'round. This one's a doozy.

    Rick's retirement is a distinct historical marker in franchise history. I've been thinking of it as, in his words, "halfway through the second period!"

    How would you thematically sum up the first 50-ish years of Sabres hockey? What will the next 50 bring? I might not get there with ya (I'd be 104), but certainly many of the young ones here will make it to 2070. What will they say about The Second Act?

    And how will the game and the experience of being a fan of the game have changed?

    You can use use the other side of your paper.

  5. He smiled weird so girls didn't like him. The incel phenomenon is real. You push people to the margins, some will push back. And we now have the infrastructure (communications to radicalize, weapons to kill very efficiently, a cultural and political environment that at its best tolerates it and at its worst encourages it, and the whole thing is live streamed) to make it endemic.

    But yeah line up, suits, and take a bow. You too the wonderful, neighborly people. Buffalo Strong!

    Meaningless words? You bet. I guess I had something to say after all.

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