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  1. 9 hours ago, ubkev said:

    Aside from the mainstays that most everyone knows, I'd recommend checking out Shane Gillis. Absolute killer. I thought he had the best special of last year. 

    Also, his sketch comedy is hilarious, and I kinda hate sketches. Check out Gilly and Keeves for some of that.

    Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of the greatest bits of all time. Years ago Doug Stanhope had a bit about Keynesian Economic Theory as Applied to Private Sector Independent Contracting. I can't post it here, because I'll be banned. Happy youtubing.

    And that... That is how this day began for me.

  2. 40 minutes ago, Porous Five Hole said:

    Rangers play Thursday and then travel to Buffalo for Friday night. Hopefully their gas tank is low. A win puts the Sabres three points back of Pitt with eight games to play. It isn’t probable to make the dance, but the Pens sphincters tighten a little if the Sabres win on Friday.  

    The Pens play Thursday.

  3. 2 hours ago, Taro T said:

    And Dominik Hasek was left exposed in the expansion draft by the Sabres.  "Great" hockey minds oftentimes have no more clue about goalies that aren't prototypical than we have at understanding why that truly innocuous comment has our wives ready to kill us.

    I told a 98 year old woman tonight that bc she didn't eat her broccoli for dinner, she would not grow to be old. I can't quite the describe the charcoal briquets her normally delighted eyes turned into.

    So, yeah.


  4. 1 hour ago, Quint said:

    I'm a musician so the lack of professsionalism in the anthems was offensive to me, and I think I'm being kind. My ears hurt. I see a pattern of amateur anthem singers in Buffalo it spreads to the area experience, but am glad the longtime earsore meh Doug Allen is gone. The Sabres are supposed to be a professional organization. Why can't the Sabres get a Roger Doucet, who was an inspirational singer and put on a show and get the fans going? Even the Montreal fans on hfboards were all commenting on the amateur singers.

    It seems the mispelled, knock-off uniforms in the old-timers' game awhile back was just the tip of the iceberg with this franchise and owner. The Sabres are definitely the Bills' "poor cousin." "PSE talent being showcased" is an embarrassing concept.

    I would agree on the need for a regular top notch anthem singer to set the tone. There have been a couple terrific ones this season. Getting someone to do 41 dates has to be tough tho. Or more than 41 even. Heyo.

  5. 22 minutes ago, rickshaw said:

    So Tuch (who still doesn’t loom 💯) is to be blamed for missing his shot ? The penalty shootout is a farce and this teams has had very few of them. 

    Maybe you’d prefer clutch Jack back over 89? Good lord. Btw did you figure out the purpose of pride night yet?

    Loom 100? Very few shootouts? Farces?

    Have you figured out how to make your posts make sense yet?

    And yeah... It's more corporate greed. Shocker!

  6. 9 hours ago, SwampD said:

    I will admit that I’m kinda baffled by this. On what would seem to be an easy day to find a group that could sing the anthems, they somehow found the one group that couldn’t.

    So you guys made me go listen. A little harsh. I thought they were OK. Certainly on par with the PSE talent they've showcased over the years.

    The US anthem was better for sure. I feel like one of the prominent voices was off for O! Caneeda.

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  7. I have a horrid saying I'd really like to retire... Learning how to lose.

    I hate the shootout as much as anyone, but that's exactly what happened last night (after giving up a lead in regulation).

    The game was on the line. The season it could be argued was on the line. Guys we count on now to come through and guys we are counting on in the future to come through didn't.

    Probably they care just a biiiiiit too much about making the playoffs? (Joke.)

    Or we don't currently have "clutch" players. There should be hope for some. Others... It is what it is. Looking at you, Tuch.

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